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World Assembly Supremacy Program

Recent Proposals:

SC, February 15th 2021 Commend 1 very fast endotarter: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Noahs Second Country
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 2 | Against 5 | Abstain 4 | Delegates Prerogative 8
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 428)
Final WA vote: For 10768 (78%) | Against 3044 (22%)
Result: Passed.

This Security Council,

Recognizing the validity of Commend Renaissancistic People, which commended the subject for their ability to effectively legislate, lead, and further interregional ties,

Observing that, despite the nation of Renaissancistic People ceasing to exist, the former leadership has continued to contribute to the international community via 1 very fast endotarter (typically referred to as 'r3n'), especially in the field of international artwork,

Acknowledging r3n’s role in proposing the original concept of the The North Pacific Great Card Giveaway and Card Lottery, which was a successful experiment that showed the rest of the world the value of artwork in spurring regional development,

Further acknowledging r3n’s role in jointly proposing and drafting the legislation to co-found The North Pacific Cards Guild, the first organization of its kind and still the largest, inspiring similar programs in other regions throughout the world,

Understanding that r3n has propelled the regional collection of The North Pacific Cards Guild to 5th in the multiverse, effectively creating an infinite stock of rewards to stimulate regional activity and World Assembly participation within The North Pacific, and also their role in acquiring specific artwork requests for those who are unable to collect on as large a scale,

Noting that, based on market value alone, the sum of all artwork donated to other nations by r3n is more valuable than the sixth most valuable collection in the world, indicating a remarkable amount of magnanimity and devotion to assisting nations wishing to obtain artwork,

Approving of r3n’s continued internal contributions as Deputy Guildmaster of The North Pacific Cards Guild, where they frequently provide technical infrastructure for various functions, suggest new programs, and give all-important feedback on nearly everything,

Impressed by the scholars within the nation that have proposed various quality of life and data acquisition suggestions to the greater community, many of which have been implemented,

Awed and slightly perplexed by the r3n-produced art-based tools that are utilized by an uncountable number of nations throughout the collecting community, such as:

  • An art queries system that enables complex filtered searching of more than 350 thousand known artworks, which is incredibly useful for collectors looking to find artwork with certain traits,

  • A publicly available market watch database that tracks important information such as daily trades data, artwork value statistics, and market volume, making it useful as both a historical reference and an investing tool;

Astounded by the continued maintenance of regional development programs by r3n, including but definitely not limited to:

  • A program that automatically generates lists of specific nations to be targeted for recruitment by The North Pacific, ensuring active nations can further participate and contribute to the region,

  • Programs to collate data related to dispatches and messages, as well as World Assembly votes and endorsements, ensuring that The North Pacific’s monthly Literary Awards and World Assembly Development Program Awards publish the most accurate data,

  • A program to ensure that nations across the world may effectively trade endorsements with all their fellow region members, improving security everywhere,

Understanding that the World Assembly Development Program has been emulated by many other regions such as The South Pacific, 10000 Islands, and Balder, with some regions also using art rewards to stimulate involvement, resulting in these regions achieving record high levels of stability against potential attacks,

Applauding r3n for their development of the Civil Defence Siren, a nation dedicated to maintaining a list of fascist regions and warning nations that join these regions to leave them, preventing unsuspecting nations from being indoctrinated into hateful ideologies,

Grateful that r3n has managed to store backups of the entire multiverse’s data archives in their secure servers, a resource that has been utilized countless times as they are the only widely-known source of such archives,

Hereby commends 1 very fast endotarter.

Co-authored by Whatermelons Second Country.

GA, February 13th 2021 Right to Assemble: A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.
Author: Maowi
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 4 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 428)
Final WA vote: For 12278 (79.4%) | Against 3187 (20.6%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Believing that the freedom to assemble without undue hindrance is a fundamental right to which all citizens of member nations should be entitled,

Angered that some regimes may attempt to suppress this right in the interest of silencing dissent, to the immense detriment of that nation’s integrity and of its citizens,

Encouraged by extant resolutions to prevent such quashing of protests, including WA#43 "WA Labor Relations Act", guaranteeing workers' rights to form labour unions and engage in strikes, and WA#436 "Protecting Free Expression",

Accepting that the right to assemble should not be granted without reserve, and that there are cases in which it must be withheld for the safety of other members of society,

Hereby enacts the following:

  1. Member states may not take punitive or discriminatory action against any individual for planning, assisting, or participating in non-violent assembly or association for the purpose of articulating or advocating any belief or ambition, unless doing so is the most proportionate way of responding to harmful activities as defined in clause 3.

  2. Neither member states nor private entities within them may take action to prevent or hinder the planning or holding of non-violent assembly or association for the purpose of articulating or advocating any belief or ambition, unless doing so is the least restrictive way of preventing or curtailing harmful activities as defined in clause 3.

  3. Harmful activities, for the purposes of this resolution, are defined as one or more of the following:

    1. the advocacy of violence towards an individual or group of individuals under uniformly applied standards defining that which constitutes advocacy of violence;

    2. unlawful action; and

    3. the advocacy of probable imminent unlawful action.

  4. It shall not be unlawful to:

    1. plan, assist, or participate in a non-violent assembly or association for the purpose of articulating or advocating any belief or ambition, or

    2. carry out actions which, were they carried out in any circumstance other than non-violent assembly or association, would otherwise be considered legal.

    1. Notwithstanding the above, member states may act to prevent or curtail the advocacy, in non-violent assemblies and associations, of actions or inaction that would constitute:

      1. the physical or sexual abuse of an individual or group of individuals, or

      2. hatred towards an individual or group of individuals motivated by their disability, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or another arbitrary, reductive categorisation.

    2. Should they refrain from taking action as per clause 5.a. of this resolution, member states must take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of the individuals targeted by such advocacy.

Co-authored by Wymondham

SC, February 11th 2021 Commend Northern Borland: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Honeydewstania
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 6 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 430)
Final WA vote: For 7609 (51.5%) | Against 7170 (48.5%)
Result: [color={color}]Passed[/color].

