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Stuff I Drew That Is NS-Related

OOC: I will not tag the nations whose leaders are included in here due to Discord etiquette of "why u ping aaa". Pictures go from newest to oldest. I actually draw more but some are NSFW or commercial.

"Crowning of the Matrimony" -- my attempt for a more detailed art, depicting the Miroslavsky's on their wedding day
LinkFull-Sized Image

"Lev" and his wife. Who is Lev? See The kozavian empire for context.

Smol Feo and her dad

Kazimir and Feodora, presumably in one of their previous lives(?) LinkFull-Sized Image

King Jerry II of Wexas and Le Patron Konrad Svoboda of Surrealist Patagonia as an American general in War of 1812 and an Austrian general in Napoleonics Wars, respectively. Also, I later learned that Jerry doesn't have a moustache... LinkFull-Sized Image

Same context as above

Five year-old Feodora, wanting to sleep more than anything

Christmas-themed picture of Amaki (of Fallen Albali) as a French hussar and Ambrosia (of Bloodshade) as a noblewoman. LinkFull-Sized Image

Y'all know this.

Full body version.

Bun, meant for Halloween but actually closer to Valentine's Day. LinkFull-Sized Picture

Pyotr thinks you are sus.

Another Amaki/Ambrosia art, in wedding dress. LinkFull-Sized Picture

Don't ask what or why. Don't ask anything.

Random doodles mostly NS-related.

Unused female officer designs

If anyone cares or remembers, these are Mazenina and Zaradinsky -- Zitravgrad's minor characters.

Caricature of Dozdcheny's High Inspector

An odd combination of Amaki and Ambrosia that came to me in not one but two dreams...

Lars Alexander of the Batavia and his significant other, Robyn.

Okay this is not NS-related but a must-see.

Feodora in pink dress

Strein from Ignis State, in human form


Light, abandoned draft of a heavily-injured Miroslavsky

Archprincess Hildegard from Auestriker Naukograd

Feodora being pampered as usual

Zkto' Zovban from Uvoan being a badass

As Khoronzon himself described it: Vasilias tending to Evehxhas' hair after the latter's morning routine.

Clarissa and Gwen from Valentine Z

Likely the earliest dated art of Amaki and Ambrosia

Back in the time I actually had lore for Black Providence

Amaki and her daughter, Amara, just being cute, really

Just Amaki now

Clarissa greeting an indifferent cat

A pre-retconned art of Kazimir and Feodora

More unused designs

Age-old relic of my pre-2019 lore, which was drastically different but also incoherent