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SolarFlare government

SolarFlare officially has a regional government. At any time, there are number of positions.

Founder/Leader-This can only belong to Celestial Wave because they founded the region.

Right Hand Man/Vice Delegate-This person would have control over communications, embassies, and border control. They help me run the region and act as my counterpart when I am not online. If you have any questions about the region and I am not there to answer them, refer to the vice delegate.

WA delegate-Currently the WA delegate is Sun Burst. Since the WA delegate is based on having the most endorsements on a region, this is subject to change at any time. They would have control over every executive role except for the actual executive role.

Embassies officer-This person would be in charge of embassies and would have to keep up with any important proceeding within embassy regions. They would also have to maintain communications with embassy regions.

Rules enforcer-This person would have to make sure that people are following the official SolarFlare rules. If any member state is infringing upon said rules, the Rules enforcer would be in charge of warning them and eventually kicking them.

Communications minister-this person would be in charge of notifying member nations via telegram to important regional proceedings.

Roleplay master-Controls and moderates roleplay, to prevent things like godmodding.

To get one of these positions, telegram Celestial Wave or Sun Burst or let me know on the RMB. I will then create a poll asking the region if they wish you to have said position.
If you are interested in the creation of a new position, let me know via Telegram.