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New wealth and ideas from the settlers of the New World challenged the reign of the monarchies. Liberal revolutionaries valued the sovereignty of reason and the evidence of the senses as the primary source for knowledge. Exiles of the monarchies of the Middle East and Europe found new homes free from persecution in some of the world's first democratic sovereign republics. These new governments, like the United States of America and the Morisco Republics, fought tooth-and-nail for their very right to exist. The modern concept of a Nation-State had been born.

18th Century

  • Arabian expansion into India/Pakistan + Khorasan

  • 5th Arabian Conquest of Anatolia

  • Venetian-Arabian Conquest of Greece

  • 6th Arabian Conquest of Anatolia

  • Expansion into Africa

  • 2nd Arab-Persian War

  • Battle of Rafsanjan occurs in 2nd Arab-Persian War; where of the Arabian Army is wiped out by a smaller Persian force

  • Omar Alvarez, Abraham de Medina, Adan Berrada flee the Morisco colonies and go to the Abbasid Caliphate.

  • Malayan Conquest of Java

  • Malaya attempts expansion into Americas

  • Portugese, Dutch, Spanish, and British Empire join coalition against Malaya

  • Malaya abandons colony in fear of the coalition

  • British Empire expands further into India and Indochina, inciting conflict with Siam

  • The Alliance of the Five Houses joins war against British Empire

  • Malaya signs treaty with British Empire following devastating losses in the Battle of the Malacca Strait, leaving the Alliance to deal with Britain by themselves

  • Dai Viet expansion into Canton

  • USA gains independence

  • Malaya leaves the Alliance of the Five Bolkiahs after signing a peace treaty with the British Empire. Siam loses Bengal.

  • 1st Arab-Genoese War

  • Suez Canal begins construction

  • Arabia industrialization begins

  • Tunisian Conquest of Sicily

  • Rapid Arabian expansion into Africa

  • Suez Canal completed

  • 2nd Arab-Genoese War

  • Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia heed the call of the Moriscos and support them in their wars of independence in the Spanish-Islamic Wars

  • Revolutionary Morisco Republics established.