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The Rejected Realms WA Office Guide

The Rejected Realms WA Office
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What is the WA Office?
The WA Office is the hub of all WA activity in The Rejected Realms. The WA Office is headed by the WA Officer, who is currently Chimes, they are supported by a team of WA Staff who help advise and inform you about the proposals presented before the General Assembly (GA) as well as the Security Council (SC).
What does it do?
The WA Office prime reason is to post threads on our off-site forum for voting and debate to take place. The Officer will then liase and advise the delegate as appropriate when there is a majority for voting a certain way. They will then release a recommendation or summary dispatch as required giving either reasons for voting a certain away, or on occassion they may instead show a summary of different opinions shown by both TRR members as well as members from the world to help you decide how to vote.