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The Rejected Times Brief News II - Delegate Elections, Awards and a TSP Statement

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Brief News II | 28/11/2020

Editor-in-Chief: Agalaesia
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Vincey

The 2020 Defender Awards

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Vincey | EDITED BY Agalaesia

The Defender Awards serve as a yearly celebration of the defender cause and its heroes. On 1st of November, Benevolent Thomas released the 2020 Defender Awards notice. There were a total of 16 separate awards for various achievements. The award ceremony was held in 3 Stages: Nominations & Seconds, Voting, and Results. Nominations were accepted until 9th. The official Ballot was released on 11th, which begun the voting. Voting lasted till 20th and XX nations voted for these awards. On 24th BT released the results of the Voting here:

  • Defender of the Year Award: Haku (The nation who has helped the defender cause the most in the last year.)

  • The Ananke Award: Kanta Hame (The nation who is the most effective at looking out for any invasions that are taking place.)

  • The Anarchotopia Award: Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization (The organization which has proved the most successful in preventing invasions.)

  • The Blackbird Award: Lily (The best invader group.)

  • Sir Lans Award: Chimes aka Jamie (Updater of the Year)

  • The Operation of the Year: liberation of Smol Fur Empire

  • The Best Newcomer Award: Grea Kriopia

  • The Worst Invasion/Operation Award: Liberation of South Pacific

  • The Best Defender Quote: Benevolent Thomas

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication to Defending: Karputsk

  • The Meltdown of the Year: The Failed Liberation of South Pacific and Liberations are now literally impossible

  • The Numero Capitan: Karputsk (The nation who has best served the Intelligence cause.)

  • The Belgium Award: Kuriko (The nation/region that furthered our cause in the World Assembly Security Council the most.)

  • The Worst Invader Group: Whatever McMannia is doing

  • The Karputsk Award: FiHami aka Phoenix of the Sun (The nation who has excelled in leading liberations.)

  • The Eluvatar Award: Haku (For best tech contributions.)

The Rejected Relams Delegate Elections Come to a Close

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Vincey | EDITED BY Agalaesia

Sarah Bread has retained her position as the Delegate of the Rejected Relams (TRR) following a challenge from Tinhampton.

The Delegate of TRR is legally required to report achievements and plans of the region every odd month. Sarah (A Leaf on the Wind) had failed to produce the report in time, and was challenged by Tinhampton on this basis.

There were 3 other candidates who posted fun and friendly platforms out of which ROM and Sedgistan both got enough seconds.

Sarah ran on their original platform which they had run on earlier this year, and Tinhampton had written their platform criticizing the government and it's inability to produce a report on time, and propsed some changes to the Rejected Realms and its government. Tinhampton, however, was highly criticized due to the reason for bringing up the challenge - many argued that just missing a deadline for government report, which was published in couple of days from when it was brought into their notice, wasn't a worthy enough reason for the challenge. This was reciprocated in the questions asked as well as finally in the elections.

As was expected by most, Sarah won by a huge majority. There were a total of 36 valid votes of which 30 votes were for Sarah in first round, giving them a clear majority. Further Rom, Sedge and Tin received 3, 2 and 1 votes respectively in first round. Hence, Sarah retains the position of WA Delegate of TRR.

Members of the Black Hawks Influence TSP's WA Program


The Cabinet of the South Pacific recently released a statement claiming that members of the Black Hawks had joined the region with their World Assembly nation and voted for Commend Twobagger in order to influence the World Assembly votes for the resolution, and to sway the regional votes to for.

This was made easier by the South Pacific's voting system, which uses the Regional Message Board to vote on World Assembly resolutions - any nation can vote provided that they are a member of the World Assembly.

Known nations Martyn and Steak were involved in the incident, using the aliases "Rebbit" and "GlowGolden." The South Pacific also mentioned another nation, "Seltin," however, did not provide any information on their thoughts on who the nation belonged to.

The Black Hawks confirmed this in a statement and condenmned the actions of the members who manipulated the World Assembly vote, with Lord Dominator separately stating that the nations in question have been "berated." The South Pacific and multiple other Game Created Regions switched their votes, leading to the defeat of the proposal.

Rejectvision: Half a Decade Running!

NEWS | WRITTEN BY Vincey | EDITED BY Agalaesia

Rejectvision is a contest that is much like Eurovision. Participants submit any song they like and lists the songs other people submit in order of how much they liked it. The person whose song gets the highest score will wins the contest. Nakari organised the Rejectvision V this November. There were a total of 25 entries! Further surprisingly, all 25 of those voted in the contest and gave their lists of favorite songs. Nakari did an outstanding job reminding everyone to vote and participate and keeping the hype up until the very last moment. You can listen to all the songs submitted Linkhere.

The top five songs picke by the participants of RejectVision this year were:

5. Teuvo Maanteiden Kuningas from Merlin
4. No Good from Karp
3. Веснянка from Nakari
2. A New Disaster from Phoenix

And the Rejectvision V winner is:

1. Friends From Sarah!

A hearty congratulations to all the winners. As written in the event brief, everyone indeed has won in the end by sharing songs they love and getting introduced to some new music. Hope you all have fun listening to them!

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