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Military Branch Uniforms

━ Cross-Branch Uniforms ━

Standard Rest Uniform

- Shirt: Fatigues or white-gray t-shirt [branch listed on back between light blue hex, unit listed on front]

- Pants: Gray cargo pants

- Footwear: Black VZG7 boots or shoes

Universal Uniform Items

- Shirt: Service stripes denoting years of service are worn on jacket cuffs [dress uniform]

- Shirt: Info Patch [marine camouflage - slides over undominant arm, displays info of the person, such as blood type and name]
[universal for only service uniforms and rest uniform]

- All: Full Body Suit [varying camouflages] - Olive Drab, Splitter (brown and olive drab), Urban Square (light gray, dark gray, and black squares), Tiger Stripe (rocky camo), Golden Tiger (red/orange; blends in with light-colored soil), Woodland (dark tan, dark green, brown, dark brown, and black), Wetwork (swamp/river camo), and Tundra (gray/white/black)

- Armor: Ceramic Titanium [usually used in all armor pieces; SEAL suits are exceptions]

- Armor/Clothing: High-tensile silk is worked into both armor and clothing for comfort

━ Marine Corps ━

Dress Uniform

- Headgear: White-topped peaked service cap with black visor

- Shirt: Double-breasted white jacket with gold-colored buttons and black-stitched seams

- Shirt: Rank insignia displayed on epaulettes

- Shirt: Branch badges are worn on the right breast under name tag

- Hands: Black gloves

- Pants: White dress pants

- Footwear: Black dress shoes

Battle Dress Uniform

- Headgear: ECH252 helmet [may have visor, glasses/goggles, augmented lenses, HUD eyepiece, flashlight, S90 gas mask, helmet recorder]

- Shirt/Pants: 2-color shirt/trouser motif with khaki-brown insides and gray outside

- Alternative BDU: SV-Infiltration/Sneaking Suit: Light/Dark Gray and Olive Drab (All-weather survival and infiltration suit designed to be heat-, water-, and shock-proof while maintaining optimum body temperature in addition to the noise-dampening light armor)

- Shirt: Armored vest with ALTUM pockets, shoulder pauldrons, forearm armor

- Shirt/Pants: Combat webbing and ghillie suits may be used by recon units

- Waist: Utility belt [holster, various pockets, places to hold classed gear]

- Pants: Thigh protection, and knee- and shinguards

- Footwear: Black VZG7 boots

- Back: Backpacks may be radio bags, combat webbing, recon bags, camping bags, or rucksacks

Owl Operative Service Uniform

- Headgear: Enclosed helmet [VISR HUD, can be polarized; flashlight, side-mount radio, ocular integration optics device, helmet recorder]

- Shirt/Pants: Marine-style undersuit, gray and black coloration

- Shirt: Armored vest and groin area, forearm protection, elbowpads, shoulderpads [color dependent on operation]

- All: Temperature regulating system [regulates internal/external temp, matches surrounding infrared signature, reduces drop temperature]

- All: Thermal motion sensors

- Footwear: Cascade boots, knee- and shinguards

- Back: Armored Hard Case rucksack [storage, medical supplies, communications gear, combat webbing, magnetic mounts; may be larger for long missions; jetpack can substitute]

SEAL Uniform [Unarmored]

- Headwear: Multicam patrol cap with several white stripes and SEAL insignia

- Shirt/Pants: Gray and red jumpsuit, arm PDA

- Footwear: TRMO boots

━ Army ━

Dress Uniform

- Headwear: Navy blue beret

- Shirt: High-collared, double-breasted gray tunic, fastened at collar with silver button

- Shirt: Black undershirt

- Shirt: Rank insignia displayed high on left breast, shoulder boards

- Shirt: Military emblem and national flag emblazoned on right breast, name tag below

- Pants: Navy blue dress pants

- All: Outfit is shared with National Guard, though they wear maroon berets

Battle Dress Uniform

- Headwear: ECH252 helmet [may have visor, glasses/goggles, augmented lenses, HUD eyepiece, flashlight, S90 gas mask, helmet recorder]

- Headwear: Field officers may wear Boonie covers

- Shirt/Pants: Undersuit fatigues depend on operation - Standard is light woodland or desert

- Shirt: Armor plating is dust brown or gray

- Shirt: Armored vest with groin protection and ALTUM pockets or a holster, shoulder pauldrons, thigh armor, knee- and shinguards, steel collar covering inner shoulder/lower neck]

- Pants: Thigh armor contains attachment rigs

- Footwear: Black VZG7 boots

- Waist: Utility belt

- Back: Backpacks may be radio bags, combat webbing, recon bags, camping bags, or rucksacks

- All: BDU is shared with National Guard

━ Air Force ━

Dress Uniform

- Headwear: Navy blue beret or Navy-issued service cap with 2 red marks and 2 gold marks

- Shirt: Navy blue 3-button coat and dress pants, silver buttons, black tie with golden strip, a band of dark blue cloth sleeve braid loops 3 inches from the cuffs of the sleeves

- Shirt: Military emblem and national flag emblazoned on left breast, name tag below

- Pants: Gray dress pants, navy blue buttons, golden stripe

Flight Uniform

- Headwear: Medium-light blue BIOS HUD-equipped FH252 flight helmet with gray markings, may be sealed in space

- Shirt/Pants: Olive green jumpsuit with teal markings and white pockets

- Shirt: White vest and shoulder armor plating

- Footwear: Brown VZG7 boots

━ Navy/Marine Defense ━

Service Uniform

- Headwear: White-topped peaked cap, wireframe globe and golden olive wreath on a silver shield, backed by 2 anchors

- Shirt: Gray double-breasted tunic and jacket, shoulder sections large black-color

- Shirt: Military emblem and national flag emblazoned on left breast, name tag below

- Pants: Rank insignia displayed on epaulettes, jacket collar

- Pants: Gray trousers

- Footwear: Black boots

Dress Uniform

- All: Service uniform

- Headwear: Enlists wear white berets

- Shirt: Fleet Commanders wear a golden sash and remove their service vest

Working Uniform

- Headwear: Visored hard hats [Engineers/Repairmen]

- Shirt: Light gray shirt, topped by olive green breast- and shoulderplate

- Shirt: Black detailing going down zipper line and stomach area

- Shirt: Yellow high-vis jackets, V-shaped reflectors, rigged pockets [Engineers/Repairmen]

- Pants: Light gray pants with black stripe

- Back: Rucksack

- Waist: Black utility belt

- Footwear: Black boots

Fleet Commander Uniform

- All: Service Uniform

- Shirt: Silver-gray vest, slimmer upon descent with various small lights, blue design along spine, and golden rank insignia

Combat Uniform

- Headwear: CH252 helmet, sealed

- Shirt: Olive green torso, black sleeves up to collar

- Armor: Shared with Marine Corps

- Waist: Utility belt

- Pants: Olive green, tucked into boots, black holster

- Footwear: Black VZG7 boots

━ Unified Procyon Rampart Force ━

Dress Uniform

- will be shared with navy, change colors and some details

Service Uniform

- a blending of all other branches?