The Security Council,

Pleased that Northern Borland has created a culture of soda addicts and alcoholics, resulting in the Northern Borlandian beverages industry becoming the largest in the world, creating jobs for many bartenders and vending machine stockers,

Appreciating the Northern Borlandian government for granting their citizens access to junk food, in part evidenced by having the third largest pizza delivery sector, codifying the right of Northern Borlandians to consume fast food in front of the television,

Lauding the government of Northern Borland for their international commitments, such as exporting innumerable amounts of cheese to many countries, providing foreigners with mozzarella sticks and parmesan cheese for meals,

Applauding Northern Borland for making their citizens the freest from taxation in the world, resulting in a #1 ranking for highest average disposable income, and admiring the steps taken to achieve this goal such as through slashing all forms of environmental protection,

Extolling the innovative use of child labour and sweatshops in Northern Borland, resulting in the 3rd largest retail sector in the world, ensuring that business executives have fashionable designer suits for meetings,

Absolutely delighted at Northern Borland’s decision to uphold their peoples’ Violet-given right to bear arms, as evidenced by being ranked 6th in the world for most weapons per capita, satisfying handgun lobbyists and murderous lunatics nationwide,

Recognising Northern Borland’s other extremely powerful industries and the jobs they provide, such as:

  • their gambling industry, 7th largest in the world, which is probably a result of the highly successful policy in allowing children to gamble their lunch money at the roulette table,

  • their automobile manufacturing industry, 9th largest in the world, which is the result of non-existent public transport, which in turn results in citizens purchasing cars and supporting the industry,

  • their insurance industry, 20th largest in the world, ensuring that unsurprisingly frequently injured Northern Borlandians are ensured a sum of money in the event of an accident,

Jumping with joy at Northern Borland’s support for other local industries such as the liposuction industry by having the highest obesity rate in the world, as well as the funeral arts and mortuary sciences by having the second highest unexpected death rate in the world,

Admiring Northern Borland for their support for local workers, such as through banning foreign workers from immigrating into the country, which has resulted in almost all Northern Borlandians being employed, evidenced by the national employment rate which ranks 2nd in the world,

Aware that the government of Northern Borland controls two satellite states, East Borland and Deep South Borland,

Acclaiming East Borland, a bona fide corrupt dictatorship, for their creative methods in national governance, such as:

  • prohibiting contraceptives, divorce and adultery, but still having the 5th highest atheism rate in the world, breaking multiple stereotypes,

  • having the most corrupt government in the world as well as a complete lack of prisons and a judiciary, but still having one of the lowest crime rates in the world, disproving the fallacy that judiciaries and honesty are required to enforce law and order,

  • constructing a huge arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction for the purpose of supporting the mining industry, the 6th highest in the world, ensuring that numerous citizens can earn a living,

Hailing Deep South Borland, a theocratic primitivist nation, for creating a compassionate (6th in the world) and nice (20th in the world) society, with policies such as:

  • prohibiting video games, the number one cause of crime and violence in most nations, resulting in the second lowest crime rate in the world,

  • prohibiting aircraft, which while has resulted in the nation being ranked as the least technologically advanced, has also resulted in the third most beautiful environment and the second best weather in the world,

  • requiring all citizens to adhere to the state religion, resulting in them being the most religious in the world, creating a nation free of infidels,

Observing that despite having no official system for arbitration or judicial matters on a national level, Northern Borland went above and beyond and served as the Arbiter General of their region Capitalist Paradise, settling disputes between nations and preventing conflicts from escalating,

Determined to rid of the internationally imposed image that Northern Borland is one of the most ghastly places in the world, and instead celebrate their great strides in lining the pockets of corporations and CEOs as well as formally recognise their status as "A Good Place to Raise Your Business", hereby:

Commends Northern Borland.

GA, February 9th 2021 Repeal “Death Penalty Ban”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Dalmyria
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 17 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 431)
Final WA vote: For 4748 (29.9%) | Against 11152 (70.1%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Understanding and respecting the many concerns that the resolution raises about capital punishment, including cost and discriminatory use;

Believing that the integrity of a nation’s justice system is compromised when cost-saving is prioritised over justice, and that a poor precedent is set by the excessive prioritisation of cost found in the resolution;

Appreciative of prior legislative efforts by this body to provide a fair trial to all, thereby upholding faith in convictions, including General Assembly resolution #37, "Fairness in Criminal Trials";

Determined that a fair trial is especially important when the ultimate penalty is concerned;

Satisfied that many nations within this assembly have already enacted robust procedural safeguards and invested heavily into their national court systems, such that the death penalty was not issued arbitrarily or unjustly;

Perplexed by the inconsistency of permitting the death penalty under military law, through which the resolution appears to concede the public safety argument in favour of the death penalty, at the same time as curtailing a nation's ability to keep its people safe from dangerous criminals;

Further concerned that this apparent loophole would render the resolution completely ineffectual and lead to the dilution of fair trial standards in cases where the death penalty inevitably continues;

Feeling that, regardless, the question of whether or not to apply the death penalty to the most serious offenders within a nation’s jurisdiction is a matter of national sovereignty, and a decision which must not be collectivised;

Concerned that, in light of legitimate differences between nations, the World Assembly is overstepping itself into a morally-challenging policy area in a way that engenders significant opposition and risks undermining its multilateral mission to bring nations together to legislate for the common good;

Disappointed that the many nations where there is overwhelming public support for the death penalty, and where it is currently practised in a manner compatible with the rule of law, should be turned into rogue states by opting not to comply with resolution 535;

Remaining open to stricter regulation by this body on the procedural issues pertaining to the fairness of trials and proportionality of sentencing;

Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #535, "Death Penalty Ban"

SC, February 6th 2021 Commend King HEM: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Ambrella
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 14 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 425)
Final WA vote: For 11343 (76.6%) | Against 3474 (23.4%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Acknowledging the outstanding and lasting contributions made to NationStates by the nation of King HEM during their fourteen-year-long career under a variety of satellite states;

Convinced that without their diligence, wisdom, and exemplary leadership in founding Europeia and fostering its democratic traditions and institutions, the region - itself Commended by this Council - would not have become the respected community of nations it is today;

Impressed by the sheer consistency of King HEM's insightful and selfless guidance of Europeia over the years, which has manifested itself in a multitude of ways such as:

  • Their decision to go against prevailing trends and convert Europeia from a Monarchy into a Republic in July 2007, four months after its founding, and their dedicated leadership throughout that change, which paved the way for many other regions to successfully adopt democratic systems and was a catalyst for the system’s widespread use;

  • Their governmental and cultural leadership of Europeia in its early stages to pioneer a strong implementation of the Independent ideology, establishing its place in the NationStates political landscape;

  • Their impressive 228 total days as Head of Government of Europeia, as well as countless more of service in the Cabinet and the Senate, which saw the introduction of multiple fruitful projects and policies including:

    • The region’s first EuroPride festival during their Presidency in 2018, in which national delegations from all over NationStates convened to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion and positive attitudes - the event was successfully held again two years later;

    • A restructure of the Europeian Republican Navy during their service as Grand Admiral between June and October 2019, pushing the organisation's revitalisation by recognising and promoting sailors using an emphasis on continued consistent service, and by better integrating the naval reserves into the overall structure;

  • Their role as a driving force behind Europeia’s media scene, especially in their extensive contributions to private media via their acclaimed outlet E-News Network, which they have run since 2007 with over 300 published pieces, as well as practising a high standard of journalism in NationStates overall (for example, the nation’s journalists ran two iterations of a survey gathering and perceptively analyzing information about over 50 and over 100 regions respectively);

  • Their tireless work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Europeia's nations, soon setting a NationStates-wide standard for professional and trustworthy work of that sort in many other regions, some of which received direct help from King HEM in this regard;

Recognising King HEM's impactful contributions to the South Pacific in numerous capacities from 2010 to 2014, with accomplishments including:

  • As Minister of Regional Affairs, establishing a regional welcome procedure, helping ensure the continued flow of new members into the region, and working diligently on a project to collate a comprehensive account of the South Pacific’s rich history;

