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Before we dive into this issue…

I would like to announce that our reports for individual updates can now be found on our forums, in LinkThis thread! In the future, a link to the thread will be placed on the bottom of the sheet with its own anchored link in the TSP forums and NS dispatches.

Additionally, the SPSF roleplay is FINALLY open! Apologies for all the delay getting the first post out! The in-character thread is viewtopic.php?f=31&t=495420, and the out-of-character sign up thread is viewtopic.php?f=31&t=490852!

And, without further ado………...

Out-Of-Season Occupation


The radar operator from the Finixian Armed Forces spotted the anomaly on his signals during his end-of-shift rounds. He sighed and sprinted up the stairs to SPSF Command, informing the commanders of the raid on Christmas. They looked worried, though they laughed. Did the raiders have any sense of style? Christmastime only begins after Thanksgiving. The raiders had come out in large numbers. The liberators needed to strike as fast and as hard as possible to prevent raider reinforcements from entering the holy site. Phoenix was the first to form a plan. "Get out the Combat Santa suits, this will be a jolly one. We strike in 10 hours."

Joining forces with Libcord, the Santa-suited South Pacific Special Forces listened to Christmas music before the battle, using the anger building up inside them at such a disgusting violation of tradition as yet another weapon. Though the raiders had 30-some units, compared to the defenders' high-50s turnout. Combine that with the rage of the defenders and the Combat Santa suits, the raiders stood no chance of stopping the attack. Christmas was liberated, and the holidays could continue as they should.

SPSFers Participating:
Minister of Defense Phoenix
General Nakari
General Roavin
Soldier Swifty
Trainee NCE
Trainee Doctor Kane

Call to Action

If you are interested in helping defend regional sovereignty across NationStates, please sign up Linkhere to join the SPSF, and make sure to catch us on Linkthe South Pacific’s Discord server!