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Concession Speech and Analytical Recap of the November-December LC Elections

Concession Speech and Analytical Recap of the Elections

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Oh, well.


The November-December 2020 Local Council elections have been eventful. I ran my most successful campaign this far, and us in the South Pacific have seen several things unfold.

After losing in the July-August 2020 LC elections, I made a promise: to run again with the same strong spirit. After my fellow minion Comfed and my close comrade and Chair of the Assembly Purple Hyacinth nominated me, I gratefully accepted, and three days later, I set forth my campaign, which I mindfully planned and created starting a month earlier.

Two things I learned from the previous LC elections are that you shouldn't break a tie at the last second, and that slander is not going to get your campaign anywhere. My tie-breaking and slandering during that election are the very reasons Auphelia has a great distaste in me. Of course, I have not slandered or tie-broken at all this election - but I will extend onto this later.

As I campaigned throughout the election, people like Comfed, my other close comrade and Minister of Culture Imperial Dodo, WA Delegate of India Indusse (TSP nation and fellow LC candidate: Treekidistan), and other fellow minion Philippinia have openly endorsed and advocated for my campaign. (Big thank you to them. :>) I knew that I was going to have a strong following, and I did.

Later in the nomination period, Dakota sioux was pleading for a nomination, despite their clearly disruptive personality and bad behavioral record in the North Pacific. Comfed and I calmly opposed his flaming and tirade, while Kelsenreich, a fellow LC candidate, flamed back. Dakota Sioux went as far as writing a measly excuse for a Security Council condemnation for me. They did, however, eventually get banned from the region. This individual was an example of an attention-seeking troll - one of the things that I, and almost all of you, heartily oppose.

On the first and second days of the original Round 2 poll, there was a case involving Philippinia unfairly endorsing fellow candidate Shangyuen's campaign via a mass telegram to almost every WA member in TSP and apparent bribery. This resulted in Shangyuen taking a lead over incumbent Local Councillor Drystar. There was heavy debate over this incident, eventually resulting in Election Commissioner Pencil Sharpeners 2 having to interfere by creating a new poll for Round 2, and Shangyuen leaving the South Pacific spitefully. This is an example of why cheating definitely gives you an advantage, but is not the best thing to do when competing.

Yesterday, incumbent LC Volaworand jokingly accused me of kicking puppies as part of his endorsement of fellow candidate Beepee's campaign. Soon, the other two members of the Geriatric League (the current Local Council) joined in and backed Volaworand. I eventually felt heavily offended, and after several minutes of thinking, I learned another lesson: Don't put your flaws in a campaign where you are trying to be appeasable. (It was something about my occasional unexpected anger.)

Throughout the first round and the first half of the second round, I either maintained a position that would place me in office, or was tied with Drystar or Beepee. However, around the time of the puppy-kicking scandal, Beepee gained a sudden lead over me, and it has been that way since then.

With this in mind, and with Beepee clearly going to have a winning position in the poll, I fully accept my defeat in the November-December Local Council elections, will put an end to my campaign, and respectfully concede the election to Beepee.

I am not sure if I want to run for the Local Council again in March. However, I thank all of you for a wonderful election and campaign. It was a pleasure expressing myself to all of you, the people of the South Pacific.

This is Stanley Owen Melix, Chairperson of the United Socialist States of America, signing off.


Stickmin wrote:Alright what politicians have I interviewed? Volaworand, Check. Drystar, Check, Beepee, check, Melix, No? Well then I know what I'm doing today!

No, thanks.
*Goes back to his schoolwork*