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The Force Flyer Issue XL

Issue XL

Salibaic is elected Prime Minister of the Union, many new reforms to the Cabinet, news from rather unknown territories, the opening of the Academia de Nocturna and a great era for clubs - everything that you will find in this November's edition of the Force Flyer!


Itís been already 4 months since Caduceo was elected Prime Minister of Force, and this meant that it was time to go back into a new General Election. A premiership that didnít leave quite the same taste for everyone. Some liked it and some didnít. Well, that didnít matter for this election since most people knew Caduceo wouldnít run for a second term.

As we covered in the last edition of the Force Flyer, Lashnakia was to be the one to replace Caduceo as the Force Unity Party candidate for the election but then decided to drop out for private reasons. Lashnakia had been already Prime Minister for almost 3 terms and so the FUP counted a lot on him to take the premiership. With Lashnakia gone, there was a big void to fill which was done by Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia. He was pretty popular in Force but a lot of people didnít think he would be a good bet for Prime Minister which divided his party.

On the other side, Salibaic who had also already been Prime Minister was the Federalist choice. He was supported by a lot of people from both parties, with Lashnakia even endorsing him after dropping out. The platform he advertised was one of rebuilding the region and making it as active as it used to be. Surprisingly, for the first time in a while, Cheese Party leader New Legland didnít run for Prime Minister.

But the General Election isnít all about the office of Prime Minister and that the territorial seats for the House and the Justices are also to be elected at the same time. The FUP ticket was pretty small with the party only trying to gain House seats in the new elevated province of Citizens Alliance of Democracy. Both West Kronisia and The new state of wales ran for the two available seats. Holy alerose was the partyís candidate for one of the 3 Justice seats.

The Federalist ticket was the polar opposite. Feds wanted to flip the House and so they ran a lot of candidates in. Suter, Krovx Belgium, and Renegalles dog announced their candidacy to represent RGBN while Tenjouin and Drew durnil ran for Heart and Canterbury respectively. Tigslarlowducken and Illyrus also presented their candidacies to the office of Justice.

The Debate then followed some days later and usually, all candidates answer in the required time and pass to the election stage but not this time. A total of 3 candidates failed to answer in the given time and The New State of Wales, Renegalleís Dog, and Illyrus all had to go.

Salibaic easily won the Prime Ministerial election gaining a total of 38 votes to Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaiaís 8. With the 2 other abstentions, this put the count at a total of 48 votes which broke the record established by the last General Election in July by 10 votes. Tigslarlowducken was also once again elected with 32 votes against 5, continuing his long streak as an elected Justice. Holy Alerose came extremely close to being elected as the other Justice but he failed by only 1 vote due to him having 14 votes in favor of him and 14 against.

As for the House, all were elected except Tenjouin who may have lost his election due to internal conflicts in the Federalist Party. He received 1 vote for and 1 against while another voter abstained. Suter and Krovx Belgium were both elected with 8 votes to 1 in the mostly Federalist region of RGBN while West Kronisia was elected 4 votes to 1 in Citizensí Alliance of Democracy which was a pretty safe region for the FUP. Finally, Drew Durnil won his election in Canterbury with 2 votes in favor and the only 100% approval rating of the entire election.


A new administration always means a new Cabinet and with the premiership changing from the hands of the Force Unity Party to the Federalist Party, we could expect way more changes than usual. One of Salibaicís main campaign points was all the changes he would bring to the Cabinet, as covered in his election manifesto.

The only Minister coming back from the previous administration was Oimatsu who seems to have proven himself worthy of the job as when he was appointed he had only just joined Force. Azerubia also came back as Minister of Communications but that was only for a brief time until The Salibaic Cabinet Reform Act passed which dissolved the ministry and instead fused it with the Ministry of Culture to form the Ministry of Culture and Media which would be under the charge of Azerubia himself. The Salibaic Cabinet Reform Act added the Ministry of Roleplay as a necessary ministry and Alemputo was the one appointed to be the next Minister of Roleplay under this new change. The Ministry of Internal Affairs saw the return of New Waltonburg in the government as he was designated to be the one leading the Ministry. All of them were also to be accompanied by ex-Minister of Roleplay Sumeka who became the new Deputy Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Salibaic used the full potential of the Ministerial Subdivisions Act and created many new government positions in hope of helping the newly appointed Ministers. Former Minister of Culture Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 1234567890- would become Secretary of Culture under the Ministry of Media and Culture, Sidervida was to become Clubs Commissioner and Azerubia would continue to be the Editor of the Force Flyer. Alemputo would hold the two subdivisions of his own ministry by being both Cartographer and Events Coordinator. Oimatsu would be assisted by the new Chief Diplomat, Lashnakia. Secretary of Education and Recruitment Krovx Belgium and Secretary of Outreach Caduceo were to work under the supervision of New Waltonburg. Bertilistan was added to the gang soon after when he received the Secretary of Recruitment previously held by Krovx Belgium.

