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The Order of Pumice

The Order of Pumice

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The Order of Pumice has claim to be the oldest order of Tethys 13, though they have never defended it. Indeed it is exceptionally rare for a voice to emerge from their stygian cowls, leading some myths to spread that there are no heads within that impenetrable darkness. When a voice is heard, it is dry as the grave and toneless as a machine, though that may seem a contradiction. Their identities are unknown, their number unknown. It is not even known if they truly are a separate order, or simply a secret identity taken on by certain Tethysi. Regardless, they are feared by all of their fellow knights. Tethysi criminals in custody have been known to take their own lives out of fear of one of the Order of Pumice being called in. They serve as the highest arbiters of justice, and can dispense the greatest punishment - if their massive hammers, the Full Erasers, slay a non-Tethysian or strike a Tethysian's autobiography, that individual is erased from history. It is a sentence they have carried out against mortals, gods, planets and civilisations, all now remembered only by the Order.

Political stance

The Order of Pumice rarely puts forward any kind of political ideology, but have unparalleled influence when they choose to exert it in international matters. If the Order has decided a target, it is almost unheard of for them to be gainsaid.

Terrifying silent watchers.

Order Commander


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The Order has no known Commander. They may keep their identity secret, or they may not exist. There are many rumours - some say they are led by an ancient knight kept alive by technology. Some say they are led by a warrior from the bygone days of the Armada. Still others say that none of them even exist, that they are extensions of some cosmic being. Another theory has it that they are a hive mind of Artifical Intelligences. One of their number is sent to every meeting of the council, but none know if it is the same one each time or not. They rarely speak, and if they have ever engaged in a duel, only they remember the outcome and opponent.


They are the only Order fully equipped with Full-Plot Armour. They do not carry Wing-Weapons, however - instead, they are each equipped with a Full Eraser, a massive hammer that can erase those slain from history. They sometimes also carry Erasure Rifles, which fire white beams that can disrupt the reality of things they strike.


Though they are quiet, unflappable and cold, there is one trait that some have called a 'personality quirk' - they seem to have a particular disdain for arrogance and smugness, particularly when paired with stupidity. Whether this is true or just a rumour is unknown.


The Order of Pumice is almost unanimously treated with respect and fear by all other Tethysi.