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The Order of the Burning Step

The Order of the Burning Step

Order Device:

Estimated number: 100,023,000

"The greatest warriors require the greatest opponents."

The newest of the major orders, the Order of the Burning Step has grown tremendously in a single decade. It gathered younger Tethysi with promises of glory and new ideals - especially its acceptance and encouragement of duels between Tethysi, something the other orders dissaproved of or outright forbade. Sparring and show-matches were accepted by all, but true potentially fatal combat had long been considered beneath them. New generations bring new ideals, however. The youths who founded the order believed that the greatest warriors in the multiverse could be found in Tethys 13, and so the greatest foes to overcome were their own brethren. When they began to gang up on lone Tethysi and force them into duels, the other orders cracked down harshly on their behaviour, but the Order of the Silver Lantern posited that they would stop acting as criminals if their ideals could be expressed in a non-criminal way. Thus began an ongoing process of compromise, but relations between the Burning Step and the older orders remains strained.

Political stance
They push for a relaxing of Tethys 13's severe laws, particularly centred around duels. As an internally focused organisation, they have little interest in external matters, and believe that the Tethysi could stand to care less about their culture and environment.

Violent bullies and delinquent children.

Order Commander

Grist Haphtahsspawn

Age: 22

Height: 191cm

Knight of the Club

Personal Device:

A prominent up-and-coming knight, Grist saw remarkable success as a duellist from a young age, causing them to rise quickly through the ranks of the Burning Step. That success went to their head however, causing them to challenge greater and greater foes and leading them to even challenge the finest warrior in the nation - Nite of the Order of the Pun Crown. It was a disaster. Grist was utterly defeated, failing to even land a blow. This created a single-minded determination in them to avenge themselves upon the renowned warrior, challenging them at every opportunity and eventually even launching surprise attacks, responding to the other warrior's taunts about 'not finding themself' by constantly swapping and training with new weapons. After a year of this, they were finally able to land a genuine blow after picking up a Wingclub, considered barbaric and primitive by most Tethysi. Nite takes full credit for their growth, much to Grist's chagrin.

Grist carries a Wingclub, a very rare weapon among the Tethysi, and wears Half-Plot Armour, though they often go unhelmeted.

Loud, boisterous, determined, but capable of being methodical and analytical when required. Usually quite cheerful and easy to get along with. Their preferred genres are action comics and historical epics.

They are considered annoying by many, but a few of the older warriors find their youthful exuberance endearing. Of the other commanders, Grist considers Calligan and Elvand as friends.