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TNPV XI: Semifinals 1 and 2

[center][box][size=200][b][color=#FF0000]W[/color][color=#FF5000]e[/color][color=#FFA100]l[/color][color=#FFF100]c[/color][color=#BBFF00]o[/color][color=#6BFF00]m[/color][color=#1AFF00]e[/color] [color=#00FF86]t[/color][color=#00FFD6]o[/color] [color=#0086FF]T[/color][color=#0035FF]N[/color][color=#1A00FF]P[/color][color=#6B00FF]V[/color] [color=#FF00F1]X[/color][color=#FF00A1]I[/color][color=#FF0050]![/color][/b][/size][/box]

[box]The greatest music competition in TNP is back! This time, we will know who will compete against who. It's time for the [b]semifinals![/b][/box]

[box][b]> Nations <[/b]
Sending your votes for the semifinals: Until the 27th of November
Semifinals: 28th of November

[box][b]> Nations <[/b]
[b][color=#002AFF]Semifinal 1:[/color][/b]




[nation]Intion North[/nation]

[nation]Railroad Crossing[/nation]

[nation]2 and 2 is Fish[/nation]

[nation]Werfondkhan[/nation] ([nation]Werfond[/nation])



[nation]Republica Guilleana[/nation]


[nation]The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg[/nation]

[b][color=#FF00DD]Semifinal 2:[/color][/b]

[nation]Wrangleria[/nation] ([nation]Hirtenia[/nation])

[nation]Anne of Cleves in TNP[/nation]

[nation]Chinese rebel[/nation]

Ihese (Discord)

[nation]Animu Place[/nation]

[nation]The Cascadian Bioregion[/nation]


[nation]Democatic Donkeys[/nation]



[b]How to vote:[/b]

[b]1.[/b] Listen to all the songs from your semifinal. If you are in semifinal 1, listen to all songs from semifinal 1. If you are in semifinal 2, listen to all songs from semifinal 2.

[b]2.[/b] Make your top 10.

[b]3.[/b] Fill the template. (See below). 12 points for your favorite song, 10 points for your second favorite song, 8 for your 3rd favourite song, 7 points for your 4th favoutite song, and so on.

[b]4.[/b] Send the list to [nation]Republica Guilleana[/nation]. If the template is wrong (Ex: you change the numbers of the points or don't tell me how many points does each song get), your votes will be considered null.

[b]5.[/b] If I respond "Votes saved", that means that your votes have been saved on my Excel Spreadsheet and everything is ok.

And that's it!

Vote before the date. If you don't vote, your points will be reduced to 0.
Template for the voting

8- Country

You just have to change "Country" for the country you want to vote.

[b]Thanks for participating in TNPV![/b]