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Board Statement regarding events in the region of NationStates

Founderless Statement regarding the region of NationStates

Today a telegram was sent to all residents of the region of NationStates. This telegram was composed by the Founderless Board of Directors and sent by our Delegate Northern Chittowa. The Board was of the opinion that, with the ongoing disturbance and unrest in the region, the regionís residents should know about their delegateís dark past and open their eyes to the reason for the events of November 28/29. Especially since many natives have expressed serious contempt for raiding and raiders, we thought someone needed to inform them directly of Mikeswillís hypocrisy. He has counseled, sheltered, and enabled raiders throughout his entire history, and he claimed to be keeping his constituents in NationStates safe while enabling the pillaging and destruction of countless other innocent communities behind their backs.

In addition, we would take this opportunity to respond to comments Mikeswill made in this post on the NationStates RMB.

a) regarding raider attempts to raid NationStates. This is a logical fallacy. Just because raiders have attempted to raid NationStates does not mean Mikeswill does not sympathize with, support, or give counsel to raiders. The facts are not mutually exclusive and to claim that they are is a distraction and total misrepresentation.

b) Founderless did not participate in and does not condone the raid of NationStates. Had we known about it, the Rangers would certainly have deployed to stop it. The reason we sent the telegram is because we are tired of Mikeswill's holier-than-thou attempts to deny the ugly truth about why NationStates was put in this position.

c) For him to suggest that we are jealous of him or his "neutrality" is not only a farce, it is another distraction. End of story. Founderless is most certainly not neutral, and to claim that we are jealous of it is a feeble attempt to grasp at straws.

d) Certainly Mikeswill would not have participated in a raid during his nearly 17 years as delegate of NationStates. The point is that he has directly aided and abetted raiders through the founding of Ile de France, and he is now attempting to distract from this by claiming non-participation.

The Board stands by its decision.

Thank you,

Witchcraft and Sorcery/Velvet Elvis
Foreign Affairs Director, Founderless

Greetings! I message you with condolences for your region's recent invasion. As someone who has suffered through invasions, I know how traumatic it can be to see your community attacked in such a way.

Thankfully, it seems like the damage has not been lasting, and your region is secure again for the time being. However, it is worth considering why NationStates was attacked after so many years. Unfortunately the finger can only be pointed at one person - your Delegate, Mikeswill.

While Mike is a charismatic leader, and has managed the region well for many years, he also hides a darker side - as a leading invader figure, associating with some of the most notorious groups of raiders in the game, including the now-proscribed DEN, The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United and more. His puppet nation The Highlander 1 is the founder of Ile de France a thankfully now inactive invader group that nonetheless was responsible for pillaging and destroying hundreds of innocent regions like yours in the past. As you can see in the region, it is tagged "Invader", features a pinned Guide to Invading dispatch, and the RMB has posts from some of the most disreputable invaders in the history of the game.

The only reason Mikeswill has been able to keep NationStates safe in the past is that he has sold his soul - and your region - in a Faustian bargain to the invaders. In return for his support, they leave your region alone.

This might make you wonder why your region was recently invaded - the answer is that it was attacked by a group of nations who have fallen victims to invaders (including to groups Mikeswill supports) in the past, and who wanted a small measure of revenge. Seeking revenge is an ugly emotion, but the people who attacked your region in this case at least elected a fellow native as Delegate and then left immediately, causing no lasting harm. Sadly, most other regions attacked by Mikeswill's fellow invaders suffer far greater damage.

This telegram is to meant to inform you of the background of your region's leader. It is clear from recent posts on NationStates' RMB that many of you share my distate for the invasion of regions. It is time to open your eyes and question your leader. Mikeswill may keep you safe, but at what cost? Does he deserve your endorsement if he continues to consort with invader groups? Is there a better way to do things?

These questions I leave to you to answer - but be aware; there are groups of like-minded nations out in the wider world who stand up to those who invade regions. We work tirelessly day and night to defend regions against the menace of destructive raiders. You, and your fellow region members have the power to change your region's direction. Perhaps NationStates could help to stand up to the bullies next time around?

It was signed by Northern Chittowa.