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The Order of the Coral Shell

[b]The Order of the Coral Shell[/b]
Order Device:
[b]Estimated number[/b]: 240,000,000

[b]"Respect the deeper powers of the cosmos."[/b]

The Order of the Coral Shell was, like many, founded by those standing for a new ideal. In its case however, it was in response to an extremely controversial issue in the nation, due to a single individual - the god Lashanugi, who requested citizenship following its banishment from its old realm. Many Tethysi were vehemently opposed, the antitheistic Order of the Sun Crown at their head and calling for Lashanugi's. A smaller group however were equally as vocal in offering their help to the god. Led by a warrior from the Order of the Silver Lantern, they formed the Order of the Coral Shell. In a series of debates, duels and protests spanning months, their case won out and Lashanugi was accepted as a citizen of Tethys 13.

[u][b]Political stance[/b][/u]
Though the order in its inception was created on a platform of inclusivity and topics related to immigration and environmental protection, it has since become haven to the religious minority of Tethys 13. Though an insignificant proportion - under 1% of the population - that is still in the hundreds of millions. This guides their political ideals and efforts. 

The knights of the Order of the Coral Shell are considered disturbingly interested in the occult at best, and utterly insane at worst. They have a passion for collecting forbidden grimoires and the like, and commonly speak strange languages and mutter sinisterly. 

[u][b]Order Commander[/b][/u]

[b]Age[/b]: Unknowable
[b]Height[/b]: Prefers 10m
The Coral Tortoise, God of Coral, The Refugee
Personal Device:

Lashanugi was once the God of Coral Reefs across several nations of a world in a distant dimension. Its name is a romanisation of the name it bore in the Cinnese lands. Its worship faded however, the reefs it governed dying from pollution and urban expansion. It chose to resist, and in doing so broke a taboo of non-interference held by the deities of that dimension. The repercussions were as wide-ranging as they were brutal, aspects of the deity from across the multiverse being cast out by the aftershock of its exile and coalescing into the being it is now. Only the Elder Gods offered it aid, and their aid was advice - seek the grand libraries. So it was that Lashanugi came as a refugee to Tethys 13. The events following its arrival have already been summarised. Over the centuries since, it has several times stepped in as interim leader of the order, as it is doing now. However, it will always step down the moment a suitable candidate has been chosen. 

Lashanugi is not armed in the typical sense. As a deity, its form, size and accoutrements are merely how it chooses to appear. However, it should be noted that since becoming a citizen of Tethys 13, the narrative laws of the Tethysi have extended over it - so, its power is scaled to the circumstances at hand.

Lashanugi is usually calm, quiet, often seeming grumpy. However, when roused, it can be terrifyingly wrathful. Its preferred genres are childrens' stories, which it sometimes reads to the youth of the nation, but also sociology and environmental science.

Lashanugi is no longer regarded with suspicion, as it has been with the nation so long it has become a cultural touchstone. Most regard it fondly or with deep respect in that regard, though there are still some who hold bitterness towards its kind.