  • Proposing legislation for and actively collaborating in the 2011 reshaping of the region’s election laws, which replaced the challenge system for Delegate elections with regularly scheduled votes, bringing stability and reputability to the region and laying the foundation for its identity as a champion of democracy;

  • Presiding over the historic Coalition v. Milograd trial as Chief Justice, which lasted over a month, ruling on accusations of treason for “orchestrating a coup, ejecting nations from the region and undermining the judiciary”;

  • In their capacity as Vice Delegate, working with Delegate Southern Bellz to stabilise the region after Milograd’s ban and leading efforts to increase and enrich integration and communication between the South Pacific’s governmental areas and its wider community;

  • As Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, revamping and revitalising the region's ambassador system, which contributed to a resurgence of the South Pacific's diplomatic presence interregionally;

Appreciating their years of service in the region The Land of Kings and Emperors, where they served as a steadfast senior advisor on foreign affairs and constitutional matters, including answering the call to serve temporarily as regent while
Crown Prince, presiding over a successful and productive government in early 2015 – this period of time saw lively 10th anniversary celebrations and important reforms take place;

Believing that King HEM’s lasting and profound impact on the NationStates community, consistently going above and beyond, is highly worthy of recognition by the Security Council;

Hereby Commends King HEM.

Co-authored by Maowi.

GA, February 5th 2021 Repeal “Freedom of Assembly”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Wymondham
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 11 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 426)
Final WA vote: For 8792 (59.1%) | Against 6091 (40.9%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Applauding the efforts of General Assembly Resolution #27 to establish and safeguard the fundamental right to freely associate and assemble,

Regretting the many loopholes that the resolution presents which could allow despotic governments to clamp down on free assembly, such as the lack of a definition or qualifier for “harm” in clause 3, potentially obligating governments to forbid protests or demonstrations based on minor, technical and irrelevant harms, such as increased taxes on the most wealthy in society,

Believing, despite this, that there are also many situations in which the resolution protects assemblies which cause severe threats to public safety, as detailed below,

Noting that Clause 1 of the resolution establishes the right to “peacefully assemble, associate, and protest to promote, pursue, and express any goal, cause, or view”,

Concerned, however, that Clause 1 allows denizens to abuse the rights granted by it to evade incarceration, punishment, or other repercussions for their crimes - a significant hindrance to the execution of justice, by extending the right to assemble to “all individuals” regardless of their criminal status,

Worried that clause 2 of the resolution does not prevent protests which cause harm to members of the public, for example protests organised on a public highway, those which would block the route of emergency vehicles, or protests that take place in dangerous or unhealthy conditions, as clause 2 states governments may only restrict the freedom of assembly when “individuals organizing are trespassing on private property and/or if circumstances beyond the control of the Government threaten the safety of those organizing”,

Saddened that, while it bars those who call for violence via direct action from its protections, the resolution shields those who do so via calls for deliberate inaction, such as by urging law enforcement officers to refrain from protecting individuals of a certain racial group,

Appalled that clause 3 does not extend its prohibition to demonstrations that call for violence against the imprisoned, accused or convicted, only applying its protections to the nebulously defined group of “innocent people”,

Believing that more detailed and comprehensive legislation is required to address the issues raised in this resolution,

Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #27 “Freedom of Assembly”.

Co-authored by Maowi

GA, February 2nd 2021 Protecting Sapient Life: A resolution to improve worldwide and civil rights.
Author: Tinhampton
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 13 | Against 9 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 435)
Final WA vote: For 6633 (45.4%) | Against 7965 (54.6%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Recognising that GA#535 "Death Penalty Ban," while outlawing capital punishment in most circumstances, permits its deployment under military law in some circumstances, and

Seeking to abolish capital punishment in all circumstances across the WA, for reasons that have been stated in at least three different resolutions...

The General Assembly hereby:

  1. forbids the imposition of the death penalty in all cases where such has not already been prohibited by prior and standing international law, and

  2. prohibits members from deporting any person to a nation where said person faces a reasonable possibility of being sentenced to death for the crimes they have been charged with committing.

Co-authored with Gorundu.

GA, January 28th 2021 Death Penalty Ban: A resolution to improve worldwide and civil rights.
Author: Imperium Anglorium
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 17 | Against 10 | Abstain 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 430)
Final WA vote: For 10396 (67.4%) | Against 5031 (32.6%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Recognising that there is no convincing and statistically robust evidence that the death penalty deters crime,

Hoping to spend money currently dedicated to the substantial administrative and legal costs of pursuing death penalties on enforcement or rehabilitation programmes which actually do reduce crime,

Gravely concerned that even under stringent protocols death penalties are issued against people who are actually innocent of the crimes for which they are to be punished, and

Believing that the death penalty in its application and pursuit targets the mentally ill, socio-economically disadvantaged, and members of racial and cultural minorities, even when administered under facially neutral statutes, hereby enacts the following:

  1. The death penalty is abolished except for crimes under a military penal code committed during time of war.

  2. All sentences contravening section 1 must be commuted forthwith under procedures not inconsistent with World Assembly law.

  3. Member nations collectively may further restrict the use of or abolish the death penalty, section 1 notwithstanding.

Co-authored by Cretox State.

GA, January 24th 2021 Fair Treatment of Prisoners: A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.
Author: Greater Cesnica
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 13 | Against 1 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 422)
Final WA vote: For 12996 (84%) | Against 2476 (16%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Believing that the abuse of the imprisoned is an intolerable state of affairs,

Aiming to reform the criminal justice system to prevent these abuses from occurring,


1. Defines protective confinement as the imprisonment of a person with severe or total isolation from other inmates,

2. Prohibits:

  1. Subjecting a prisoner to treatment inferior to that legally permissible for prisoners of war,

  2. Compelling a prisoner via force, threats of force, or other forms of coercion to perform labor or a service as a punitive measure, or as a means to generate profit for a prison facility and/or associated third parties,

  3. The sale or leasing of any prisoner by the government or any private prison to any private corporation or institution,

  4. Placing a prisoner in protective confinement, unless:

    1. The informed consent of the prisoner is present, or

    2. Doing so is the only means available to mitigate risks posed by the prisoner to the general prison population, or

    3. The prisoner is medically incapacitated, and

  5. Barring prisoners from the opportunity to voluntarily carry out a service or activity as a form of paid labor,

3. Requires that:

  1. Those who have had protective confinement imposed on them have regular access to the services of psychiatric staff; and that they have access to visitations from guests in accordance with standard prison policy,

  2. All available measures are taken to reinstate a prisoner into the general prison population, as soon as it is safe to do so,

  3. Member states ensure that prisoners have access to investigative resources and legal recourse in the event that they lodge a complaint about abuses inflicted upon them, and that no reprisals are carried out against those who lodge these complaints,

  4. Prisoners who voluntarily carry out a service or activity as a form of labor during the period of their incarceration receive a wage commensurate to the extent of their work, which shall be equivalent to the wage a free worker employed in the same trade would receive for doing the same quantity and quality of work, and that

  5. All workplace health and safety regulations, past and future, on the national and international level, apply to prisoners working voluntarily during the period of their incarceration.

