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The Baloominati of Callista
"Look for the Bare Necesities..."

Introduction and Disclaimer

As a supporter or member of The Baloominati, you are agreeing to the possibility of eternal happiness and fun at the hands of Baloo von Bruinwald XIII. Any mental damage due to an over-exposure of memes, movie parodies, songwriting, or Prickly Pears is not the legal liability of The Baloominati, its founder, or its member/supporters. We are in no way a cult organization or a group of religious fanatics. We simply wish to better each region we are implemented in. The root of The Baloominati is centrism and compassion. We strive to better the regional and interregional community with fun, prosperity, and an increase in RMB activity. Benevolent rulership under a democratic system at its true finest.

Foreign Relations

As a compassionate and centrist party, The Baloominati strives to include the interregional nations in the everyday life of our region. Embassies will always be accepted unless they're raiders or are filled with hateful ideologies. And who knows? Maybe our kindness will attract others from the farther regions of NationStates. The Baloominati loves others like it loves its own. And not in a creepy way. Please don't use that against us.

Activities and Purpose

The purpose of The Baloominati can be boiled down to the simple idea of giving the people choice. A pure democratic system ensures that what the people want, happens, and The Baloominati is ready to adapt to the needs of the people. We in The Baloominati want the region to be at its finest, create a renaissance of sorts. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and creeds come together to create content and trade. In regards to the structure of the government, RO positions shall remain the same. Compromise is key to unity. And unity is the key to a prosperous, eventful, and influential region. And a prosperous, eventful, and influential region leads to all of the fame and recognition that you want.


"Deep Purple" by Helen Forrest and Artie Shaw on Clarinet
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To conclude this party overview, we're not any better than you are, we are you. Soon enough at least. Join us, it'll be fun, I promise.


To register for the Baloominati, simply telegram or respond to one of our recruitment posts. All registration will be accepted.

Inactive Members

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