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Office of the Arch-Administrator: Official Dispatch


General Information

The Right Honourable
Luca Baduka

2nd Arch-Administrator

Assumed Office
Feb 17, 2018

Senior Admin


Preceded by

Sylae Corell

5th Administrator

In Office
Jun 1, 2014 - Jul 12, 2017

Preceded by

Jewels DeForestal

Succeeded by


8th Moderator

In Office
Nov 1, 2008 - Jun 1, 2014

Preceded by

Position Created

Succeeded by


The Arch-Administrator is the chief executive of Refugia, often serving the purpose of being the keystone of the community around which stability and functionality is based. For all legal purposes which require a head of state, the Arch-Administrator may serve in such a capacity; however, the primary function of the role is to develop sites and services that the region can use and ensure the continuity of the community. Outside of the Refugia, the Arch-Administrator is responsible for all of the primary services provided on the LinkCalRef Network, and may be blamed as appropriate for their shortcomings.

Although Refugia was founded in early 2019, the position of Arch-Administrator goes back much further. As Refugia's namesake community, Calamity Refuge, was founded on July 16th, 2008, an executive by this name has existed since that time, and arguably before. The current Arch-Administrator is Luca Baduka, who has held this position since February 17th, 2018. She replaced Sylae Corell, who previously had served in the role since its inception, ten years prior.

Sites and services created for this community have typically been placed along a naming convention called Dot CalRef. Although different services have come and gone, the network remains and stands as a testament to Refugi ingenuity and community spirit. Content within these services relies on a comprehensive support network, which consists of the many writers and content creators within those spheres. All of their work adds up to paint a picture of what the community stands for.

At this time, a non-exhaustive list of these services is available below, with navigation to each:


LinkCalamity Refuge is the home of Refugia's community, Calamity Refuge. While the previous database was archived in 2018 for privacy, the forums remain sound and act as a sandbox to roleplay, spam, and work on regional legislation in.

The boards run on an intensely modified implementation of SimpleMachines, and the majority of the theme and content has been custom designed.


Refugia's Discord Server replaces CalRef's old XMPP client for all chat functions. There are automated updates for forum posts and changes to the Member State roster. Members have a variety of customisation options, such as self-roles for colour, pronouns, pings for game and movie nights.

The server is shielded from the bulk of NS conflict, due to CalRef's quarantine of NS content, ban on IC swipes and posturing, and Refugia's military neutrality.


Vote.CalRef is Refugia's off-site voting suite, providing safe and secure elections and referendums with privacy and multitasking in ways that NationStates is literally unable to comprehend.

Voting ability is determined by Dot's Member State roster, and NationStates' verification function.

Dot is CalRef's discord chatbot, coded by the Arch-Admin. Originally made to assist the server with Refugia's needs, Dot is now available anywhere. She has a wide range of functions, ranging form basic discord utilities to advanced NationStates recruitment or archival tools. For full details, check out the dispatch version of the documentation.


The LinkRefuge Wiki is a collaborative and archival space provided for all of the community's RP needs and various Refugia business. It is presently running on MediaWiki 1.31.1 and a variety of templates are available, with tutorial pages on how to use them.

Tower Archives are a NationStates library of research, records, and reference materials compiled by the Arch-Administrator. Content includes Refugia staff records, CalRef Census data, classifications, WA trends, power dynamics, voting records and more.

The Graphics Repository is a collection of all of the graphical assets made by this office for the purposes of Refugia's presentation and aid in governance in one convenient Tower Archives dispatch. The bulk of full-sized content is developed through AfterEffects or Illustrator, while pixel art items are created in ArtIcons Pro.