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The Constitution of Auctor

The Constitution of Auctor

We, the nations of Auctor, hereby enact this Constitution with effect from the eighth day of December, two-thousand and twenty, in the interests of developing a region that grants as much freedom to its residents as possible to the extent that such does not disturb regional security.

Title 1: Rights of Residents

  1. All nations in Auctor are sovereign and shall not have their internal workings interfered with by the regional government.

  2. No restrictions on freedom of speech or assembly shall be imposed in Auctor; except to prevent the propagation of pro-fascist, pro-communist, otherwise derogatory or spammy remarks, those deemed by the President of Auctor to be necessary in a founderless region, and those which have been imposed on nations by NationStates itself.

  3. No resident shall be subjected to a punishment that does not involve their removal from Auctor without due process of law.

Title 2: The Council

  1. All World Assembly nations in Auctor shall automatically be granted membership of the Council, except if it is lost as provided in Title 2, Article 2. Tinhampton, Greater East Slavia, and Aputure science, by virtue of being the only three legislators in good standing as of the enactment of this Constitution, shall automatically hold membership of the Council.

  2. All members of the Council shall be considered citizens, but any member may lose their citizenship if they no longer have a WA nation in Auctor. Any citizen who is reasonably believed by the President to pose a major or imminent threat to regional security shall lose their citizenship and not have it restored, unless they are otherwise eligible and also present a sincere letter of apology to the President; the President shall keep a register of all nations whose citizenship has been retracted for this reason.

  3. The Council shall have the sole authority to establish laws and regulations that do not directly impact regional security. Any member of the council may propose a law, and each proposed law (including Constitutional amendments) shall be discussed for three days at a time and then voted upon for four days; but the Council shall not consider multiple proposals at the same time. All laws not pertaining to this Constitution shall be enacted into law with the support of a simple majority of voting citizens.

  4. All meetings and votes of the Council, except votes to amend or replace the Constitution, are to occur on the Discord server located at Link; however, all of its decisions shall be made public.

Title 3: Regional Departments, Offices, and Elections

  1. There shall be three departments of the Government of Auctor: the Departments of Foreign Affairs, Entertainment, and of the World Assembly.

  2. The Prime Minister shall co-ordinate each department, maintain order in the region and preside over its Council. They shall be elected during a four-day period on the first days of May and November every year, save that there shall be organised a special election for the Prime Ministry on the twenty-second day of January, two-thousand and twenty-one.

  3. The President shall lead the Department of the World Assembly. The Presidency is held by Auctor's current WA Delegate; if they cannot continue to serve in that post for any reason, it shall be taken over by the nation that previously held the second-most endorsements no more than twelve hours after their cessation. They shall approve and vote on WA proposals as they believe best serves the interest of Auctor, must sign interregional treaties involving Auctor before they come into effect, and shall be entitled to promulgate urgent executive regulations that pertain to regional security.

  4. The Entertainment Minister shall lead the Department of Entertainment, and shall be elected during a three-day period on the first days of February and August every year. They shall organise, co-ordinate, and (if possible) participate in regional roleplay, games, and similar activities.

  5. The Foreign Minister shall lead the Department of Foreign Affairs, and shall be elected along with the Entertainment Minister. They shall be responsible for negotiating the opening and maintenance of embassies, negotiating interregional treaties, and maintaining good relations with other regions; the criteria for constructing and maintaining embassies shall be defined by law.

  6. The President and Prime Minister alone shall have prerogative to eject and ban nations from Auctor; but they may delegate this responsibility to other ministers, and must do so only if the nation subject to ejection has committed a crime punishable by ejection or banning, or if they are otherwise believed to pose a threat to the Auctorian government.

  7. Declarations of candidacy for a given office may only be made in the week before the election to that office, and the incumbent must declare their intention to stand for re-election. If only one candidate declares their candidacy for an office, they shall be automatically elected to that office without an election being run.

  8. Only a citizen may elect, or be elected to, any office defined in this title. No citizen shall hold or run for multiple such offices simultaneously; if they do take up another office while serving in their current office, they shall resign their former office and new elections shall be called for their old office with one week's notice.

  9. Any person holding an office defined in this title may publically announce to the Council their intention to take a legal leave of absence of up to two weeks. If any person holding such an office cannot carry out their duties for fourteen consecutive days, new elections for that office shall be called by the President (or, in their absence, the Prime Minister) with one week's notice.

  10. Any person holding an office defined in this title may be subject to a recall petition; if signed by five citizens or 10% of all citizens within a week, whichever is larger, the Council shall discuss and consider such a petition as if it were a Constitutional amendment. If such a petition succeeds, new elections to replace the recalled official shall be called with one week's notice.

Title 4: Final Provisions

  1. This Constitution shall be enacted immediately upon its promulgation by the Delegate. No law or treaty may contradict it.

  2. This Constitution shall not be substantially amended except with the consent of two-thirds of voting citizens; once debate on a Constitutional amendment concludes, such an amendment must be brought to a four-day poll in the region of Auctor. Amendments that are minor or stylistic may be made at the President's pleasure.

  3. This Constitution shall not be repealed without a replacement document; any such replacement must pass with the consent of three-quarters of voting citizens in a similar fashion.

  4. Auctor shall not engage in the mass recruitment of any group other than new and refounded nations.