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Callsign: Reaper One

LYNX System Terminal

SYS: >>Accessing file - Callsign: Reaper One


SYS: >>File corrupted.


SYS: >>File recovery in progress.


SYS: >>File recovery complete.


Reaper One

Reaper One

Identification Details

Name: Koshka

Titles: Hell Alice

General Information

Gender: Female

Nationality: AOU Russia

Occupation: AWP Pilot

Affiliation: Reaper Squadron
AOU Combined Military Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center


From AOU Russia.

A member of the 13th Advanced Walking Panzer Squadron "Reaper Squadron", of the AOU Combined Military Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

She is currently serving time as a Class 1 Criminal (her crime is not public knowledge), but was allowed to leave in exchange for volunteering as a research subject at the Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center.

That research center and the Russian government have not publicly released details concerning her mental capacity, so her talent and potential are unknown.

The range of her P3 level varies widely and is unstable. However, though it's unofficial and only happened once, she has supposedly surpassed the highest P3 level measurements of the world record holder by a considerable margin.


Koshka has disheveled green hair. Her face is covered in bandages and she wears a green bow on top. She also wears a uniform jacket with a long skirt and black boots.


Koshka is silent some times, extremely talkative other times. When she gets going she becomes an unstoppable force.


Reaper Squadron - Squad mates

Special Abilities

Pandora's Box: This is apparently a code name that researchers use to refer to her brain. It is said that all sorts of disasters are packed in there...

Predictive Sixth Sense: Her predictive shooting, using a sixth sense that isn't based on formulas or statistics, is accurate too often to be easily dismissed as a fluke. In the simulator, she's even succeeded at hitting ricochet-flying targets on multiple occasions.

Jack of All Trades: A breakdown of her weaponry reveals it to be colorful and varied, like a kid's toy box. She can skillfully handle just about anything, but she couldn't tell you right away if you asked what her best weapon is. However, she has enough weaponry to deal with any sort of situation.


Koshka was sent to the Level 4 Heavy Military Research Center to become "equipment" because of a crime she committed. She was made into an AWP Pilot and placed into Reaper Squadron.


Koshka means "cat" in Russian.




That trivia section is useless. Why the hell did the AOU put that in the file?

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