Co-authored by Barfleur.

GA, January 19th 2021 Repeal “International Criminal Protocol”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Greater Cesinca
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 6 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 433)
Final WA vote: For 9848 (76%) | Against 3102 (24%)
Result: Passed.

The General Assembly,

Applauding GA #500 "International Criminal Protocol" for its intended goal, which was ostensibly to preserve the civil liberties of those imprisoned from the horrors of state-sanctioned legal abuses,

Reassuring member states that a replacement resolution has been drafted to carry on the vital protections GA #500 offered concerning prison conditions,

Dismayed, however, that the resolution permits member states to decide the legality of capital punishment; a state-sanctioned penalty that this Assembly regards as inherently abhorrent and as posing a devastating detriment to civil liberties,

Cognizant that many ambassadors were unaware of the resolution’s toleration of the death penalty at the time of its passage, perhaps because of its focus on the rights of prisoners,

Referring to the fact that this body has previously repealed otherwise well-meaning resolutions on such grounds (see also GA#438 Repeal: “Crime And Punishment”),

In particular, it must be noted that:

  • The death penalty is always inconsistent with the inherent dignity of the person,

  • The costs of the administrative effort necessary to fully prove the guilt of the convicted almost always outweighs any of its possible financial benefits,

  • The presumption that the death penalty lowers violent crime rates is based on the empirically false assumption that the circumstances of violent crime can be considered in a vacuum where criminals act rationally,

  • The death penalty rarely aids the family of homicide victims, as it merely adds the emotional baggage of yet another life lost, and

  • The use of such a severe, irreversible penalty can further exacerbate disparities in justice systems, especially those with existing widespread discrimination,

Further noting that since the justifications presented for the use of the death penalty are insufficient to allow member states to legalize it, this esteemed Assembly ought to prohibit it - which cannot occur in the presence of the target resolution,

Appalled that this resolution stands in the way of preventing the execution of innocent persons for crimes they did not commit, an atrocity that will continue to occur so as long as this resolution remains in force,

Resolved that the numerous benefits and protections this resolution brings forth does not outweigh the crippling blow it inflicts upon civil liberties, a disservice to the good intentions that fostered it,

Hereby repeals GA #500 "International Criminal Protocol".

Co-authored by Pope Saint Peter the Apostle and Tinhampton.

SC, January 15th 2021 Commend Northorp-Grumman: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Makdon
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 8 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 434)
Final WA vote: For 5607 (47.5%) | Against 6192 (52.2%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The Security Council,

Darkly noting the great importance that knowledge of the world’s nations plays in facilitating foreign affairs, and that the significance of this information being readily available and effectively collated cannot be overstated, for without it relations cannot feasibly be conducted in any reasonable manner; the ramifications for such mismanaged relations would surely be dark,

Applauding Northrop-Grumman and their shadowy archivists for their commitment to the arcane task of maintaining well organized and frequently updated indexes of both nation’s capitals and leaders, which are truly ancient, having been maintained by Northrop-Grumman for fifteen and sixteen long years respectively,

Remarking that the two mysterious indexes believed to have originated somewhere within the dark realm of Northrop-Grumman possess the following merits compared to the regular procedure of finding and viewing a nation’s information panel:

  • The indexes of Northrop-Grumman contain useful references to information nation’s have chosen to provide that is relevant to their capital or biographical of their leader, which is both utile and edifying,

  • Nations newly founded are not able to display their capital or leader, so Northrop-Grumman’s indexes can be the only way to discover them,

  • The indexes allow for the quick finding of information on multiple nations, since they are all held in one place,

Knowledgeable also of the fact that Northrop-Grumman’s indexes have additionally inspired a separate catalog of national sports that employs the same methodology and layout, and cognizant that there is no standard display for national sports, so without the index foreign nations are left completely in the dark,

Intimidated by the extensive work of Northrop-Grumman in creating the Universal Network for the Integrated Transactional Economy (UNITE), a national and transgalactic computer system that registers all citizens, organizations of citizens, and foreign visitors through the use of a personal identification card, and which provides numerous advantages by providing easy and efficient flow of information and government services,

Astounded by Northrop-Grumman’s labor in chronicling countless collections of invaluable accounts of historic events that would otherwise have been lost after a shift in record keeping abandoned all previous years’ knowledge, a vast swathe of which Northrop-Grumman’s archivist managed to preserve and are still available for all of NationStates today,

Confident that in light (or as the case may be, darkness) of these contributions, which exemplify both long lasting commitment and frightening technical prowess, there can be no question that Northrop-Grumman is overly deserving of recognition,

Hereby commends the most dark nation of Northrop-Grumman.

SC, January 11th 2021 Commend Singapore no2: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: That Crazy Casbah Sound
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 435)
Final WA vote: For 10555 (79.4%) | Against 2732 (20.6%)
Result: Passed.

Observing that national leaders constantly face a barrage of dilemmas where they have to make prompt decisions to resolve, lest their nation dissolve into complete chaos,

Recognising the many nations that dedicate countless hours into assisting these leaders in resolving issues by presenting several options,
Praising one such helpful nation, Singapore no2, for hitting the ground running with their unyielding efforts in aiding national leaders in resolving multiple international foreign affairs conflicts,

Extolling Singapore no2 for helping to resolve a dispute instigated by aggressive archipelagic nation Macronesia, ‘Affirmative Election?’, where ethnic Macronesians picketed outside government offices to protest the lack of ethnic minorities in national governments. Singapore no2ean diplomats helped to bring forth all of the protesters' demands in a clear way which paved the way for national leaders to quickly make a decision and be able to return to grocery shopping,

Applauding Singapore no2 for the way they dealt with the international incident ‘Externalities Palmed Off’, where a thick smog engulfed a group of coastal nations due to a developing country (later revealed to be Macronesia) burning large amounts of forests for land. Singapore no2 assembled a team of their top meteorologists to examine weather patterns, and from that data they presented several options for nations to deal with the issue, such as applying diplomatic pressure or building a protective dome around the country. This intervention likely saved billions of citizens from lung disease,

Noting that these incidents were still not the end of Macronesia’s hostility, nor were they the end of Singapore no2 attempting to stop these antics. In the event dubbed ‘A Plank Too Far’, Macronesian ministers declared that pirates in several nations were plundering their ships and pledged to sink any foreign vessel that entered their waters, disrupting maritime trade. Singapore no2ean diplomats once again convened to facilitate international peace negotiations between the swashbuckling sea dogs and Macronesian officials, pacifying the situation,

Appreciating Singapore no2 for interceding in the dispute between nations and Macronesian durian farmers during the event dubbed ‘Putrid Predicament’, where Macronesian durians (and their pungency) flooded public transport in foreign nations, causing people to suffocate. Singapore no2ean food critics mediated the situation by conducting a smell test on the durians and determining the best course of action nations should take regarding the situation,

