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List of armed conflicts involving the Great Union

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The history of armed conflicts involving the Great Union of Insulalia spans a period of more than four centuries. A period ranging from the early era of American, European, African and Melanesian colonization and the formation of the new national polity that would become the Great Union, to its evolvement through technological and political upheavals into a decisively modern republic and military force.


Combatant 1

Combatant 2

Results and assessment of the outcome

Insulan Unification War (1800 - 1802)
Location: Pre-Union Insulalia

Free Federation

Dissenter Cities

Free Federation victory
Dissenter Cities unified with Free Federation
Great Union established
Constitution ratified
Reeves elected president

Insulan Civil War (1860 - 1870)
Location: Great Union

Great Union

United Cantons

Great Union victory
Territorial integrity maintain
Dissolution of the United Cantons
Limitations on canton autonomy installed
Industrial revolution furthered