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The Rejected Realms: Embassy Guidelines & FAQs

Our Embassy Guidelines & FAQs

Embassy Guidelines:

So that people have a rough idea of what we're looking for in regions we open embassies with, these are the rough standards we use:

  • Size - ideally at least 50 nations, preferably over 100

  • Offsite forums, Discord server, or equivalent - preferably a dedicated subforum, there must be a space where we can post updates that can be read by at least your citizens

  • Government - should have an established government that runs the region's affairs

  • Activity - should be active both gameside and on an offsite platform, such as a forum or Discord server

  • Foreign Affairs - should be willing to write and deliver updates

  • Gameplay - ideally, you should have at least a passing interest in NationStates gameplay

  • Friendly - you should be friendly. If you're hostile or rude, expect the same back :P

Please be aware these are just guidelines — regions that meet them may still be rejected, and some that don't could still be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's the difference between embassies and consulates?

A. If we agree to open an embassy for your region, we will create a subforum here for you to post updates in, and we expect you to do the same for us on your forum or at least dedicate a space for us on a similar platform. Additionally, gameside embassies should also be constructed.

More importantly, approving an embassy application signifies that we wish to develop a meaningful relationship with your region. Either we think that we have something in common, we have the potential to work together, or we just like you. It signifies a level of trust, and there's an expectation that this will be reciprocated. We view embassies as a long-term investment and will not open or close them lightly. It is expected that the regions we maintain our embassies with will keep us updated on their progress every so often, just as we will do for you. Furthermore, we expect embassies to involve an exchange of official ambassadors. We will ask you to assign us an ambassador who will act as the representative for your region in the Rejected Realms, and we will be assigning an ambassador to act as our representative across your platforms. Our ambassador will share our Foreign Updates and let you know about upcoming events and programs we are running on our behalf.

Conversely, consulates are a more basic arrangement. A region that establishes a consulate with us gets a thread in the Consulates subforum and can post updates there. We will not post updates on your forum and will not exchange gameside embassies, however. Nonetheless, this is a great step towards establishing a long-term relationship with us.

Q. Why the distinction? Couldn't you just open embassies for everyone?

A. Our citizens expect us to maintain a strict standard for our embassies, mostly reserving our embassies for large regions with shared values. Moreover, we simply have not the time nor ambassadors to be able to build meaningful relationships with every single region applying.

Due to the voluntary nature of running our region’s foreign affairs, we also avoid opening embassies with regions that are yet to prove that they will remain active. Hence, by having consulates, we give regions a chance to prove to us that they are going to remain active.

Q. So... if we open a consulate here and keep it active, you'll grant us an embassy in a few months?

A. It's a possibility, yes. You are giving us your time, so the least we can do is hear you out and evaluate whether we believe our values align by reading your updates in your consulate. Unfortunately, we are also limited by available ambassadors. So, please do not take it personally if we reject your embassy request—there are many factors for us to consider and a negative outcome doesn't mean we don't like you.

Q. How do we open a consulate?

A. Easy. Just Linkstart a new thread in the Consulates subforum and make sure the title of the thread is the name of your region. We ask that you please keep all your posts to the same thread.

On extremely rare occasions—mainly as a result of serious disagreements—we may decide to close consulates. If this happens, please respect our decision and do not contest it. This decision would not have been made lightly.

Q. How do we open an embassy?

A. If you wish to apply for an embassy with the Rejected Realms, please Linkpost a new thread in this forum with the name of your region as the topic title.

We'll need a few details about your region in order to process the application, so the more information you give us, the quicker it can be done. Things like your forum address or equivalent external platforms, frequency of updates, name of the ambassador you intend to be sending, and reason(s) for wanting an embassy with us would all be appreciated. If you don't provide that information in your application, we'll just end up asking for it anyway.

Once that information is provided, we may ask a few more questions and will then come to a decision on accepting/rejecting your embassy request. This is one of the few times we get to reject anything!

Q. What if I have other questions that aren't addressed here?

A. Contact the person responsible for Foreign Affairs. Ordinarily, this is our Officer of Foreign Affairs.

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