Sir Salibaic also appointed Illyrus as his Cabinet Secretary in order to keep a more organized environment in the government and Greatest elysium as Press Secretary so that someone would help him make his speeches.


This month, two territories saw huge changes happen within their boundaries, the two being Hyperion and Nova Noctua. This seems to follow the current trend of popularity amongst territories such as what RGBN, Citizens Alliance of Democracy and Canterbury experienced.

Hyperion was and still is a province of the Union, and has gone from a small region of only 2 nations to a decently active one with 16 citizens at the time of writing this article, with most of its activity being concentrated on its discord. Like most other provinces such as the Marist Federated States, Power or Greater Arcem (consisting of Arcem and The New United Commonwealth), the region was left inactive since it wasnít on anyoneís priority list to revive it. That is until Krovx Belgium applied for the Governorship Program and was accepted, becoming Hyperionís Governor. He made the region be Roman-themed with many of its positions having Latin names. It focuses more on the casual discussion that can mainly happen on its new discord.

In Nova Noctuaís case, it was way more subtle and most people didnít even know about it. Nova Noctua is a region that was started from scratch by current Prime Minister Salibaic. It was there a long while ago and had been a Military Occupation since the dawn of time. We donít know when it might become a Province of Force but it should be soon as Nova Noctua now has its own Constitution. The Magna Carta of Nova Noctua is probably the second biggest Constitution of the Union as it approaches 3000 words but it still does not come close to the Union one which holds an astounding 5000 and more words. Both share a lot of similarities but the Magna Cartaís purpose is obviously to set the rules to follow in the region when it finally frees itself from military occupation.


One of Forceís greatest project was always the Academia de Nocturna. This project that came up in late 2019 was proposed by Atharia but saw his biggest advocate being ex-Prime Minister Caduceo. This is something most Force citizens heard a lot about throughout 2020 and it was a great relief to finally see it up and running. With Krovx Belgium being its current head as the Secretary of Education we wonder what the Force University might have for the future.

Launched on the 5th of November, Academia is only 1 month old but the idea of a Force University was something to that seems to have existed way before that. Latin for Night Academy, the Academia de Nocturna is Forceís home of knowledge, in which every person, citizen or not, can participate. You only need to talk with the Secretary of Education and then youíre ready to spread your knowledge to everyone around you.

We asked current Secretary of Education Krovx Belgium what he planned for the future of the university and this is what he answered: ďI want to incentivize more people to make modules for the AdN because when more people make modules, it helps the AdN seem more active and usable overall. We also tried to reach the founder of the Academia Caduceo but got no answer in return. The Academia currently has a total of 12 modules which can all be consulted on the official NS Account of the Academia de Nocturna. They are all obviously free for use and most of them are introductions to the world of Force. If you want to participate in the university we also suggest you join their discord:


Clubs gained a new breath of air this month as they endured many changes that would help them get more relevant than ever. Clubs were a pretty ignored thing inside of Force and most citizens wouldnít even bother to try and join them. In fact, it faced a similar faith as what the political parties of the region once had. A lack of activity and members.

Because of this, on the 2Ist of December, an official Club Rules and Guidelines Policy was released by Founder Renegalle. It set official requirements needed for a club to gain official status and gain some perks such as a discord channel. New clubs now needed to attain a certain amount of members to gain official status plus they now needed uniqueness and to not be a cult of personality around a member of the Union such as what the Azerubia Fanclub was. By the way, I was not the one to create it, Iím not a narcissist.

Two clubs were created following this, the Force Chess Club and the Force Furry Association. Both were pretty serious contenders as they were the first ones to ever draft a Constitution for themselves. The FFA also started doing some small events with citizens which could indicate some possible future works between clubs and the Ministry of Media and Culture.

Multiple other clubs were created in the following month with most of them actually gaining official status. In fact, 5 out of the 8 current official clubs were created after the set up of the guidelines. The Anime Club, LGBTQ+ Club, and Force Clock Front being the exceptions. Now clubs seem to have piqued interest with citizens and we might have entered their golden age.

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