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WT | UKOB forces to get major upgrade

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[size=95][font=Georgia][colour=000000]21st November 2020, Issue No. 54988870[/colour][/font][/size]

[box][centre][font=Georgia][size=225][colour=007BA7][b]UKOB forces to get major upgrade[/b][/colour][/size][/font][/centre][/box]

[box][colour=000000][font=Georgia][tab=30][b]Prime Minister Arthur of Avalon MP (OBU) has sanctioned a proposal put forward by the Department of State for Defence to give the Armed Forces a 'once in a generation' upgrade. Alongside with the improvements, additional funds will be allocated to the Department's budget so that it can continue to do its duty as a peacekeeper and protector of life, limb, and liberty.[/b][/tab][/font][/colour]

[colour=000000][font=Georgia][tab=30]The Secretary of State for Defence, General Sir Hendrik van Zuylenstein MP (OBU) says it is "of vital importance that the Forces receive sufficient funds to carry out its tasks". The [i]Westminster Times[/i] understands that the budget of the Department will receive a 'boost' of Fl. 7.5 billion over the next five fiscal years. The Department does not want to comment on how the promised funds will be used at this moment in time. Mrs Emily Godwinson MP (Minister of the Military Civil Service, OBU) was able to say though that she expects to create at least 10,000 new jobs as a result of this boost.[/tab][/font][/colour]


[colour=000000][font=Georgia][tab=30]Aside from creating thousands of new jobs, the Armed Forces will also have to undergo a "significant alteration to its structure". This is because the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary seek to divert the political influence over the forces. During the Civilian War, which led to the death of more than 200,000 people, the Armed Forces were torn apart. Some remained loyal to the fraudulent and illegitimate government under Prime Minister Nichola Pankhurst (who still sits as an SRF Member of Parliament in the Lower House), while other units defied her administration and supported the current Prime Minister. With the new changes, the Armed Forces would get a duty to keep the peace regardless of whomever may happen to be in power in Westminster. A special committee of civil servants is to observe proper procedures in the instance of politial aggression.[/tab][/font][/colour]

[colour=000000][font=Georgia][tab=30]It is also rumoured that foreign nations have prompted this particular boost to the Armed Forces. Plans have been discussed for a number of years now but there was no haste. With foreign governments spending more and more on defence, it becomes increasingly likely that tensions rise which may result into "some very underisable incidents", as a spokesman for the Department of External Affairs put it. "The principal task of the Armed Forces is to keep this realm safe from alient interventions, and we shall make sure that the units are fit to do so in all circumstances", the Prime Minister also said while announcing this news.[/tab][/font][/colour]

[font=Georgia][colour=000000]This article was written by[/colour] [colour=007BA7][b]Marcel Pole[/b][/colour][colour=000000], correspondent for the [i]Westminster Times[/i].[/colour][/font][/box]

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