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The Order of Drakefire

The Order of Drakefire

Order Device:

Estimated number: 1,515,654,000

"We answer knighthood's highest calling."

Most Tethysi avoid open war, as it is their greatest weakness. Becoming one warrior in an army weakens their narrative relevance and thus their individual strength. Sometimes it was deemed necessary, however. There were some foes that required an army, a disciplined and well-equipped military force for the protection of nations. It was for that purpose that the Order of Drakefire was founded. By far the largest order, they serve as the nation's front line when overwhelming military force is required. They pioneered the Wingcannon and Skysight helm, taking advantage of Tethysi technology to compensate for their weaknesses in mass warfare, and particularly to engage aerial foes. Though the Dragonian Alliance has remained a staunch ally, other less civilised draconic cultures have often proven the deadliest foes of the Tethysi, and it is from them that the order took its name.

Political stance
Though their primary purpose is warfare, the Order of Drakefire are rarely the first to seek it out, but they believe in always being prepared for it. Thus, their primary foci are Arms Manufacturing and Defence through advances in Information Technology and Science.

Humourless, disciplined, martial.

Order Commander

Jornir Halzansspawn

Age: 51

Height: 202cm

The Stormdrake

Personal Device:

With their talent and strength, Jornir could have risen high within the ranks of the most august duellist orders in the nation, but their sense of duty drew them to the Order of Drakefire. There they proved themself a superlative warrior and greater leader, with wisdom and charisma in ample supply. Though not the best at long-term strategy, their ability to rally forces to adapt to unforseen circumstances proved invaluable time and again. Their charm and magnetism caused any force they joined to have seemingly unbreakable morale, even in the most dire situations, which they would always find a way out of. In any other order, they could have risen to the top in a far shorter time. The Order of Drakefire however did not cater to prodigies. Above their skill in battle, their leadership qualities, their loyalty, what they had to prove time and again was their reliability in those areas. It was slow. For many years, though their deeds were many and great, they made little progress in advancement. The realisation Jornir came to was that the problem was their lack of ambition. With so many excellent peers, only those with the drive to ascend would do so. Their superiors watched them closely, for this revelation was one many within the order would come to, and how they responded to it would determine their potential. Jornir passed the test. They pushed themselves to excel, and led their warriors with that in mind, but never put that before victory or the welfare of their troops. Their eventual election to Order Commander was narrow, but none have regretted it since, and Jornir's name has become a rallying cry for the Tethysi and a curse for their bitterest foes.

Jornir wears Full-Plot armour with a Skysight helm, and carries a Wingcannon and backup Candleblade.

Ruthlessly efficient in battle, cheerfully pleasant outside of it, with a kindly protectiveness. Their preferred genres are military tactics and fiction.

There are very few in the nation who honestly dislike Jornir, and many who admire them.