Thanking Singapore no2 for not only helping nations deal with Macronesia, but also for their efforts in protecting nations from the belligerent nation Bigtopia during the crisis ‘A Blast from the Past’, who had attempted to exploit nations by offering to deactivate landmines which were deployed due to their previous warmongering actions. Singapore no2ean weapons enthusiasts (who had previously resolved an issue involving 3D-printed firearms) offered national leaders a variety of other options they could choose to be rid of the landmines, preventing more innocent children from exploding,

Lauding Singapore no2 for their quick thinking in preventing nations from being extorted for their money by economic superpower Dàguó after a clumsy advisor accidentally shattered a priceless artefact in the event dubbed ‘Like a Bull in a
Dàguó Shop’. Singapore no2ean weapons enthusiasts examined the viability of the situation and recommended that a duel between the advisor and the emperor could best resolve the situation, preventing nations from losing millions of their currency or facing sanctions,

Recognising that in addition to these large scale crises, Singapore no2 has also successfully resolved 22 other issues, ranging from abuse of shared property ('A Problem Shared') to the dangers of prehistoric zoos ('Who Let The Dinos Out?'),

Noticing that Singapore no2 successfully resolved such a large amount of issues in an astoundingly short period of time that they were internationally recognised as one of the most prolific issues solvers in the world, no easy feat,

Revering the wisdom (and humour) possessed by the official representatives of Singapore no2 during their engagements with the international community, making sure that other international problems can be solved in a clear manner,

Applauding Singapore no2 for their non-issues related contributions, such as securing their vulnerable and previously invaded region Singapore from foreign invasion by utilising security measures such as passwords while still allowing new nations to join the region (a system similar to the commended region Hell), and

Convinced that Singapore no2 has broken the mould and has undeniably made the world a better place through their actions, and deserve to be commended by this body,

The Security Council hereby commends Singapore no2.

SC, January 7th 2021 Repeal “Commend The Western Isles”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Borimar
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 0 | Against 11 | Abstain 0 | Delegate’s prerogative
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 437)
Final WA vote: For 9484 (73.6%) | Against 3396 (26.4%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Certain that the main problem with “Commend the Western Isles” is that it’s predominantly a laundry list of treaties the Western Isles made. Any region can make treaties, but SC#336 does not contextualize them or explain why those treaties are of any note,

Elaborating that the organization of “Commend the Western Isles” sabotages itself; it is merely a list of treaty names, none of which are elaborated on beyond an encyclopedic, dispassionate description which fails to adequately convey why the treaties are impressive or stray from the norm,

Concluding that the “hailing” and “saluting” clauses— the clauses which refer to the treaties of the Western Isles and make up the bulk of the commendation— are merely pieces of fluff that fill space and say nothing about the Western Isles.
Such fluff is characteristic of the proposal, and can also be found in the following clauses:

  • The “applauding” clause cites a “welcoming attitude” and certain helpful resources, such as a guide and mentor nations, which fail to set the Western Isles apart from a typical region. If these guides and mentorship programs are unique or particularly impressive, SC#336 failed to explain why,

  • The “applauding” clause also commends the Western Isles for having a forum for nations to talk in, a typical practice among many regions that's certainly nowhere near commendable or special,

  • The “appreciating” clause, which discussed “Citizens of The Isles” failed to explain what this “creative writing publisher” was or what made it special— the same could perhaps be said of its mention of the Western Isles News,

Noting that the aforementioned clauses make up all but the entirety of SC#336, and there is hardly anything substantive left in SC#336 to comment on,

Noticing the ridiculous “impressed” clause which implies that the Western Isles is “small”, a claim that’s not only wrong, but detracts from the idea that the Western Isles is important,

Unimpressed by the drafting of SC#336 “Commend the Western Isles”, whose author mistakenly attempted to rush the proposal to the floor of the Security Council, went silent whenever a nation provided constructive criticism, ignored or gave curt, unsubstantive responses to virtually every genuine question from voters, and failed to change the proposal very much in an absurd twelve drafts,

Finding a final blow to “Commend the Western Isles” in the fact that of the few nations which voiced support for SC#336 in the public drafting area, many did so while admitting that the proposal was too poorly written for their liking, implying that the Western Isles is respected, but the same nations which respect it feel SC#336 did not do it justice,

Concluding that SC#336 failed to provide beyond a shred of evidence of the Western Isles commendability in its pile of fluff, and if the region is commendable, a much more convincing proposal has to be created,

Hereby repeals SC#336 “Commend the Western Isles”.

GA, January 6th 2021 Regulating Remote Election Administration: A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.
Author: Boston Castle
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 13 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 437)
Final WA vote: For 1535 (10.8%) | Against 12699 (89.2%)
Result: Failed to pass.

Whereas issues regarding in-person voting are best left to individual member states and issues of remote voting are best addressed by uniform standards, be it enacted as follows:
  1. In this resolution,

    1. “election day” refers to the day in which voters are prescribed by law to vote in an election or election(s);

    2. “absentee voter” refers to any voter who lives in their nation of citizenship who votes in advance of the date prescribed by law for an election;

    3. “expatriate voter” refers to any voter who, while living in a nation they are not a citizen of, votes in their nation of citizenship;

    4. “mail ballot” refers to a ballot which utilizes a postal service for the purpose of obtaining and returning a ballot;

    5. “e-voting” refers to any method of voting which utilizes a technological interface by which a ballot is cast remotely.

  2. All member nations are required to employ the same methods of counting for all ballots cast by absentee voters and expatriate voters.

    1. Member nations may require that ballots cast by these voters be counted separately from ballots cast by voters who choose to not employ alternative methods or who vote on election day.

  3. All member nations must make clear to its citizens who request to vote as expatriates or absentee what special requirements there are, if any, for their ballot to be counted.

  4. Member nations are allowed to enact the following restrictions on absentee voters who utilize mail ballots:

    1. witness of ballots by another person who can affix a mark to the ballot,

    2. time restrictions on when ballots may be requested such that there may be a fixed date, communicated to absentee and expatriate voters, whereby ballots must be received, and

    3. restrictions on who may vote remotely such as requiring military service or severe illness before a person can utilize a mail ballot.

  5. The same restrictions which member nations are allowed to enact on absentee voters who utilize mail ballots may also be enacted on expatriate voters who utilize mail ballots.

  6. Absentee and expatriate voters must receive a ballot that is compliant with their request and matches the election day ballot of the electoral division in which they are registered to vote.

  7. The following provisions may be enacted in regards to expatriate voters:

    1. Member nations may create an “overseas constituency” of all expatriate voters where their collated votes may count towards representation in a national assembly or otherwise.

    2. Member nations may bar expatriate voters from participating in regional or local elections.

  8. All member nations must make clear to its citizens who utilize e-voting what processes are used to ensure their vote’s anonymity and how their vote is counted.

  9. Member nations are allowed to enact the following restrictions on those who choose to utilize e-voting:

    1. use of a form of national identification in order to ensure that a person votes no more than once,

    2. use of certain platforms that are not open for corruption or influence by malign actors, and

    3. time restrictions on when one can access an electronic ballot.

