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Official IWK Map Claim Document

IWK Map Claim Form

Please write in the question below your Nation name and Stats


NS Stat Population:


Please write in the question given below wether you will want to claim land on Planet Earth or Planet Nine

Planet of choice:


Note: Please fill out the Questions below, you may not get your first choice so pick a second and third

Location of Desire 1:

Further Details On Claim 1:

Reason for Claim 1:


Location of Desire 2:

Further Details On Claim 2:

Reason for Claim 2:


Location of Desire 3:

Further Details On Claim 3:

Reason for Claim 3:



Note: Claims may not be validated do not harass the map maker or any Ro's

Form must be submitted to North American Imperial State Via TG
If requesting land on earth