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Melix Stands for What Is Right (including the t-Rebellion!)

Early on December 2, 2020, Melicorium discovered Local Councillor Volaworand's intentions for keeping Chair of the Assembly Purple Hyacinth locked in his Antarctic glacier lair for about a day.

Purple Hyacinth is a prominent figure in the "t-Rebellion", which supports the fact that the first "t" in "the South Pacific" is officially lowercase. This capitalization is correct because while, say, "The South Pacific is awesome!" employs appealing capitalization, something like "Welcome to the South Pacific!" does not.

Volaworand threatened to keep Purple Hyacinth captive until the t-Rebellion backs down - however, I decided not to, and made the choice to fight for the righteous capitalization. I broke into the glacier lair and turned off its nuclear reactor, while Tuzla678 shot Volaworand dead. The lair eventually floated to the surface, and the Chair was rescued by a response team from an unknown nation.

This just shows an example that Melix will fight for what is right - he supports the glorious t-Rebellion, as well as the institution of the Local Soviet Council itself and the South Pacific Special Forces (which you can join here!), which all work for the greater good. Thus, Melix works for the greater good as a soldier in the SPSF and as a t-Rebel, and will work for the greater good as a Local Soviet Member Councillor.


Volaworand is still a great guy, though. :P
And yeah, I know y'all are gonna call me a simp for being chivalrous to a female (Purple Hyacinth).

LinkMelix for Local Soviet!

Seriously, though. I am Stan Melix, Chairman of the United Socialist States of America Melicorium (I'm more widely known as "Melix", though), and I am running for a position in the Local Soviet of the Union of Southern Socialist Republics Local Council of the South Pacific.

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About Me

I first joined NationStates as Melicoria in 2016, but abandoned that nation soon after. I came back to NS on February 22, 2020 as Melicorium. The South Pacific has been my home since Melicorium's founding, and I have been an active member of its gameside community since early April (excluding a long period of slight inactivity from early August to early October) and its forumside community since early June. I ran in the July-August LC elections, and though I lost to the Merciless Queen of TSP, Auphelia, I had a strong, aggressive campaign and accumulated a good amount of votes. Immediately after the elections (on August 7), I became a member of the South Pacific Special forces, serving in the ultimate liberation of South Pacific. On October 3, I became a Legislator, and on October 10, I ranked up to Soldier in the SPSF.

Over the course of my over eight months in TSP, I have made several good friends, including Proctethia, a former Local Soviet Member Councillor. During his term, Procty did well in moderating the RMB, greeting new South Pacificans, and engaging in several conversations on the RMB a week. I am greatly inspired by him, and this is one reason I am running (and in July-August, ran) for a position in the Local Soviet Council myself.

I also may or may not be a mourning dove.

What I'll Do

    - I will regularly check the RMB (when I'm not doing school, of course) and make sure every post follows the rules. (I already have been doing this; I just can't suppress posts. :P)
    - I will happily start conversations on the RMB or pop into them. I am able to somewhat relate with most RMBers, including new South Pacificans.
    - I will warmly welcome new South Pacificans by giving them the region's main guide and a fresh, cold can of Melicorian SPIT.
      - If a new South Pacifican says that they are bored or asks how they can get involved, I will happily tell them to join the Assembly or/and SPSF.
      - If a new South Pacifican asks if there is war in NationStates, like many new nations do for some reason, I will tell them to join the South Pacific Special Forces and that FiHami would be happy to have them in service. (I also have been doing this.)

    - While Auphelia is not able to create her famous polls, I will fill in her niche and create equally interesting polls.
    - I will distribute fresh, cold Melicorian SPIT to everyone.

What I Believe

    - The enforcement of RMB rules is necessary for the enjoyment of everyone on the RMB.
    - Every South Pacifican has the right to roleplay with their fellow South Pacificans.
    - Regions have the right to determine their own government and to stay sovereign. (Well, unless they're a fascist region.) In other words, defenderism and regional sovereignty are good.
    - Ice cream is better than either cake or pie. (Isn't that right, Admiral Delegate General Amerion?)

What I Disagree With

    - Trolling which is done just to make other people feel miserable, just because one's own life is miserable.
    - Fascism, nationalism, jihadism, and the alt-right. Just plain disgusting ideologies; alt-right trolls are some of the worst trolls.
    -The puny battle between supporters of cake and pie, both of which are inferior to ice cream.


Purple Hyacinth wrote:1) Why do you want to run for LC?

2) Why do you think you would be a good LCer? What would be your weakness as an LCer?

3) What is your history in NationStates?

4) What do you like and what do you dislike about the RMB right now?

5) Are there any changes you would like to implement as an LCer?

6) Any other thoughts?

1. Same reason I ran in the July elections - I'm an active RMBer, and I actually want to suppress rule-breaking posts after telling the rule-breaker about their offense, instead of having to wait for the LC to suppress it.
2. I would make a good LCer because I regularly check and post on the RMB, and I like to help new TSPers. I do not see any weakness as an LCer, but in most situations (not on the RMB, though), you never know when I cannot tell the difference between a bad joke and something offensive.
3. See this dispatch: page=dispatch/id=1445260
Additionally, I have been an active RMBer from mid-April to early August, and from early October onwards.
4. I like the happy small talk and roleplay that goes on in the RMB. I dislike excessive roleplay that is not taken Knowhere or Psomewhere else.
5. Nothing major, but I plan to create weird and interesting polls while our great tentacle goddess Auphelia cannot.
6. Ice cream is better than cake or pie.

Thank You!

Fellow South Pacificans, thank you for viewing my campaign. If you want a Local Soviet Member Councillor who will do his job well, can relate with the jolly people of the South Pacific, and distribute free SPIT and the Glorious Socialist Revolution to all South Pacificans, vote Melix!

If you want to talk to me or ask me questions privately, I am also on the TSP Forums and TSP Discord server if you don't want to telegram me.

TSP Forums: LinkHOY VUX
Discord: Hoy Vux#1391

Support Melix's Campaign!

    - Change your national flag to this:
    - If you are able to change your national classification (pretitle), change it to "MELIX FOR LOCAL SOVIET".
    - If you are on the TSP Discord server, change your nickname to "MELIX FOR LOCAL SOVIET".




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