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Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service (Volume 6)

December '20
Volume Six

The Caer Sidi Broadcasting Service
The Official Newsletter of Caer Sidi

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A change of Leadership in Caer Sid
by CSBS Staff

With the end of the the Term of Taoiseach Tenurium, a new election for the office of Taoiseach was scheduled to be held. The standing period beginning on the 1st of October saw two candidates volunteer for the position, Kappa/Zhukov (Armedking) and the former co-minister of Culture, Icarus KM Corleone (Evil Mother). While both participants promised to reinvigorate the RMB, Icarus campaign also focused on intensifying the activities of the culture department, whereas Zhukov planned programs to reward members of the Autumnal Court as well as the emissaries of the foreign affairs department.
The election itself was opened on the 6th of October and ended on the ninth with a landslide victory by Icarus, who garnered 92% off all votes cast.

When asked for a comment, the new Taoiseach stated that her motivation for running was to “make this region even more fun than it already is”, citing the desire to give back to the region.

The cabinet announcements followed on the very day of the appointment, setting a new record. The cabinet will consist of Xkrytore (Fabulas Oblivione Delebitur) as Tanaiste, filling the role of deputy to the Taoiseach. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains in the hands of Loller KM Corleone (LollerLand), while the Ministry of Communications falls to Tenurium (Kresh Nagar). The Ministry of Culture will be headed by the co-ministers Deadbeat Moreaux (Plang man tiden) and Stefan Moreaux (Moldona). The Taoiseach has expressed that her cabinet has performed excellently so far, calling it a “rewarding experience” to work with them.

Z-Day: Back from the brink
by Kresh Nagar

On the 31st of October, the dead of Caer Sidi rose from their graves to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting populations. A vote had previously been held to allow the citizenry to decide the way the region would deal with the infection, in which the proposal to cure the infected came out on top, with plans to exterminate the undead being only one vote behind. As the day began, many citizens awoke to their nations being overrun by swarms of zombies. Thanks to the efforts of the response force primarily organized by Loller KM Corleone (LollerLand), the spread could be somewhat contained. Due to the small size of the team operating cure missiles however, the infection continued to spread largely uncontested, with the regions Z-Rating dropping all the way to “Catastrophe”. As the day went on, more people answered the call to arms and set up their cure missiles, bolstering the numbers of the response team. After rallying and reorganizing, the team managed to cure enough infected to push the region from a devastating 90% zombiefication rate to a battered, but respectable 50-55% by the end of the day. The participants agree that the high death and infection toll can be attributed to the time it took to organize the response, allowing the infection to spread in the early hours of the day and promise to be more prepared next year.

Passing the torch - A new World Assembly Delegate
by Kresh Nagar

On the 11th of November, Aynia Moreaux (Aynia Moreaux), Seasonal Queen of Caer Sidi, stepped down as World Assembly Delegate after more than two years in office. The task of representing the people of Caer Sidi at the World Assembly now falls to former Taoiseach and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Loller KM Corleone (LollerLand), who has expressed gratitude for the faith placed in him, stating that he welcomes the “honour and opportunity to serve Caer Sidi better”. The transition to the new delegate was aided by the military forces of allied Karma, who piled on Caer Sidi in order to ensure a secure transition.

UCR CON 3: A huge succes!
by LollerLand

UCR Con, which stands for User Created Region Convention, is an annual event hosted by Caer Sidi where User Created Regions comes together to mix and mingle, find new friends and allies and just generally have fun.

The third edition of UCR Con was held from November 16th to 21st. This year's convention featured panels and lectures on various topics related to NationStates, various events such as puzzles and game nights organised by participating regions, along with daily giveaways of games, stamps and one discord nitro membership!

The convention saw 47 showcases and 375 attendees participating. All showcases except two were of the participating user created regions. NSLeaders and NSToday were the two non-region showcases. Lectures and panels were held on topics such as Region Building, OOC Moderation, and Foreign Affairs and Regional Image.

The showcases by Augustin Alliance and Karma were probably the ones that saw the most footfall during the convention, while the puzzle quest organised by The Black Hawks was a big hit as it resulted in a lot of head scratching. Taoiseach Icarus acted as the official representative of Caer Sidi in the convention grounds.

With its third edition now succefully over, UCR Con is already one of the biggest annual events in NationStates that is organised by its players and there is no doubt that we will be seeing even bigger and more succeful conventions in the coming years.

Ecki Ecki Ecki Ptang Zoowop
by LollerLand

During the second half of Tenurium's term, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs organised a Movie Night for all those who are in Caer Sidi's Discord server. Citizens and visitors alike got together to watch the cult classic 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' on 24th October.

