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Legislature of Celestial Wave

In Celestial Wave, we use the Alternative Vote system, to make sure that people have as most representation in parliament in possible. Each person would of mark their first, second, third, fourth, and last choice. A candidate needs 1/3 percentage of the votes to win that seat. So, if one person doesn't make it close to that mark, those votes would go to those people's second choice.

There isn't an electoral college, so it doesn't matter who wins the most districts, but who wins the most amount of votes overall.

The powers are kept seperate, so the executive powers have no control over the legislature, except to approve or veto any laws that get passed. It is the same with the judicial branch, kept separate from the legislature. Each district of Celestial wave gets three MP's, each voting for a bill how they think that their people and party would want.

For a bill to pass on to the executive branch it has to get 2/3d's approval from parliament. It would then have to be approved by the judicial branch to make sure it wasn't violating the constitution.

Parties of Celestial Wave

There are six major parties:

The Conservative Celestial Wave Party (CCWP). The conservative party is the furthest right leaning party in Celestial Wave. They are also pro smaller government.

The Green Celestial Wave Party (GCWP) The green party is the most pro government party in Celestial Wave tending to vote for people who would protect the environment. They also tend to be more left leaning.

The Liberal Celestial Wave Party (LCWP) The Liberal Celestial Wave party is pro-bigger government, and is the currently the party holding the most seats in the parliament, with 35% of the seats.

The Worker's Party of Celestial Wave. (WPOCW) This party is the furthest left-leaning in Celestial Wave, advocating for worker's rights. They are pro big government.

The Centrist Party of Celestial Wave (CPOCW): This party is of course, in the middle with issues when it comes to almost everything.

The Minority Party of Celestial Wave (MPOCW): This party votes for more minority rights, but on every other issue they tend to vote more conservatively. They are also the most religious party.

Each of these parties are elected bodies within themselves, with party members voting for the leaders of each party. But the party leaders chose party members to run for positions within the federal government.

Parties in the past have formed coalitions, and the current coalitions are the Green, Liberal, and Worker's party, against the Conservative and Centrist parties.