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SolarFlare Rules.

Hello! If you are a member nation of SolarFlare this is very important for you to read. SolarFlare, while it is a casual region, there are some definitive rules:

1. No discriminating against other nations based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. If you are having a discussion on one of these topics on the RMB please remain respectful and civil.

2. No just 'asking' to be given a position of power in the region. You should telegram me to ask for candidacy, and if I approve I will set up an election asking the other members if they want you in that position.

3. No forcing your IRL political views onto others. You may discuss political ideologies, but you shouldn't be trying to force your political ideologies onto others. Also, extreme ideologies such as fascism or totalitarian communism will NOT be tolerated.

4. No swearing in the RMB. If you do it will result in a warning via Telegram, and if it continues it will result in a kick & ban.

5. No advertising for your region or campaign in the RMB. If you just join to advertise a region or campaign, you will be kicked and banned.

6. Please fill out the citizenship form. This really helps me out.

7. Use Discord for it's intended purpose. I don't want the server to be filled with spam or advertisements for other Discord servers.

8. No saying offensive things to or about another Nation in SolarFlare. It's okay to not like someone or to have different views, but we should try to be respectful.

9. No impersonating staff (or any other nation) of this region. This will result in a ban.

10. No spamming! Spamming is the repeated sending of the same message or image over and over again, and it will not be tolerated, for it is very annoying.

11. No eating baby dolphins, unless you are starving. But even still!!

That's it! As long as you abide by these guidelines, you should be able to have a fun, easygoing time in SolarFlare.