The movie was livestreamed by the then Co-Minister of Cultural Affairs and current Taoiseach, Icarus. Terms and phrases such as 'Ni' and 'ecki ecki ecki ptang zoowop' became very prevalent in our Discord immediately after this succeful event.

After becoming elected as the Taoiseach herself, Icarus organised a movie night once again with the help of her Cultural Ministry. The Princess Bride, which is a highly acclaimed American fantasy adventure comedy film was streamed in our Discord on 21st November. Once again, both citizens and resident joined in as viewers.

Before these movie nights were organised, thinking that they would be so succeful was INCONCIEVABLE! Taoiseach Tenurium and Taoiseach Icarus proved otherwise.

News from The Autumnal Court
by CSBS Staff

Since the beginning of 2020, Wyvern has been leading The Autumnal Court as its Lord of Autumn. He played an important role in reviving the rebranded military of Caer Sidi and helped in leading it to where it is today. Wyvern intimated his intention to step down from his position to Queen Aynia Moreaux on December 1st.

Queen Aynia promptly appointed Loller M Corleone as the new Lord of Autumn of The Autmnal Court. Loller M Corlene was the second highest officer in TAC, with the rank of Ollamh, at the time. As he is also the current Delegate of Caer Sidi, the appointment of Loller is supposed to be interim and will only continue until a new long term leader can be chosen and trained.

Talking about its activities, The Autumnal Court has had a successful couple of months on the field. On 22nd October, TAC did a very fun and succeful tag raid with their friends at Europeian Republican Navy. Out of the 21 regions that the troops from both orgs jumped into during this update, they hit a total of 20 regions. This tag raid was triggered by Ollamh Loller.

On 28th October, TAC along with their friends from Karma raided and occupied the fascist region 'Land of Supremacy'. This occupation lasted from 28th October to 9th November and was aided by additional troops from Europeian Republican Navy and Social Technocratic Union. Ollamh Loller was the point and trigger for this operation. Along with being a fascist region, Land of Supremacy's founder nation was deleted by the NationStates moderators for their rule breaking conduct. At the end of this occupation, the region was password locked to keep it from falling back into the hands of the fascists.

Although on 27th November TAC had planned an another tag raid with their friends from ERN, it had to be called of midway due to some technical glitches. But considering TAC's success in recent months, there is surely going to be many more succeful operations in the future.

A new friend: Treaty with Europeia
by Kresh Nagar

Following negotiations beginning at the end of the previous Taoiseachs tenure, the Warren of Caer Sidi and the Republic of Europeia recently signed and ratified the Treaty of Cairdeas, cementing friendly relations between the two regions.
The treaty, which was initially conceptualized as a non-aggression pact, was expanded to include articles on regional security and military operations as well as cultural and diplomatic endeavors in recognition of the mutual interests and respect the two regions share.

Making the RMB great again!
by LollerLand

Increasing the actitivity in Caer Sidi's Regional Message Board (RMB) was one of the campaign promises that Taoiseach Icarus made during her election campaign. In order to achieve this, her Government has already come up with a couple of new programs for stimulating RMB activity.

Since 13th November, Caer Sidi and Thegye has been doing a month long interregional question of the week event on each other's RMB. Every Friday, Caer Sidi posts a question on Thegye's RMB for their residents to answer and Thegye does the same on Caer Sidi's RMB.

With already 3 weeks of this event past, 4th December will be when the last questions are going to be posted on both region's RMB. The event has had a positive impact on the RMB of both the regions as it has lead to considerably increased activity.

On 30th November, Co-Minister of Cultural Affairs, Stefan, announced a new regular program for the RMB titled 'Caer Sidi Creative Stories'. From henceforth, the Cultural Ministry will be posting a creative writing prompt onto the RMB every now and then. Our Residents can then scratch their heads and use their never ending creative spirit to come up with interesting stories or poems or any other kinds of writings that they can think of.

Citizen of the Month: Dyllon Avocado
by Taoiseach Evil Mother

Dyllon Avocado (Dyllspire) has been a great asset to our region ever since he joined. His funny remarks and never-ending positivity brightened our conversations and has contributed greatly to the glittery atmosphere of our region. He is also very involved with our military, the Autumnal Court, where he currently holds the rank of a Fénnid. He has also been active in our canon Roleplay.

Furthermore he has been almost single-handedly responsible for all of our manual telegrams and has been spending several hours of his week recruiting. He has been a part of the recruitment team since August and has send almost 2000 telegrams since then. He more than deserves to be citizen of the month and we are all very grateful for the service he has done for this region.

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