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The Monarchy Returns!...In A Way

More than 100 years after the end of the Langenian monarchy, the Caesardom of the past has returned! However, not exactly like the past, it will not be hereditary. From now on, according to the constitutional amendment, the Langenian president has the power to claim the title of Caesar (the Langenian monarch) during times of need for the country, with the approval of the Grand National Assembly and most importantly, the Grand Supreme Court. A ceremony will be held at 7:00 PM Langenian time, officially vesting Nicolas Furia, our current president, with the powers of the Caesar. The law also stipulates that the family of the president shall become part of the royal family. Any new president shall have him/her and their family automatically added as part of the royal family. Also, the past presidents of Langenia, including Alejandro Furia, Juan Perez, Jose Rubio, and Joaquin Avila and their families have been included (Alejandro Furia and Juan Perez posthumously) as part of the new Langenian royal family. Advance Langenia! For the fatherland!