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The League of Prosperous Nations

[box][background-block=#00272f][color=#c6af7d][center][size=150][b]The League of Prosperous Nations[/b][/size][/center][/color][/background-block][/box]

[box][font=Verdana][center]The League of Prosperous Nations was founded on the 19/12/20, with founding members [nation]New England INC[/nation] and [nation]The Destroyers of Christianity[/nation] working together to form the league. LOPN is looking for members of either high economic power or high military power this also includes high industry powers, if nations are hesitant in joining the league under the bounds of being tied up in a defensive pact, then LOPN also offers an associate program instead which only provides the trade end of the deal if you're worthy of trading with in the first place. If you're interested in joining the League of Prosperous Nations then either telegram founding members [nation]New England INC[/nation] or [nation]The Destroyers of Christianity[/nation].[/font]

[size=80][font=Verdana][color=grey]Per Foedus nos Vigent! - Through the League we Thrive![/color][/font][/size]

[font=Verdana]The League was created as a response to rising alliances popping up within the Confederation and with possible large scale conflicts approaching, the league is working towards ways to profit off these conflicts and expand all members economic/military repertoire. LOPN comprises mainly of capitalist/corporate nations that have allied together to ensure total upmost profit from such a pact through international trading agreements and joint military operations.

The League will aid sworn in members in matters regarding economic and militaristic profit if the League decides the venture is worthy of being pursued. To clarify, LOPN will provide League members with economic and military support if they were the defending party within a war. However, on matters of League members being the offender in a war, then it must be agreed upon within the League, if the war is worthy enough to assist League members in.

Upon joining the League, nations agree upon non-aggression pacts with other member/associate nations of the League and will be met with strict punishment if they were to be in violation of said agreement. Fully sworn in members of the League will also agree upon the terms of a defensive pact with other League members and will be called to war in the event of a League members being attacked. Associate members of the League will only come under the trade agreement part of the League and will only be involved with trading, associate members of the League will not be protected if they were to be attacked unless they agree to join the League fully.[/center][/font][/box]

[box][font=Verdana][b][u]Founding members:[/u][/b]

[nation]New England INC[/nation]
[nation]The Destroyers of Christianity[/nation]

[b][u]Current members:[/u][/b]

[nation]New England INC[/nation]
[nation]The Destroyers of Christianity[/nation]
[nation]The Yeetusa[/nation]
[nation]Deman Kalan[/nation]
[nation]East Turzikstan[/nation]
[nation]The Dixie Confederate Union[/nation]

[b][u]Associate members:[/u][/b]

[nation]Kleptocratic Maniacs[/nation]
[nation]United Tatumia[/nation]
[nation]Panthera Order[/nation]

[b][u]Former members:[/b][/u]

[nation]The Very Dark Place[/nation]

[b][u]Former associate members:[/u][/b]


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