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3 constituent nations, Praseodymia (in west Africa), Mirjynistan (in central Asia) and Newero (in northern Europe), divided into small, self-sufficient, arcological communes, with each commune governed by a council with randomly selected members. The 3 constituents are each ruled by a neo-technocracy and a ceremonial duke, all of which are ruled over by an altruistic, democratic, Juche-Posadist minarchist state ruled by three emperors, Comrade Leo Tunde, Comrade Thorn Pyiotr and Comrade Sam Chetzufika, who live nomadic lifestyles, travelling around the 3 nations. Newjynidens has a fully-automated, post-scarce economy, with a huge influence in space, devotion to finding extraterrestrials, and a reverence of dolphins. It is kind of an isolationist nation, Newjynidese citizens know about the outside world, but the outside world knows little about what goes on inside Newjynidens.

To travel, comrades use hyperloops for long distance, bicycles/walking for short distances, subway for in between. Supersonic airliners are uses to get between the three nations.

The culture is a fusion of Oriental (most notably Japanese), African and European cultures, but there are no cars, no money, no one is religious and everyone's vegan. A typical commune is like this; western music from the 1970s-1990s, especially synth rock, is ubiquitous, as is Anime, cycling, rice dishes, children playing sports, smart toilets, futuristic technology, humanoid robots, singing, tai chi, purified public drinking fountains, sakura, vanilla and foxglove, with the homely and warm, humble atmosphere and feeling of the Afro-Caribbean community. Space tourism is also very common. Most of the population are mixed race and all newborns are born via water-births.

Climate ranges from sub-arctic (in Newero), mountainous regions with 7000m high peaks (in Mirjynistan), desert, savanna and jungle (in Praseodymia). Temperature ranging from -40C to 45C.

Architecture is basically gilded polished marble neo-futuristic dynamic lunarpunk/solarpunk soviet-esque megatall bionic arcological skyscrapers with minute details akin to that of gothic cathedrals and Antoni Gaudi designs.



Pledge of Allegiance
Proportional Representation
Public Protest
Sortition (sort of)
Term Limits

AI Personhood
Body Integrity (sort of, child circumcision is illegal)
Compulsory Organ Harvesting
No Marriage
No Smoking
No Zoos
Vat-Produced Infants

DNA Harvesting
Gun Control
ID Chips
No Judiciary
No Prisons

AI Planning
Child Labor (optional)
Maternity Leave
No Automobiles
No Gambling
Nuclear Power (fusion)
Space Program
Universal Health Care

Climate Treaty
No Emigration
Weapons of Mass Destruction

Top 10 Stats:

1. Secularism
2. Income Equality
3. Scientific Advancement
4. Public Education
5. Intelligence
6. Eco-Friendliness
7. Public Healthcare
8. Integrity
9. Lifespan
10. Cheerfulness