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The 3rd Grand Pacifica Election Season Information

It's that time again... Election Time!

The 3rd Grand Pacifica Election is fast approaching. These past two months have been interesting, to say the least. Terra-aboribus was elected the 2nd President of Grand Pacifica, with running mate San-andreas republic. However, events have caused us to impeach both of them within a one-week period. As it stands, Ecania is now the incumbent, who along with Moimmusgalandia, will be defending the presidency.

Who else is running? We don't know yet. Here's the tentative election schedule. Make sure to take a peek!

3st December - Candidates begin announcing their presidential bids.

5th December - Candidates made official.

9th December - Candidate Q&A.

13st December - Voting opens.

16th December - Voting closes.