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The Herald - Issue I - Drakala, sweet Drakala

Drakala, sweet Drakala

A new region was founded a few days ago, Drakala. And as any region seeking for growth, it has organized.
One of the newest projects is this regional newspaper, The Herald, or if you prefer this, The Drakalan Herald. Drakala has also established some regional rules, a Discord server, and a regional government seeking for new members, as the region in a whole.
If you know a bit about NationStates, you should know too that the founder and king of Drakala, Newhomy, is one of the alternative accounts of the Minister of the Interior of First World Order, Homyland.

Carriariusxion appointed as Prime Minister
First 3 embassies of Drakala being opened, with the regions of The Embassy, matheo, and Gas Station.
Regional newspaper established

The Blue Fire banner
The region of Drakala has a pretty strange flag, and we all can ask why.
So we have had an interview with the main account of the founder of Drakala here:
- The Herald: What does the flag of Drakala mean?
- Homyland: Well, where should I start?
- TH: The colors, please.
- H: Well, the blue stands for the king's favorite color. And the white stands for prosperity.
- TH: How about the blue fire?
- H: Drakala was originally destined to be a dragon-themed region, but the flag maker I used hadn't that symbol. So I used fire instead. I also consider it's a symbol of strength.
- TH: Thanks.
- H: Thank you for wanting to interview me.