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Global Alliance of Regions | Government | Constitution

Global Alliance of Regions Constitution

For the people of the regions of NationStates to preserve liberty and peace, we establish the Global Alliance of Regions

Article 1: Establishment
1.1 Member Regions:
The Alliance has the regions of Amalgamated Federation, Just relax, and SolarFlare
1.1.1 Members

1.2 The Members of the Alliance have the power to change this government with a simple majority vote

1.3 In case of a tie, the Alliance International Diplomat has the tiebreaking vote

1.4 The Alliance International Diplomat is voted on by regions with each region giving one vote. If there is an even amount of regions, each region has 1 vote per 10 members, another tie results in a mass popular vote across regions

1.5 With a 66% (excluding the accused region) supermajority vote a region may remain in the pact but has no votes or benefits unless stated in the constitution or in the vote proposal

1.6 With a 100% vote (excluding the accused region) the region may be removed from the Alliance

1.7 Each region may send two representatives to The Global Alliance of Regions (Voted on individually or selected by allied regions) whom are the head of state and the GAR Delegate

1.8 The Official Headquarters of the Alliance is The Global Alliance of Regions

1.9 Regional governments must be respected
1.9.1 The Alliance may not affect member government legislation

1.10 The Alliance will hold monthly summits
1.10.1 These summits will discuss embassies, war, and GAR resolutions
Councils of the Alliance
2.1 The first and main council of the Alliance is the Regional Legislation Council
2.1.1 The RLC has the power to change the constitution and to hold summits

2.2 The second council of the Alliance is the International Defence Council
2.2.1 The IDC has the power to assemble join military forces with a 51% vote
2.2.2 The IDC may hold peace talks and send peace keepers

2.3 The third council of the Alliance is the International Criminal Court
2.3.1 The ICC has the authority to arrest war criminals and bring them to trial
2.3.2 The ICC Prosecutor is appointed by the President of the Amalgamated Federation
2.3.3 The ICC Judge is appointed by the International Alliance Diplomat
2.3.4 The ICC Lawyer is appointed by the council members

2.4 The fourth council of the Alliance is the Role-Playing Council
2.4.1 The RPC has authority to maintain interregional role-play as smooth as possible

Written by:
Sierra Grand