GA, January 2nd 2021 International Radio Standards Act: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Merni
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 8 | Against 2 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 444)
Final WA vote: For 9727 (75.6%) | Against 3133 (24.4%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Recognising that radio technology is used by many member states for communication,

Lamenting the lack of international standards for radio communication,

Considering the detrimental effects that a lack of standards has on international radio communication, such as incompatibilities in equipment,

Especially worried that a lack of international cooperation could result in non-coordination and even interference in essential radio communications,

Aware that sudden regulatory changes are likely to cause severe confusion in existing radio transmissions,

Hereby enacts as follows:

  1. International Radiocommunications Authority: There shall be an International Radiocommunications Authority (IRA), which shall be an organ of the WA Scientific Programme.

  2. Radio spectrum allocations: For each member state using radio for communication, the IRA shall allocate parts of the radio spectrum for each relevant kind of communication in that state, which shall include at least public broadcasting and recreational use. The allocations shall be made considering the existing use in that state and other nearby states, in order to increase compatibility of standards between nations while minimising inconvenience to existing radio transmission. Member states shall be required to comply with these allocations after a reasonable transition period fixed by the IRA. The allocations may be changed from time to time by consultation between the IRA and member states.

  3. Registry of radio transmitters: Member states shall maintain a registry, revised frequently, of all persons or institutions equipped to transmit radio signals which can be recieved over long distances, and shall allocate frequencies to each of them if necessary to avoid interference of signals. Member states shall submit this registry to the IRA regularly. Member states shall make freely available all portions of the registry for which doing so would not unduly infringe on privacy or national security.

  4. Restrictions on equipment:

    1. Member states may:

      1. Prohibit or restrict the manufacture, sale or purchase of equipment capable of transmitting radio signals outside the ranges allocated for public broadcasting and recreational use,

      2. Require that equipment capable of transmitting radio signals, other than equipment solely for private communication on frequencies specified for that purpose (such as mobile telephones) only be sold to persons licensed to operate such equipment, provided such licensing is widely available without unreasonable costs or restrictions,

      3. Prohibit or restrict the manufacture, sale or purchase of equipment capable of receiving radio signals in any ranges allocated for secret military or security communication, or

      4. Prohibit the transmission of radio signals at a power which is likely to injure or kill any sentient beings living in that area, except in a contained environment for scientific research.

    2. Member states may not impose unreasonable restrictions on the manufacture, sale or purchase of equipment for transmitting or receiving radio signals which are not covered by article 4a.

GA, December 29th 2020 Tariffs and Trade Convention: A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.
Author: Imperium Anglorium
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 6 | Against 9 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 444)
Final WA vote: For 8406 (61.9%) | Against 5177 (38.1%)
Result: Passed.

Whereas free and fair trade is good, be it enacted as follows:
  1. In this resolution,

    1. general customs area refers to an area in which customs authority is exercised by a nation or nations with a common external trade policy without substantial internal trade barriers;

    2. customs area refers to a general customs area entirely subject to World Assembly law;

    3. resolution means extant WA resolution;

    4. member means WA member; and

    5. trade area means an area created by bilateral or multilateral treaty between customs areas in which they accord to each other special trade preferences.

  2. Each customs area must accord to every other customs area a most-favoured trade preference, unless such preferences are:

    1. necessary for establishment of a particular industry or economic development in a nation with low standards of living,

    2. extended only to co-members of a trade area or customs area, or

    3. permitted by this resolution.

  3. The value ascribed to imported goods shall be based on the value of the goods imported, or of like goods, if they were sold in normal trade under competitive conditions in normal quantities. If such information is not available, members must make a best guess of that value on available information.

  4. Customs areas may not enforce quantitative restrictions, ie quotas, on imports from or exports to any other customs area, unless:

    1. export restrictions are temporary and in proportion to the need to relieve a serious ongoing or upcoming shortage of food or vital goods,

    2. needed restrictions are imposed for the purpose of evaluating or enforcing compliance with regulations not discriminating on origin also applying to like domestic goods,

    3. import restrictions are needed to safeguard the health or safety of domestic agriculture or to remove a temporary domestic surplus of a like good, or

    4. such restrictions are to protect national treasures of substantial cultural value, conserve exhaustible natural resources, or comply with resolutions.

  5. Unless a quota is imposed, no member may require an import licence for goods from another member. Quotas on a good, when allocated, may not discriminate against supplying member nations, unless otherwise agreed to by the quota imposer and the major supplying member nations. All import licences shall be publicly available.

  6. When a good is imported into a customs area at a price lower than normal market prices of like goods (ie dumping), the area may impose a tariff in the amount necessary to adjust the imported good’s price to a normal market price, after showing to the Wacc the occurrence of dumping, likely material damages to internal industry, and that the former clearly causes or will cause the latter.

  7. After a good enters a customs area lawfully, no internal regulations or tax may be applied in a manner which discriminates against the origin of that good relative to other like goods.

    1. Members shall ascribe the origination of a good to the general customs area in which the good was last substantially transformed, excluding operations carried out for transport, preservation, storage, marketability, simple assembly, or mixture.

    2. Members may require origination marks on imported goods, so long as such marks do not reduce the value or increase the cost of such goods materially. Customs areas may not assess penalties for failure to make such marks prior their import.

  8. This resolution notwithstanding, members may make trade restrictions:

    1. to forestall a balance of payments crisis provided that members maintain such restrictions only to the extent necessary to defend their balance of payments and speedily recover their financial position,

    2. on arms, ammunition, or other materials used in military procurement directly or indirectly,

    3. in time of war or, subject to resolution, for protection of vital security interests,

    4. if required by resolution to enforce trade sanctions against a nation not compliant with WA law,

    5. exercising powers granted or enforcing restrictions required by prior resolution, or

    6. exercising regulatory powers granted by resolution over a specific good or well-defined class of goods which bear substantially similar properties that are unrelated to their marketability or use.

  9. This resolution does not cover intellectual property or transfers of hard currency. Any tariff or quota imposed must first be posted publicly, specifying the goods covered with the quantities restricted or tax assessed. Penalties ascribed for a customs offence must be in proportion to the offence's harm. Declarations on issues arising from this resolution may be requested from the Wacc; no penalty for non-compliant activities taken with good faith reliance on such declarations may be imposed; the Independent Adjudicative Office may rescind such declarations.

