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Beepee for LC November 2020


Are we sitting comfortably, then I shall begin...

Once upon a time, in a land not so far, far, away lives an intelligent, strong, independent woman called Auphelia.

Auphelia is beloved by all and rules over the land with an even and fair hand. As such, Auphelia is praised by all in the land.[1]

Every 8 months, or so, Auphelia is required to take a small break from her reign over the land. Each year, Erinor, Pencil Sharpeners 2 and Amerion, make sure that Aupehlia is taken on a lovely cruise around the wrecks of boneyard, where she can purvey the nations she had destroyed.

During this period, other nations line up to be caretakers of the queendom.

This particular year Auphelia's loyal henchman and butler, Beepee (That's Me!), considers himself as the perfect caretaker for the next four months.

Beepee, has been a caretaker LC before (the last time Auphelia was taken on vacation), and the world didn't end.[2] Having supported and cheered Auphelia for many a year, Beepee is aware of all the rules and the way Auphelia likes to run things.

The last time he was LC, Beepee did fun polls and events,[3], wrote faerie stories about citizens of the land and did interviews with the great unwashed. He updated laws and policies, published news, welcomed the newbies, and banished the naughties. So as you can see I know what to do.

As he is nowhere near as wonderful as the glorious Auphelia, Beepee only ever does 4 months of caretaking because he knows Auphelia will be back and raring to go after her tour.

So in the next 4 months, Beepee would love to buttle and tidy and polish, so when Auphelia returns its all shiny and clean for her to continue her glorious rule.

[1]This view was not held by her loyal subjects, however, who lived in abject fear of her wrath. What her subjects did not understand was it only the naughty and evil were to fear her wrath. Good boys and girls had only fear the mental scarring of seeing the torment of those wicked enough to breach the rules of the land.

[2]It did wobble slightly, but this was only because no-one is as wonderful as Auphelia.

[3]said no-one ever.


Hi everyone, It's me, Beepee.

I'm running for a position in the Local Council, and if you don't know me buckle up.... here goes.

  • I love bureaucracy and all things admin...

  • I'm all up for fun and keeping the RMB an active and interesting place.

  • I already know the rules and laws, and well, that's a pretty decent thing to know...

  • I was once a pretty average LC..... so I know about being average and thats good.

  • I've been here for a few years now so you know me and, well, you know me... maybe...

  • I know how to protect you from a naughty I know about not being a bad person.

  • Like your deodorant, I provide 24hr protection....I'm Australian, that means I can protect you when the Europeans and/or Americans are in bed.

  • I like to buttle and clean up your mess.

What will I do...

  • I know how to do awesome polls!

  • I'm a wonderful host with lots of greeting skills!

  • I can update things, and can dispatch my way to your heart!

  • I can encourage you to become the best (or, if you prefer, the worst) you can be!

What do you mean this part is really similar to my last campaign.... how dare you

Conflict of Interest

I, Beepee, being of sound mind and body (at least as sound as it's ever going to be) hereby declare:

I am a member of the Legislator Assembly within the South Pacific and I am a member of the Coral Guard.

I am a member of the World Assembly.

I have no affiliations with any other region.

I have a puppet Northern Beepee, currently used for forum RP... I think all my other puppets have lapsed into the wilderness.

I am also available on discord.

I swear to uphold the values and principles of the South Pacific.

Pencil Sharpeners 2's tagged because he's wonderful and so he has this dispatch for EC purposes.