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President LunarCrystal (current leader of Celestial Wave)

The current leader of Celestial Wave was inaugurated into office on May 7th, 2018 (12018 if you are using the human era calendar)

Gender: Female

She will have to step down or be re-elected in three years.

Previously she was a MP for the Celestial Wave Liberal Party. Before that she was a defence lawyer in LightHaven. Her family owned a factory in Nova city when she was a minor. She was also good friends with her predecessor President Julia, who founded the nation and wrote The Leader's Journal. She is also rumored to have a pet dolphin, but that is just a rumor and hasn't been confirmed.
She is a lot more progressive with her policies, like trying to establish national healthcare, (but that failed) and increasing tax rates. She is also one of the driving factors behind Space Dolphin, Celestial Wave's government run space program.

Her parents always favored her younger sister over her, giving her the majority of their inheritance and as a child funding her endeavors. The only thing that they gave her was a golden retriever when she was eight years old. She was fairly introverted, only interacting with her teachers within school and her closest friend, Lydia. She was frequently picked on for not 'fitting in', and this may have contributed to her defensive nature.

President LunarCrystal left her family when she was eighteen, never to speak to them again. The only immediate family member that she is still in contact with is her younger brother. She majored in law, easily passing the final exam, and started her own firm with money from her friends and brother. She was notorious for being able to repeatedly attack a plaintiff's argument and point out every single loophole, earning the reputation of being one of the best lawyers in the nation.

She also had a boyfriend at this time, who became her husband. They had three children together, who would grow up to become scientists. She also ran for office with the Liberal Party of Celestial Wave, and narrowly won. She served as an MP for six years, not running again at the end of her term. Five years later she ran for president after President Julia stepped down. She won again, becoming the leader of Celestial Wave.

She started by trying to implement as much welfare as possible. Some people say that she did this because she remembered how sickly the workers at her parents factories were. After that, she doubled the budget of Space Dolphin which led to the advancements in space technology and the establishment of a permanent colony on the moon.

She has had heavy opposition during the beginning of her term, because of the sudden shift in policies after President Julia's presidency. The majority of the opposition see her as too progressive, and she has received major backlash for taxing religious institutions. She still is righteous in those views, and is considering increasing that tax even further.

She is largely credited for winning the Great Terra War, which boosted her popularity among the people of Celestial Wave, but she wasn't very effective in installing effective puppet governments in the fallen nation of Katniga and their allies, which lead to a lot of government resources going towards putting down rebellion, making her very unpopular.

Two years ago, there was an assassination attempt that got past the secret service. Although, instead of killing the president, it killed her husband. They had an excellent relationship, and her death threw her into the point of barely functioning. The nation implemented the vice president as the temporary leader. She came back into office within two months, but till this day is in grieving. This has caused her to go into a constant state of depression and lack the motivation to do most anything. As a result, most people have called on her to resign under the cause of mental instability and potential insanity, but President LunarCrystal has no intention of stepping down or letting them get any proof of her being unsuitable for office.

She isn't the best at diplomacy, since she has been known to directly and knowingly offend leaders of rival countries, and has led to the escalation of small-scale disputes almost come to the brink of war. For this, she isn't very well liked in Celestial Wave, and even her own party members have questioned her actions. It isn't likely that she will be re-elected in three years, but she still has plenty of time left in her term.