SC, December 27th 2020 Commend Verdant Haven: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Westinor
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 442)
Final WA vote: For 11433 (90.2%) | Against 1238 (9.8%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Aware of the existence of plots and schemes that threaten to tear apart nations across the multiverse,

Admiring Verdant Haven’s continuous efforts and repeated success in identifying and bringing these conspiracies to light through a series of far-reaching operations, such as:

  • Operation #1130 (Flash Crash Cash Dash), which pinpointed the origin of a sudden crash and subsequent rise in the stock market of countless nations,

  • Operation #1155 (The Banquet of Walnuts), which brought to light acts of misconduct perpetrated by religious leaders involving dancing and a disturbing quantity of walnuts,

  • Operation #1224 (Shine On, You Crazy Diamond), which unveiled several invaluable diamonds as lab-created and passed off as real by illicit dealers,

  • Operation #1243 (Kicking Back), which revealed the corrupt activities of numerous judges, who sent inmates to select private prisons in exchange for money,

  • Operation #1409 (Happy Pranksgiving!), which put a spotlight on collateral damage caused by the reckless antics of TV-show pranksters,

  • Operation #1410 (Lives On-Line), which exposed a series of terrorist threats towards AI-run hospitals demanding a ransom in exchange for the decryption keys to said hospitals,

Observing that the region of Forest has made great strides in fostering care for the environment, promoting intellectual thought, and contributing to other communities, which ultimately resulted in their commendation,
Recognising Verdant Haven’s numerous contributions to Forest during their two terms as Forest Keeper, including:

  • the implementation of the Conscience of Forest position to oversee and expand Forest’s monthly environmental action program,

  • boosting regional involvement through organising regional activities and competitions such as the Annual Photo Contest as well as heading Forest’s Crystal Jubilee Flag Design Contest, which celebrated Forest’s fifteenth anniversary as a region,

  • reforming the foreign affairs branch with the formation of the “Diplomatic Root” position to oversee and run the region’s ambassadorial program, the appointment of several new ambassadors, and the creation of 5 new embassies,

Noticing Verdant Haven’s dedication to ensuring an open and honest government, reflected in their introduction and continued publication of monthly Government Transparency Reports, in which they provide a regular and thorough update on the state of the region during their time as Forest Keeper,

Applauding Verdant Haven’s efforts in streamlining the constitution of Forest through two separate constitutional amendments, which simplified the diplomatic process and allowed for the appointment of temporary regional officers in the case of an extraordinary circumstance,

Acclaiming Verdant Haven for their contributions to this very body, most notably their co-authorship of General Assembly Resolution #522 “Repeal ‘Protecting Sites of Religious Significance’”, which repealed a flawed and overreaching resolution that prevented the exhumation of any grave that contains the body of a practitioner or a present religion for any purpose,

Saluting Verdant Haven’s remarkable service to Forest and the international community at large, believing that such dedication should be formally recognised by this body, and hoping that such recognition should serve as further incentive for the continuation of their work, hereby:

Commends Verdant Haven.

Co-authored by Honeydewistania

GA, December 25th 2020 Fairness in Collective Bargaining: A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.
Author: Cretox State
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 4 | Against 12 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 440)
Final WA vote: For 8673 (65.2%) | Against 4621 (34.8%)
Result: Passed.

The World Assembly,

Believing that labor unions are essential in allowing workers to negotiate benefits, freedom from exploitation, and fair compensation on equal footing with their employers,

Commending the efforts of prior WA legislation to strike a reasonable balance between the necessity of effective collective bargaining and the public good, and

Convinced that a more expansive resolution on the subject is necessary, in order to solidify the negotiating ability of workers and provide needed protections for employers where unions are concerned, hereby:

  1. Defines "interference" as any acts intended to place or keep a labor union under the control of an employer whose workers are represented by that union as a bargaining unit;

  2. Prohibits the interference of employers and labor unions in the establishment, functioning, or administration of labor unions;

  3. Prohibits employers from:

    1. unduly impinging on the ability of multiple workers to act in concert to protect their rights; or

    2. discriminating against workers for engaging in concerted activities to protect their rights;

  4. Prohibits labor unions from:

    1. coercing workers in the exercise of their rights or an employer in its choice of bargaining representative;

    2. deliberately influencing an employer to discriminate against certain workers;

    3. requiring excessive dues; or

    4. deliberately influencing an employer to pay for unneeded workers, excepting paid leave and severance-related benefits;

  5. Requires employers and the labor unions that lawfully represent said employers' workers to make a good-faith effort to negotiate with one another;

  6. Mandates that member nations:

    1. establish, if such does not already exist, and maintain an effective system to enforce labor law in relation to collective bargaining and labor practices; and

    2. allow labor unions to deliberately influence an employer to cease doing business with another employer;

  7. Urges member nations to:

    1. promote union membership through union security agreements; and

    2. implement more expansive regulations protecting the ability of workers to collectively bargain with employers.

SC, December 23rd 2020 Repeal “Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Gorundu
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 13 | Against 1 | Abstain 1 | Delegate’s prerogative 3
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 439)
Final WA vote: For 9614 (69.4%) | Against 4248 (30.6%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Recognising the work of The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (hereinafter referred to as “Saint Mark”) in the West Pacific and other regions, and the respect they command across these regions,

Regretting, however, that their actions and impact were painted in an inaccurate and incomplete light in their commendation, due to the presence of vague, unsubstantiated claims, and the citation of many actions that are dubious in terms of creating a lasting positive impact,

Noting that their actions in “introducing the new Imperial culture” and “amending the Manners of Governance of the West” have failed to confer a lasting positive impact on the West Pacific, and were in fact reversed by their immediate successor as Delegate,

Frustrated that their work in Albion was not explained in context of the culture or history of the now-inactive region, thus failing to prove the significance of the work,

Confused by the citation of their contributions to The Sasquatch Republic, given that the region has never exceeded 25 nations in population and is entirely unremarkable in the greater world,

Challenging the citation of their service as Arbiter in the Conclave of The East Pacific in the commendation, given that their only action as Arbiter was their resignation in which they apologised for their “inattention” after an Advisory Question was filed,

Observing that during their tenure as the “longest serving Priest of Osiris”, they had presided over just a single case in the Council of Priests, and that it remains the only case to have been ruled on by the Council of Priests its over two years of existence, a fact which betrays their lack of accomplishment in the position and the limited utility of the judicial system which they had crafted, which was incompatible with the system of government in Osiris,

Disappointed by the erroneous description of Saint Mark’s “assistance in forming the News Partnership Framework which established the governance and goals of the NSToday organization”, as the governance and goals of the organization are detailed in its Charter, not the News Partnership Framework,

Further noting that the News Partnership Framework, the establishment of which Saint Mark was credited with assisting, was never publicly explained throughout its existence, and later required renegotiation with all previous partners, due to its ineffectiveness and lack of benefits to participating regions, as admitted by NationStates Today’s then-Public Relations Director,

Questioning, therefore, the effectiveness of the News Partnership Framework in promoting the development of news media in partnered regions, and thus its benefit to the media scene in NationStates at large,

Exasperated further that the commendation failed to go into sufficient detail concerning the alleged achievements of Saint Mark in many cases, including:

  • What kind of “internal reform” they encouraged in The Pacific, how it was achieved, which regions in the conflict involving The Pacific they helped “reach accord”;

  • How they “[responded] to events both internal and external in a thoughtful, reasoned way” as Delegate of the West Pacific; and

  • Their efforts at "protecting and guiding new nations" in Karma;

Concluding that due to the above failures present in the resolution, it does not sufficiently prove its thesis that Saint Mark was “a leader in many aspects of the world”,

Hereby repeals SC#302 “Commend The Holy Principality of Saint Mark”.

