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by The Dominion of Drystar. . 118 reads.

The Return of Drystar, or the Second Coming.

Hi there, Iím assuming if youíre reading this you donít really know who I am, so let me enlighten you.

As Auphelia likes to say, Iím one of the old foggies that hang around because weíve misplaced our keys so we canít unlock the exit. Well, thatís not entirely false. Iíve been here since long before the RMB was a culture all its own, and Iíve watched it change and grow. Iíve enjoyed my time as one of the LCís, itís a very different perspective to just a regular poster. Iíve tried to maintain a neutral stance to nation postings, using the rules lightly, even letting some things slide because people were having fun.

Iím looking to continue the low key administration that weíve had for the last few months, and would like you to vote for me.

Now for the demands of our election rules, Pencil Sharpeners 2, I currently have no CoI, I only have one nation that exists solely in TSP, and absolutely no puppets anywhere.