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--------Great Union Congregation--------
91st Great Union Congregation

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22 October 1802
(218 years ago)

Preceded by

Societal Synod

New session

1 February, 2018


President of the

Thomas Garrett (T)
Deputy President

Overseer of the

Michael Hobbes (H)



500 voting members
100 altators
400 paritators

Altate political

Taxpayers (36)
Homeland (19)
Justice (18)
Industrial (15)
Popular (12)

Paritate political

Taxpayers (167)
Homeland (98)
Popular (73)
Justice (42)
Industrial (20)

Great Union Congregation

From Insupedia, the Insulan encyclopedia

The Great Union Congregation or G.U. Congregation is the bicameral legislature of the government of the Great Union and consists of the Paritate and the Altate. The Congregation meets in the Unionhall in Reeveport. Both altators and paritators are chosen through direct election, though vacancies in the Senate may be filled by a viceroy's appointment. The Congregation has 500 voting members: 100 altators and 400 paritators.

Elections are held every odd-numbered year on Election Day. The members of the Paritate are elected for the two-year term of a congress representing the people of a single constituency, known as a parish. Congregational parishes are apportioned to cantons by population using the Great Union Census results, provided that each state has at least one congregational representative. Each canton has at least 3 altators. Cantons with populations that greatly supersede the other cantons' can gain an altator. Currently, there are 100 altators representing the 27 states. Each altator is elected at-large in their state for a four-year term and each paritator is elected at-large in their parish for a four-year term.

Article Three of the Great Union Constitution requires that members of Congregation must be at least 25 years old, have been born in the Great Union, and be an inhabitant of the state which they represent. Members in both chambers may stand for re-election for a maximum of three times.

The Congregation was created by the Constitution of the Great Union and first met in 1804, replacing in its legislative function the Societal Synod.

Political parties

Society Party (1800 1868)

The Society party was the party and political movment of Harland J. H. Reeves. He founded the party in 1800 with the party's sole goal and intention of creating Reeves' philosophical utopia, "the Great Union". In order to achieve this, the government of a state would need to adhere to his manifesto; The Doctrine of a Freer People. The main tenets of this party were; Reevism, Insulan unification and Insulan nationalism. The party saw only 1 president, Harland Reeves, and no others. Likely due to the lack of leadership the party saw after his death. Many see the Taxpayers' party as the Society party's philosophical successor.

Taxpayers' Party (1815 Present)

The main tenets of the Taxpayers' party are; Conservationism, Libertarianism and adherence to Harland Reeve's Doctrine of a Freer People (Reevism).

Industrial Party (1826 Present)

The main tenets of the Industrial party are; Laissez-Faire economics, corporatism and anti-unionization. Historically, the Industrial party saw transformation in the 1920s and 1930s and became fascist. However, the party was revitalized into its former glory in the 1950s.

Justice Party (1841 Present)

The main tenets of the Justice party are; Christian democracy and Anti-corruption. Historically they were at the forefront of Women's Suffrage and Prohibition.

Homeland Party (1892 Present)

The main tenets of the Homeland party are; Insulan nationalism, conservatism, isolationism and adherence to the Christian right.

Popular Party (1930 Present)

The main tenets of the Popular party are; Left-wing populism, and Social democracy.

The Great Union of Insulalia