GA, December 21st 2020 Repeal “International Road Safety”: A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Author: Free Azell
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 5 | Against 13 | Abstain 1
Final Delegate vote: Against (weight 441)
Final WA vote: For 4861 (35.2%) | Against 8939 (64.8%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The World Assembly,

Applauding the target resolution's intentions of setting standards for roads, bridges, and tunnels used for international travel to increase safety on public highways connected in more than one nation;

Disappointed that the scope of these regulations is not clearly laid out in the resolution - although the target does state that the standards put out by the International Transport Safety Committee (ITSC) must to some extent improve traffic safety, by regulation roads, vehicles, or training for their operators, and must be reasonable in terms of cost, no specific benchmark for these regulations is ever stated;

Convinced that this is likely to cause significant inefficiency and inadequacy in addressing the concerns stated in the target itself;

Dissatisfied that, given the absence of an upper limit on the stringency of the committee’s regulations, said regulations could have unnecessary adverse effects regarding other matters, such as disruption to local wildlife;

Believing that a replacement resolution actively instructing a committee to create clear, unambiguous safety regulations would be far preferable to this attempt at enacting a "one-size-fits-all" policy that, in its vagueness, achieves very little of substance;

Hereby repeals GAR #83, "International Road Safety.”

Co-authored by Maowi

SC, December 19th 2020 Commend the Western Isles: A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.
Author: Greater Cesnica
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 9 | Against 2 | Abstain 2 | Delegate’s prerogative 2
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 444)
Final WA vote: For 7142 (53%) | Against 6331 (47%)
Result: Passed.

The Security Council,

Noting that The Western Isles (TWI) has for over five years fostered a vibrant, thriving community of nations with immense participation in the realms of diplomacy, trade relations, collaborative unions, and the proliferation of mass media;

Applauding the welcoming attitude that new nations are introduced to upon entering TWI, as demonstrated by:

  • The numerous well-written guides for nations to build and maintain (for example) thriving economies, militaries, and foreign relations networks,

  • An active, well-equipped system of regional mentors to assist nations in their rise to prosperity, and

  • The existence of the International District, a neutral and open forum for nations and regional representatives to discuss international relations, seek and give advice on nationbuilding, and introduce new nations to TWI's diplomatic scene;

Hailing TWI's diplomatic spirit as demonstrated by the formation of these notable regional socioeconomic unions and alliances:

  • The League, a complementary intraregional organ to the World Assembly that aims to maintain regional peace and stability, and to facilitate international relations, alliances, as well as policy-guiding treaties and initiatives,

  • The Cooperative Union (CU), a political and economic union intended to promote socioeconomic stability which is also TWI's largest economic bloc,

  • The Regional Trade and Economic Agreement (RTEA), which aims to provide a credible forum for member nations to negotiate matters pertaining to all aspects of their respective economies and trade affairs, as well as to collectively strengthen their economies, and

  • The Eterna-Argean Friendship Accords (EAFA), a cooperative agreement between the nations within and bordering the Eterna and Argean Seas that seeks to foster a sense of camaraderie and mutual trust, as well as to establish protocols for shared jurisdiction over their respective Seas;

Saluting the formation of these notable defense organizations and forces as a means to guarantee regional security:

  • The Mesder Sea Treaty Organization (MSTO), an intergovernmental military alliance which has fostered immense technological advancement and wielded much political influence within TWI,

  • The Coalition of Free Nations (COFN), an intergovernmental military and socioeconomic pact which has fostered peace, stability, and development within TWI,

  • The Argean Rapid Response Force (ARRF), a rapid engagement military force comprised of specialized units from the nations of Vancouvia, Noronica, and Ostehaar that aims to respond swiftly to threats and hostile maneuvering in the age of modern warfare, and

  • The Raedlon Organization of States (ROS), a military and socioeconomic alliance of nations within the Raedlon peninsula intended to provide mutual defense and foster economic relations and stability between member states;

Impressed by the exceptionally high prevalence and influence of these intraregional organizations within TWI, a region of just under 170 nations;

Cognizant of TWI's collective resolve in pursuing peace after the intraregional Second Imperial War, an accomplishment made all the more remarkable by the significant ideological divide between the Eastern Union of Socialist Republics (EUSR) and the MSTO, the two warring parties;

Praising TWI for their initiative, vision, and leadership in hosting the Western Isles Climate Response Council, a non-partisan intergovernmental organization which aims to perform research on alternative energy production sources and help nations respond to climate change;

Admiring TWI's dedication to disseminating journalism on a global scale via The Western Isles News, a non-profit media news cooperative that aggregates articles from newspapers across the region and distributes them to a large audience both within and beyond TWI;

Appreciating TWI's commitment to promoting the creative arts with the Citizens of The Isles, a creative writing publisher sponsored and maintained by a decentralized cooperative of TWI residents;

Hopeful that this resolution will encourage other regions to emulate the distinguished, honorable example The Western Isles has forged;

Hereby commends The Western Isles.

GA, December 17th 2020 Water Fluoridation Act: A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.
Author: Scalizagasti
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution: LinkDiscussion Thread
Final Regional vote: For 12 | Against 4 | Abstain 0
Final Delegate vote: For (weight 446)
Final WA vote: For 5668 (36.9%) | Against 9708 (63.1%)
Result: Failed to pass.

The General Assembly,

Noting the World Assembly’s precedent in supporting the health of the public,

Alarmed by the negative health and financial impacts of tooth decay,

Recognizing the benefits of water fluoridation to dental health,

Further recognizing that a 'one-size fits all' approach to water fluoridation is unwise, as the level of fluoridation required depends on unique local circumstances,


  1. Defines “water fluoridation” as the artificial, controlled adjustment of fluoride concentration in public drinking water sources,

  2. Defines "public drinking water sources" as a water supply system that provides water used for sapient consumption for at least 20% of the year, including treatment, storage, transportation, and distribution,

  3. Mandates member nations to

    1. conduct research on natural and artificial fluoride levels in public drinking water sources,

    2. research the health impacts of artificially altering water fluoridation levels in a public drinking water source on the local population,

    3. send all of the aforementioned research data to the International Bureau of Water Safety (IBWS) for processing,

  4. Tasks the International Bureau of Water Safety (IBWS) with

    1. analyzing the research conducted by member nations to issue recommendations on optimal water fluoridation practices based on the local circumstances, including recommendations on the optimal fluoride concentration and method of water fluoridation,

    2. consulting the relevant local scientific authorities when creating and issuing recommendations for specific public drinking water sources,

    3. assisting member nations with conducting this research if the IBWS determines they require help due to financial, technological, or logistical limitations, and those nations explicitly request assistance, and

    4. aiding member nations with water fluoridation if the IBWS determines they require help due to financial, technological, or logistical limitations, and those nations explicitly request assistance,

  5. Requires member states to fluoridate their public drinking water sources to optimal fluoride levels, based on the analysis and recommendations of the IBWS,

  6. Gives an exception to clause 5 for member states which

    1. do not have the technological or logistical means to safely fluoridate water,

    2. would suffer from demonstrable, widespread health concerns due to water fluoridation as a result of the biology of their citizens, or

    3. would receive no demonstrable, widespread dental benefits as a result of the biology of their citizens.