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Layem Times Issue 27

Saturday, December 5th, 2020 - - - Confederacy of Layem


Layem Flag Competiton Results!

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere

I was asked to write about the flag contest standings, so here they are!

Final Standings (as portrayed by Discord’s Reaction Tab)

  1. Elvato

  2. Baaas

  3. SIWH

  4. Lyrakia

  5. Huniko

  6. Hole Man

  7. Charoskania

  8. Brorack

  9. Phillipe


  1. Elvato (Winner!)

  2. SIWH

(Baaas did not make it into the second vote because he was one of the organizers of this event. He could submit a flag, but couldn’t win).

Sorry, it’s a bit late, school has been pushing me down the Mariana trench, up its walls, and to the moon and back. It’s been hard, But I finally managed to get this one out.
Hopefully, I'll be back next week with a longer article.
So, goodbye, and I’ll see you next week!

Preliminary December Election Poll Results

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

The preliminary poll for the upcoming December election was held this week, and the results are now out.

In the closely watched Minister of Interior Affairs race, incumbent Benderk is leading against his challenger, SomethingIsWrongHere by quite a lot. Ben has a rounded 56% to SIWH's 22%. These results come despite the powerful "SOSIG" cult's endorsement of SIWH.

In the Speaker of the Assembly race, results are less interesting. Baaas, as expected, won, with a rounded 67% of the vote. That may be a bit worrying to the Baaas campaign, though, as he has no challenger as of today. You'd expect an uncompetitive race to have the candidate at 80% or more.

More results will be announced in the updates channel of the Layem Discord as we edge closer to the December Election.


Nation Profile Season 2, Edition 3: Elvato

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

For today's Nation Profile, we're interviewing arguably one of the most well-known Layemese people in our region. That person is Elvato. He has the second most endorsements in our region, after the official regional nation, Layem. Without further ado, let's get into the interview!

How do you govern your nation?

Elvato: Sexy Kaiser Konstantin rules over the even Sexier nation of Elvato, government do be kinda complex tho.

What are your beliefs?

Elvato: The world should be Orthodox Christian, Krm is the exception.

How often are you active?

Elvato: I’m logging onto NS Daily, same with the Discord.

Why did you join NationStates?

Elvato: I was bored and at the time I was getting into politics, so my interests at the time led me to this game where I have been since 30th December 2018.

Why did you name your nation the name it has?

Elvato: Well, this is a question I’ve never been asked before, even though I was ready all the time to answer it, about 99 percent of Layem knows that I’m from the small country of Georgia and am half Georgian (Abkhazia and South Ossetia is Georgian Territory fight me) and I can speak Georgian fluently. I named my country Elvato due to Elva (ელვა) meaning “Lightning” in Georgian and Tomi (ტომი) meaning “Tribe”. Do Elvastomi means “The Tribe of Lightning” but my Keyboard was broken and only wrote down “Elvato”. I first didn’t like the name but I got used to it and I proudly carry the name of Elvato.

Why does your nation have the flag it has?

Elvato: Because I’m half German and I included the Symbols of states I'm from, that being Stuttgart, Schleswig, and Hamburg.

Give me a brief history of your nation.

Elvato: The first tribe in 5000BC
Nothing happens until 100BC
The Now big nation collapses into a lot of small states (99BC)
A lot of war between the states from 99BC to 580 until the Zavoan Elvatins Unify Elvato
A lot of trade and economy is big
Establishing colonies in Krm
Getting kicked out of Krm
Doing my own thing trying to improve my country for most of the next few decades
WWI - Neutral Elvato
WW2 (the long-awaited sequel) - Elvato gets bombed by the axis, mainly Japan
Cold War- Elvato is in a Mexican standoff with both the United States and USSR
Communist uprising after the USSR
A war over bananas against Peru
2011 Democratic uprising
We were neutral but now we got involved in a war cuz a nation declared war on my ally Charok, not naming the person.

Do you hold any political power in the Confederacy of Layem?

Elvato: I used be MoIA but Ass-convia got me to catch a bad one.

Do you plan to run for an elected office in Layem in the future?

Elvato: Elvato for MoIA September 2021?
We can give it another try.

How influential would you consider yourself?

Elvato: Depends on the context, if you mean the meme side of Layem I’m the overlord and am the proud owner of SOSIG. But in the political side of Layem in a breadcrumb compared to Nexus Sierra and Randal.

When and why did you join NationStates?

Elvato: Joined on the 30th of December 2018 due to my interest in creating a nation. I tried making a Micronation irl and even got in contact with the guy in charge of the Molossia Micronation but I eventually scrapped the idea.

"Beware, citizens of Layem, when it will come to events or elections it will be like my virginity, I never lose."

When and why did you join Layem?

Elvato: Joined in April because of Drew.

Do you have any final remarks or anything to add?

Elvato: Beware, citizens of Layem, when it will come to events or elections it will be like my virginity, I never lose.

Sports and Games

RP Update

by RP Correspondent The grand sultanate of Krm

The WTO Split:

After the Americans had done nothing to protect capitalism, the British got angry as they had been doing what the Americans were supposed to do, the so-called protector of capitalism hadn't supported capitalists in nations with Commie revolts, thus the British and the rest of the commonwealth decided to leave the WTO, Argentina, and France had also joined the new faction.

The Warsaw Pact Split:

The Hungarians, Czech, and the Austrians would be leaving the Warsaw Pact, which angered the Russians who declared war on the treacherous governments of Hungary, Austria, and Czechoslovakia. Eventually, with help from a Caucasian revolt the Russians had surrendered, they split the Warsaw Pact. China had also joined the new alliance.

Meanwhile in South America:

The Venezuelan-Colombian war has finally come to an end, with the Venezuelans winning.

Brazil and Argentina had declared war on bolivia. This could be considered a bit one-sided. Bolivia lost obviously.

And Africa:

The Chinese had sent an ultimatum to Ethiopia for basically ''not getting any info from their spies and thus demanding them back'' (you can't make this up.)

How to Make a Good Meme: Lesson 2: Effects

by Meme Correspondent Elvato

Lesson 2. Effects.

Our second lesson is about the effects. Effects can be used for many things and there is a crap ton of effects to use. People use effects for making an image look prettier, but we are using it for meme science purposes.

First, choose a picture that you want. I myself saved a PNG of Nemo from Finding Nemo. You can use any kind of effects, I’m gonna use “Fish Eyes” or just making somebody face, in this instance Nemo’s face gigantic. This is considered “comedy” in memes, as somebody that makes memes daily this confuses me too, my reasoning for this being funny is just having a big face. If you want you can add random text, it doesn’t matter what you write, it has to be something relatable. After that, you just deep fry the ever-loving crap out of the image. Deep frying is an effect so we can use it, the text was just for the laughs.

I suggest you use an external website or software to deep fry your image but that’s just me liking to over-complicated things in some ways. When you’re done your meme should look good, if you couldn’t make the meme, it’s all good, all that matters is that you can make it later.

Thanks to Our Editorial Team!

Editor-in-Chief: Baaas

Columnist: SomethingIsWrongHere
Columnist/Sports Correspondent: Benderk

Politics and Courts Correspondent: Nexus Sierra
LWF Correspondent: Elvato
RP Correspondent: The grand sultanate of Krm

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