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Name: The Islands of Netop
Capital: Foster (65,000)
Major Islands: Foster (65,000), Wester (17,000), Minter (15,000)
Total Pop: 210,000
Average GDP: $18,381
Government: The Islands of Netop currently have a council made of 93 members each representing one of the islands (some are tiny containing less than 1,000 people) and one Leader of the Council is in charge of it. The Government is based in Foster the capital and most populous Island in the North.
Geography: As hinted at before Netop is made of many diffferent islands (hundreds in total) but only 93 are considered signifigant enough. Each island has one "city"/town on it and Foster is the largest with 65,000 people.
History: They failed to unify for a long time until Kohnheadian colonizers arrived 100 years ago, they were eventually kicked out and while the language, and some culture remained Netop unified.
Language: Kohnheadian
Religion: Kohnheadism/Nertian