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Pan-Asiatic States | History | The Cairene Golden Age

THE 15th to 17th CENTURIES A.D


While in the West, the search for the New World marked the beginning of the long recovery of Europe from the Dark Ages; in the East, the golden era of Islam never ended. From its capital, Cairo, the Mamluks - emboldened by the will of Allah - enforced its imperial perogative throughout Middle Eastern North Africa; consolidating hundreds of ethnic groups under one Sultan, and rectifying Islam's grip on Southeast Asia through its tributary state, the Sultanate of Malaya.

15th Century

  • Janbulat the Ambitious becomes the Mamluk Sultan

  • Janbulat unites the smaller states of Medina, Ramazan, Najd, Haasa, Dawasir, Fezzan, Shammar, and Anizah under the Mamluk Sultanate

  • Mamluk Conquest of Karaman

  • Dawasir secedes

  • Mamluks expand into Iraq

  • Dawasir and Eretna united under Mamluk banner

  • Aden, Hadramut, and Mahra unite under Mamluk banner

  • Mamluk Conquest of Yemen

  • Mamluk Defense of Oman against Sindh

  • Mamluk Conquest of Oman

  • Further Mamluk Expansion into Iraq

  • Mamluks form alliance with Venice

  • North Malayan Alliance formed with Brunei, Tondo, Cebu, Maguindanao and Sulu

  • Bruneian Conquest of Kutai

  • North Malayan Alliance broken; Cebu declares war on Madyas, and Tondo joins Madyas while Sulu and Brunei join Cebu

  • Makassar and Tidore subjugated by Brunei and become vassals

16th Century

  • Mamluk Conquest of Yemen

  • Defense of Venice

  • Administrative reforms and renewal of Abbasid Caliphate creates The Abbasid Caliphate and Cairene Sultanate of Arabia from the Mamluks and the Abbasids of Cairo

  • Ethiopian Empire goes into decline

  • Arabian conquest of Medri Bahri and vassalage of Harar

  • Karaman and Mzab vassalized

  • 1st Arabian Conquest of Anatolia

  • Ottoman Decline begins

  • Arabian expansion into Syria

  • 2nd Arabian Conquest of Anatolia

  • 3rd Arabian Conquest of Anatolia

  • Constantinople falls to Arabia

  • Arabia forms alliance with Brunei

  • Bruneian Expansion into Sulawesi, South Borneo, and Australia.

  • Bruneian War of Succession during Abdal Qahar’s reign

  • Maguindanao betrays and invades Sulu, Brunei intervenes and Maguindanao is annexed by Sulu

  • Spain colonizes the Philippines (1521)

  • Unsuccessful Sulu invasion of Butuan

  • Bruneian Conquest of the Malay Peninsula

  • Bruneian Conquest of Malacca and Java

  • Crown Prince of Brunei dies in battle, leaves Hafeeza Bolkiah as only child

  • Sultan of Malaya dies, pretender rises in Kutai

  • Javanese separatists rise up in Java

  • On August 21, 1624; Hafeeza ascended to the throne as Sultana

  • Hafeeza crushes Javanese revolt, enacts mass forced conversion

  • Hafeeza defeats Pretender and ends Malayan Civil War

  • Spain begins to create colonies across America, expelling many minorities to such colonies; many of which include Moriscos, or the force converted Muslims of Andalusia

17th Century

  • Arabia forms alliance with Poland

  • Arabian expansion into Syria

  • 1st Arabian Conquest of Ethiopia

  • Arabian expansion into India

  • 2nd Arabian Conquest of Ethiopia

  • 1st Arab-Persian/Polish-Nogai War. Overwhelming victory for Arabia and Poland. Arabia gets all of Khuzestan.

  • 3rd Arabian Conquest of Ethiopia

  • Polish-Ottoman War

  • 4th Arabian Conquest of Anatolia + Bulgaria

  • Liberation of Greece from Ottoman rule

  • Abolition of Slavery in Arabia

  • Bruneian Malaya established following Hafeeza’s Conquest of Java

  • Malayan, Siamese and Spanish Conquests of Sumatra

  • Morocco assures protection of Muslim countries in the Americas

  • 2nd Malayan Conquest of Sumatra

  • Alliance between Siam, Dai Viet, Sulu, Cebu, and Malaya is formed; called the Alliance of the Five Houses

  • Spain begins to notice the Morisco Muslim population in their colonies and attempts to stamp them out