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A brief history of Celestial Wave

Celestial Wave was officially founded in 1969, and it was essentially a bunch of diverse people either fleeing their nation, or natives, or people just living off the grid in isolation. What little we know about Celestial Wave all comes from the Leader's Journal, since there was no other written document on the nation during that time and before.

In the 1970's Celestial Wave's population boomed, and we were able to establish a sound, functioning republic. We were looking for as many ways to advance scientifically as possible, in every field. We tried to give citizens freedoms, while eliminating crime. Another thing is that Celestial Wave during this time period was very isolationist, just dealing with issues at home, and interacting with as few nations as possible. We were also able to invest in the military, and slowly expanded by conquering smaller, weaker nations on the continent.

We continued in this fashion for a while, but in the mid 80's, once we had amassed a lot of resources, we opened ourselves up to the world. Celestian spies had garnered technological secrets from almost every nation in the world, and we were able to create various technologies that they had been working on for years within a couple months. We immediately saw an economic boom, mostly due to all the technologies we were able to develop in secrecy and sell en masse to nations we were allied with. We immediately gained lots of influence and were able to hold a sizeable amount of power over the world, because we could absolutely destroy a country's economy if they flew in the face of our interests.

In 1990, the state which we had conquered back in the 1960's rebelled and seceded from Celestial Wave, reforming the previous country, Nova. With the secession of this region, we lost the major industrial sector of the country, prompting us to declare war and regain this territory back. Initially they had the advantage, pushing us back in major access points in the region, but they also had less population. By cutting them off from the majority of the food supply, they started to starve to death, and surrendered. This is considered the first and only Celestian civil war, and is still an issue within the country today. Celestial Wave states that the maneuver was necessary to bring an end to the war, but people argue that it should have been done since it killed 20 million civilians.

We bounced back pretty easily from the civil war, so much so that we were able to put a sizeable amount of resources into the First Space Race, earning Celestial Wave a place in the moon. Space Technology continued to be improved, and remained in the eye of the public and became a government priority. This gave us an edge over our rivals, who ceased to invest in Space once the race was over. Making Celestial Wave attractive as possible to outsiders to get outside talent become one of the top priorities to get an edge over our rivals. As a result, we created our extensive refugee program, encouraging people to come to Celestial Wave to supply the country

In 2006, two major things happened. The first of which was project Current , which got Celestial Wave to the moon, and eventually established a permanent base by 2009. The second of which was the development of the GloChip, which was a small device which fit into your ear and worked as a private holographic projector, and also acted as a smaller, chaper, more powerful Smart Phone, which had been developed in 1990. This small invention made the company that had developed it millions of dollars and saw another extreme boom in the economy since this device was so desirable.

In 2016, we had established the first ever self sustained moon colony, which was extremely lucrative, and used it as a base for future missions to Red Rock, and eventually get bases on large asteroids for mining. The Moon colony also acted as a very valuable strategic point, especially during the Great Terra War, letting us destroy enemy satellites, cut off their internet connection, and keep them trapped on Terra. We also discovered a rip in the fabric of the universe, allowing us to step through to Earth, another habitable planet similar to Terra. The passageway is vistable in LightHaven, but the actual gateway is guarded by top security, and civilians are not allowed to pass through.

The Great Terra war, which started in 2018, saw the first time Celestial Wave fought against other Great powers of the world. Since Celestial Wave has dominated the entire landmass that it lies on, only with a couple weak neighbors to the South and an ally to the north, Celestial Wave was at a very isolated and comfortable spot. We had been building a network of allies on other continents for the last ten years, and when the Prime Minister of Yolsa, a very good of ally of ours, had been assassinated by spies from the nation of Katniga, a rival nation of similar strength as Celestial Wave, we went to war. Katniga had a similar network of allies, who we all declared war on in the September of 2018. Initially Katniga had the advantage, being able to capitulate most of our allies in the region. We were reluctant to send in the army, partially due to the fact that the Celestian army is very weak compared to its air and naval counterparts, and that we would have to draft Celestians, most of which didn't want war.

With most Celestians wishing to stay out of the war, it looked like Celestial Wave was just going to let it's allies fight for themselves with some limited support. Then Katniga did something unprecedented. It nuked Lighthaven, thinking that could permanently keeping us out of the war, which it instead did the opposite, rallying Celestians in support of a full out war against Katniga and it's allies. Even after us joining the war, we were still in a permanent deadlock, and having to rebuild our capital city.

After two years of fighting we had to do something to break the deadlock. In the March of 2020, we decided to do something that would eradicate Katniga and force them to surrender. We had taken a disease from the Earthain universe called Ebola and made it more deadly in the lab. We sent it to Katniga and blockaded their rivers and oceans from all trade. Within six months, they unconditionally surrendered, letting us install a puppet government within them and all of their allies. Almost the entire population of Katnigistan died, approximately 300 million people, mostly killed by the virus, Celstian firebombing of cities & countryside, and the famine brought on by the blockade on every side by the Celestian navy. This was seen as justified since the Katnigians had nuked our largest city.
2020-onwards Celestial Wave was the only superpower nation, with all other nations being allies or puppets. The Earthian governments agreed not to meddle with our affairs or attempt to spread influence onto Terra in exchange for us doing the same. Now with virtually no competition on Terra, the only place left for us to work towards was our goal of space, with occasional rebellion within one of the puppet states to put down. The future plan is to slowly integrate and assimilate all of the puppet states into Celestial Wave. Lighthaven has still yet to be fully rebuilt and several regions of the city are too toxic for inhabitants.

In terms of space colonization, Celestial Wave is looking to get a self sustaining Red Rock colony by 2035, and after that, is looking to get mining outposts on Milky White (Mercury) to create a Dyson Swarm around the sun to create an unlimited source of energy. But due to the insane scale of that project, that probably won't happen until 2500.