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The Order of the Silken Word

The Order of the Silken Word

Order Device:

Estimated number: 228,211,000

"Conflict should only come after conversation has failed."

Diplomats are necessary for any civilisation, and the Tethysi especially so. From guests visiting their libraries to incidents involving their citizens abroad, the Tethysi have a constant need for negotiators and representatives. The Order of the Silken Word serve that purpose, and though there are not the only ones, they are recognised as specialists in that field. When a Tethysian causes offense in another nation, or guests cause a scene within a Grand Library, the Silken Word will often be the ones called to resolve it. They have a reputation as skilled wordsmiths and bargainers, often electing for surgery to grant them the ability to breathe air. However, they also have a darker reputation, as their skills in analysing cultures and charming strangers work very well for infiltration, and so some whisper that the Silken Word are the greatest assassins of Tethys 13. The law prevents the Autobiographies of past Tethysi being taken out of the nation, but the Autobiographies of the Order of the Silken Word are sequestered in the order's own private libraries. No wonder people speculate over what secrets they might contain.

Political stance
Their focus is on international matters such as tourism and foreign aid, but they also believe that the freedom of the Tethysi to interfere with other cultures has gone too far and needs curtailment.

Charming, slippery, sly, manipulative.

Order Commander

Melencal Aeschearesspawn

Age: 39

Height: 167


Personal Device:

Melencal joined the order at a young age, showing a talent for wordplay and a quick grasp of the customs of other cultures. their truest gift was their talent for acting. It saw them quickly accepted into the Silken World's premier theatre group, and their Lakshmi zho Radiance is considered the best the nation has seen, making their performance of The Doom of the Ninth the most successful theatre production in Tethysi history. Such performances, seen by billions outside of the nation as well, made Melencal internationally famous, which aided their work as a diplomat immensely. The talent that made that possible also made them perfect for some of the more covert activities of the Silken Word. Thespian and diplomat by day, spy and assassin by night, Melencal has achieved much for their order and nation, but many of their deeds shall never come to light.

Melencal wears Full-Plot Armour and in combat usually prefers a Wingbow, though they often go unarmed, able to convert one of the quills in their clothing if a weapon is needed.

Adaptable to whatever is required in a particular situation.

They have many fans within the nation and beyond, but those with keen insight find it difficult to trust them.