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Jerome Marco Harrell

Jerome M. Harrell

| Portrait of Jerome |

[Biographical Info]

Homeworld: Europa, Jovian Moons,
Jupiter, Sol System

Birth Date: June 21, 2193

Age: 47

Species: Human

Gender/Sex: Male

Height: 192.9384 cm | 6'4"

Weight: 78.4715 kg | 173 lb

Hair Color: Walnut Brown

Eye Color: Yellow [before]
Cerulean [augmentation]


  • Prosthetic Arm [right]


  • Quiksilver Reflex Enhancer

  • InfoLink

  • Augmented Lenses

  • Wayfinder RS/MT

[Political/Military Info]

Affiliation: Arcadian Navy, NAVCOM

Highest Rank: SCPO

Service #: 70675-340185-JH

Status: Veteran, Politician
[currently president]

Party: N/A

━ Biographical Overview ━

Jerome Marco Harrell, born June 21st, 2193 on the Jovian moon of Europa, is an Arcadian politician and Navy veteran who has served the 58th Arcadian presidency and is currently serving the 61st. In the spectrum of political parties, he is apart of none. His military service and effective, nonbipartisan running policies garnered him a majority vote in 2228. He has no children with his wife, Eliza Harrell, though he is the child of Jeremy and Veronica Harrell. His leadership as Arcadia's president earned him major popularity among the population, though he was defeated twice in 2232 and 2236.

━ Etymology ━

The name Jerome originates from Greek culture, being derived from "Hieronymos", meaning 'Sacred Name'. It spread through Europe as "Jeromos", "Jeronimo", and "Jeronym" before being converted to "Jerome" in Germanic culture. Harrell's father, Jeremy, decided to name his son Jerome due to its similarity to his own name and because of its usage by Hieronymus of Cardia and Saint Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus of Dalmatia, the former a historian and Greek general, the latter a historian, Latin priest, and confessor.

The surname Harrell originates from Italic-Latin culture and is derived from the Italian name of "Airaldi" or "Airo" before being used in Old Germanic cultures in the form of "Hariwald" as a word for Commander. The name is also a variant of "Harold", which comes from the Old English name "Hereweald", 'Here' meaning army and 'Weald' meaning power, leader, or ruler. It may also be derived from the Old Norse name "Haraldr", popular among Scandinavian-English settlers.

━ Childhood // Education ━

Harrell was born to Jeremy and Veronica Harrell and grew up in the outskirts of the city of Denegroth-Katreus on Europa, the 4th-largest Jovian moon. He lived in a rather typical situation with a brother and sister named Elijah and Jane respectively. Friends and family found themselves fond of him as he grew up as he began to aspire in physical sports. However, it was evident that Jerome didn't live up to the legacy that his older brother, Elijah, had left behind. Provocations ensued, making his high school life miserable. This had caused him more hurt, since he had held a good relationship with his brother up to that point. This prompted him to build up his stamina and physical strength, as well as learn ways to peacefully resolve violence.

He attended Minire University for several years, majoring in historical and government studies and minoring in leadership/interpersonal practices. His studies were well-ingrained into his mind due to a great reading/retainment ability. Jerome then moved to Arcadia after hearing of the young nation's promising futures it provided. Upon arrival in Arcadia after leaving the NAU, Earth in 2214, at 21 years of age, Harrell settled in Nacona, Mu. A year's worth of holding a job in a medium-sized store in the poorer, lakeside district of Bídný saw no decent future, ironically slating Arcadia's good name, so he decided to join the national guard. He quickly excelled due to his decent fitness level and excellent leadership skills.

━ Military Service ━

Harrell served in Mu's national guard force for 4 years, servicing several construction projects and removing debris and destruction like that seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Zničení in 2217. After a superior officer recognized his leadership skills, he signed onto the Arcadian Navy in 2219 and served for 8 years to 2227. He experienced many instances of rebel combat against anti-UN Insurrectionists on the Strident-class frigate AN-1585 Virginia Dare. His ranking as Master Chief Petty Officer after 5 years gave him command of the vessel.

Under his command, the Virginia Dare saw several battles, such as the Battle of The Den, the Battle for Geneva, and the Siege of Madrigal - All of these battles resulted in victories for the UN-aligned nations. However, one battle was unlike the others. Upon deployment at Nouveau Montreal, the heavy frigate encountered no resistance until nearing an asteroid field. Heavy fire rained down upon the frigate as it tried returning fire to no avail. The ship's systems were rapidly failing. Backup was imminent, but it was too late. Bombs struck the top of the frigate. Those in the bridge could see the upper hull explode before the roof above them was smashed in.

Most of the bridge crew was dead except for 2 officers and Jerome. Harrell's right arm was extremely fractured, his right lung was punctured, and the right to center side of his stomach was torn. Upon rescue, he demanded immediate attention. He was treated in the infirmary bay of a backup ship, the remains of his arm being severed and the other regions being stitched up. Harrell was shipped back to Arcadia, where his arm was replaced with a realistic prosthetic and his other wounds receiving much-needed surgery. His military career was ended for the time being, but he decided to retire from service due to the possibility of another tragedy occurring, blaming his own leadership for the starship's destruction and death of the crew.


Jerome's return to Arcadia led him to recover in a hospital for 6 months. He would no longer serve, and his ship was decommissioned. After official discharge from the hospital, he recuped in his government-provided dwelling in Bharatia, PCR, eventually attending his starship's honorary decommissioning ceremony. The entire event caused him to slip into a minor depression. He then happened to be offered a staff job in the Citadel Center from a sympathetic military veteran, Arcadia's culture teaching that people should assist one another. This invigored Jerome to seek out a leadership job in the hopes of regaining that spark.

━ Political Era ━

The next year saw his rise among those around him, his natural leadership talents easily earning him charm. The presidential election of 2228 would be among the nation soon, and his name had been popularized in the news due to the incident. Jerome decided to enter and take his chances, running on improving economical standards, exploration, expansion, entertainment, and the government's youth treatment - All of these were based on his original living situation in both Arcadia and Europa and continue to be his basis for holding office. He heavily encourages Zhoism in many aspects of life.

━ Civil Life // Personality ━

Jerome met his current wife, Eliza Harrell, originally Eliza Skálamen, while running for president at age 35, her age 29. He previously had no marital relationships, though he had held several small relationships, all on Europa. Eliza got Jerome involved in Zhoism, a major religion in Arcadia, as she was a community leader and educator within Bharatia.

Harrell is an avid reader and quick-to-interpret type. He can be characterized with a joint 'by the book' and moralistic decision-making process. His moral side creates a distaste for corruption and bureaucracy, as well as a strong sympathy for common folk and others alike. His experience in warfare changed the former iconoclastic attitude he held towards leaders and authority figures, though he still challenges ideas he sees as tactically incorrect or morally wrong - This was received well, since his decision to start the Arcan-Vonihovean War, as well as his handling of the Rothe-Arcan conflict brought about unification, security, and the Pirthen-Larissa Project.