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Refugee policy.

Celestial Wave as a nation has taken it upon itself to try to offer asylum to as many displaced individuals as possible, and attempt to give them a better life than they had previously. All peoples, no matter their background are welcome here. If any of these people have a criminal record back where they were living before, we will investigate the accused crimes ourselves and see if the accusings are valid or not.

Once refugees have settled within Celestial Wave, they now have to follow Celestial Wavean laws. For the first few months after their arrival, welfare shall cover there essential living costs, such as food, and rent for those months. The government also will handout a couple sets of clothing for each member of said refugee's family. They will also receive optional English language lessons if their native language isn't English. After said months, the people will now have to live on their own and will not receive anymore exceptional welfare member benefits.

If these refugees continue live in Celestial Wave for a decade and haven't gotten any criminal charges, they will receive automatic citizenship. With that citizenship, they shall be able to vote in all elections. They can also run for office if they choose.

If the government of the person's country attempts to take them back into custody, they will be stopped by Celestial Wave, for they are now in our hands. If said nation shows us a viable, legitimate crime record, we shall investigate it ourselves.

Anybody is also able to leave Celestial Wave if they please. You will maintain Celestial Wavean citizenship until you have either lived in another country for a decade or apply for their citizenship at an earlier date.