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TWP Turkey Pardon 2020 - Tracywithaneye Pardoned!

All your chocolate belongs to Darkesia

Pardoning of Tracywithaneye


Recently, the region was forced to grapple with the decision on which of the somewhere between 3 to 6 turkeys and one duck would be possibly spared the wrath of the platypus. As your benevolent leader, and lover of all cooked meats, I was slightly disappointed to see how close this vote was! I was expecting us all to feast on what was clearly an aspect of Odin, the one eyed Traci.

With that said, I accept the decision of the Hall to spare Traci, mainly because it turns out I do not actually have enough oven space for all of the meats.

While accepting this decision, I lament the missed opportunities and further take the opportunity to point out why the Hall of Nations must be changed, and will be done so following this vote!

I, Dilber, as Delegate of The West pacific do hereby pardon Traci, the delicious fowl that got away.

May all the rest be juicy on your table.

We are nearing the time of year when families all around the United States slaughter various creatures in order to sit down to a pheasant meal. Like other holidays, we want to do something nice for somebody else. Therefore, the Hall of Nations petitions our Delegate, Dilber, to save a single fowl creature from death this Thanksgiving.

Never our regular, tracywithaneye caught our eyes from the very first moment. The Swan Princess represents the change we can all undertake to become princesses ourselves.

All of the other fowl have fallen afoul and face our feasting fête.

Dave1993 encourages us to have a “fun time.” And we shall. We will crack open a couple of brews and use them to baste dave1993. Mr. Right Now is the wrong one for us.

We thought Jennyfromdabutcherblock could be the one. But only for a moment. When she started singing, her voice was a little gobbly. We also shall not be fooled by the rocs that she got, sure she used to be little but now has a lot … to eat.

Our last candidate, not_roody_juicyani, clearly had his feathers ruffled by the recent election in the United States. He won’t improve with age. We must cook him now and the gravy is ready and waiting.

We have decided to recognize a bird of a different feather and duck the trend of pardoning turkeys. Instead, we hope to give tracywithaneye another quack at life. We wish to spare her from the roast and save her for a swan song.

In the name of Delegate Supremacy, we Hall of Nations of The West Pacific, hereby entreat our crabby platypus Delegate, Dilber, to pardon tracywithaneye from being consumed this Thanksgiving in the year of 2020.
Written by a joint effort of the Hall of Nations

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