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The Order of the Silver Lantern

The Order of Silver Lantern

Order Device:

Estimated number: 130,343,000

"Be flawless and bright, a shining light."

Some orders are formed on an ideal, others around an individual. The Order of the Silver Lantern was formed on a shared passion - the duel. To them, nothing can match the purity of a one-on-one fight. This is far from uncommon among the Tethysi, but to these knights, that is not enough. More than simply pursuing single combat, they seek duels as art, seeing an inelegant fight as lacking in glory or merit. They sided with the Order of the Pun Crown during the civil wars, believing that - when applied appropriately - taunting can enhance a duel. In recent years they have supported the rise of the Order of the Burning Step, due to their shared interests.

Political stance
They hold Tethysi culture as vitally important and believe in promoting tourism, but also in maintaining law and order.

Haughty, perfectionist, petty, show-offs.

Order Commander

Calligan Zhuferansspawn

Age: 33

Height: 159cm

Phantom Slash, Singing Sword

Personal Device:

Calligan achieved success through their remarkable skill and grace, achieving their current position at an uncommonly young age, but that was not solely due to their talent with a blade. They gained popularity and infamy throughout the nation for their beautiful singing voice, and their habit of humming or even singing during battle. They have become one of the most well-known Tethysian musical artists internationally, with many fans. Their foes find them an aggravating opponent, however, for much the same reasons as their fans adore them.

Calligan bears one of the two blades known as Future Feather, a long sword with a feather-like blade. Striking with it causes no harm, but writes a slash into reality at that location - whether that be on a person, on an object, or in the air itself. Depending on how the blade is sheathed, Calligan can erase, leave or activate those slashes. They wear Full-Plot Armour, and their helm is ornamented with quills which can be transformed into other tools and weapons.

Vibrant, confident and eclectic, with an easy-going charm that verges ever close to smarm. Their prefer music and books on music or dance, from a variety of genres.

They have many fans within the nation and beyond, along with the respect - sometimes grudging - of the other order commanders. They count Zu, Grist and Nite as personal friends.