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The Newcomer's Guide to the Citizens' Alliance of Democracy

The Newcomer's Guide to The Citizens' Alliance of Democracy


Hello, and welcome to The Citizens’ Alliance of Democracy! We are a Territory under the Union of Force. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you join our LinkDiscord server, as it is the hub of much of our activity, and also join the LinkForce Discord Server to learn more about them, and how our glorious and prosperous Union works! All of us here in the Citizens’ Alliance of Democracy wish you an enjoyable and productive time here with us!


The Citizens’ Alliance of Democracy was founded on the 2nd of September 2020, and joined force on the 14th of October 2020. Prior the joining the Union, the region was in total disarray, with no elective process, nor did it have a meaningful or well set up governmental system. Following an attack on our discord server by malicious agents of an unknown origin, the founder of CAD, Masconvia, entered negotiations with Force which resulted in our peaceful merger. This merger resulted in the form of CAD you see before you, a flourishing region with its own constitution, government and representation within the Union!

Governmental Branches

Within the Citizens’ Alliance of Democracy, there are several branches and positions which make for distinct sections within the government;

The Mayor

The position of Mayor is the penultimate position of power within the Region, but do not be alarmed! The mayor is kept in check by a system of checks and balances, both within the region, which can be seen in the constitution, and by the Union. The main role of the Mayor is to oversee the other branches of government, and is also required to write the recruitment telegram used during their term. They are elected every 4 months.

The Vice-Mayor

The second highest ranking individual within the region, is the Vice-Mayor. The main role of this position is to advise the Mayor on governmental matters, and act in their stead should the Mayor be otherwise indisposed, until their return. They also take over should the Mayor be impeached, until an election can elect a new Mayor. The Vice-Mayor is also elected every 4 months.

The World Assembly Delegate

The World Assembly Delegate is the region’s main representative within the World Assembly, and is the third in the succession line, should issues with the prior two position arise. They are picked by the Mayor, though the Citizens can motion to have the position removed from an individual, which would require a new candidate to be chosen.

The Citizens’ Council

The council, unlike the previous three positions, is made up of every nation within the Region that have maintained their citizenship, as laid out in the constitution, for a period of one week. The council meets to discuss bills, laws and other legislation, and to vote on this legislation.

The Citizens’ Court

The Citizens’ Court is made up Regional Judges, the number of which is proportional to the number of members within the Discord server. Their role is to preside over cases brought before their judgement, to ensure justice is dealt fairly within the region.

The Ministries

Finally, there are the 3 distinct ministries, each headed by their respective Directors;

1) The Ministry of Internal Affairs – This ministry’s main roles include recruitment, helping newcomers and maintaining the security of the region.

2) The Ministry of Regional Events – This ministry’s focus is on the culture and events of the region, being the head of the regional RP, regional festivals and celebrations

3) The Ministry of Communications – This ministry is in charge of the regional newspaper, the Citizens' Alliance Digest, which is released once a month.


In the last week of November, March and July, the region holds its elections! These are held at the end of the month to allow for the Union elections, which are held at the beginning of these months! Within one month, you could see a total reshuffle of power not only within our region, but within the Union as a whole! The details for how elections are conducted can be found in our constitution.

The World Assembly

So, you keep hearing your region-mates mentioning this World Assembly or WA, and must be wondering, what is it? The World Assembly is where the nations within Nation States come together, to vote on resolutions presented by other nations, on all kinds of matters such as the restriction of child labour. However, the nations of the World Assembly can also vote to repeal already standing resolutions, if they are seen to be unfit. It's a fun and interesting way to interact and effect the world of Nation States! It is also important to us as a member of the Union of Force, as the more WA nations we have, the more representation we can gain in the House of Representatives.

You may be wondering, therefore, how one can join the WA, to boost our position in the Union? First, you must go to your settings (on the top bar of the page), and make sure you have a valid, accessible email address. Second, you must click "World Assembly" which will be on the left hand panel, if you scroll to the top of the page. Third, click "Apply to Join". And finally, check the email address you provided, for a confirmation email. Four easy steps to provide us more representation in the Union! However, be aware that creating multiple nations and having them in the WA is against the rules of Nation States, and can have your nations removed! So please only have one WA nation, for your own good.


The Citizens’ Alliance of Democracy has it’s very own RMB (Regional Message Board) roleplay system! We have set out specific rules for how RP is conducted, to prevent god-modding and other situations that could serve to ruin everyone's fun! The details for getting involved with our roleplay can be found here!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, your dedication is more than appreciated! We hope to see you around the Discord server and the Region! Don't forget to join the World Assembly, if you're able! It helps us gain more representation within Force's House of Representatives!

Written by West Kronisia, with formatting assistance from Londoniopol and Caduceo.

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