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Layem Times Issue 26

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - - - Confederacy of Layem


Editor's Comment: The 2020 Election(s)

by Editor-in-Chief Baaas

I know I'm very late to the party here, but I wanted to write the article once everything was completely decided.

So, as we all know, Biden won the Presidential race, with a record turnout. He earned almost 80 Million votes, with Trump earning almost 74 Million. Trump actually earned more votes this election than in 2016, an election he won. That's insane.

Why were people so motivated to vote? Well, probably because Trump is so hated by everyone. The President's approval rating has rarely or never risen above 50% these 4 years. His handling of the Coronavirus crisis, climate change, and racial issues is widely disapproved of.

Back to the election. Here are the swing states that voted for Trump:

North Carolina

Here are the swing states that voted for Biden:


So, as you can see, it wasn't much of a landslide, but it wasn't super close either.

What are President-elect Biden's plans for office? The first thing he is promising to do is get Coronavirus under control. Other things he wants to do, as outlined in his acceptance speech, include:

- "Secure your family's health care."
- "Achieve racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country."
- "Save the climate."
- "restore decency, defend democracy, and give everybody in this country a fair shot."

Trump and his supporters are not accepting the results of the election. The President has yet to concede this election. But why? Because he alleges that voter fraud occurred when counting the ballots. He says that dead people are voting, that ballots are being thrown out, among other things.

Let's not forget the Senate and House elections. The Republicans actually did quite well in the 2. Republican incumbents held on to many seats in the Senate that people thought they might lose, like in Maine, North Carolina, and Montana. The Democrats did pick up a few seats with Republican incumbents though, namely in Colorado and Arizona. There are 2 competitive runoff elections in Georgia that will decide control of the Senate.

The Democrats are most definitely going to retain control of the House of Representatives, but the Republicans made some gains there. They gained 10 seats from 2018, losing only 3. Meanwhile, the Democrats have lost 9 seats and gained 3.

There's so much to write about, but I'll leave it at that. Happy reading!

The Layem Flag Competition!

by Columnist SomethingIsWrongHere

Flag contest?
What do you mean?
I mean that yes there is a flag contest.
Oh… Well, how do I enter?
Create a flag, and submit it in the #flag-submissions discord channel in the Official Discord.
Oh, Cool! So… am I just allowed to make any flag?
There are two imaginary countries, and you can make a flag for both of them. Or just one of them. Your choice. But good luck getting the 20$ gift card…
A twenty-dollar gift card that YOU get to choose! It can be anything! Nitro, Book stores, Games…
But… Wait… How do I enter if I don’t even know the countries?
Glad you asked!
Here they are!
Country 1: [The country] is a large authoritarian theocracy that is hated by most and has been condemned by the World Assembly for inciting war and fear in their region. The ruler rules over his people with an iron fist, suppressing any dissent. There are no individual freedoms. Everyone lives in fear of losing everything they know and love because robo-police detect them criticizing the “government.”
Country 2: [The country] is a large anarchist country where no one has to care about the government or other people. People live separated from each other. There is no government, no taxes, only individual freedoms. Living here does come with a few downsides, though. In the rare but still present towns, crime is rampant. You have to pull down your blinds at night, or else…
Hopefully, you win!!!
Oop, I gotta go prepare for my MoIA Campaign!
No, you can’t.
I’m sorry, but you have to be on the discord.
But otherwise-
Have a good week, and this Canadian is out!


Relations Report: Benderk and Benderk-East

by Columnist Benderk

1. What current relationship do your nations have?

The Borderlands of Benderk-East (official NS name) is a part of the greater Benderkite nation

2. Describe one point in your shared history where the two of you were hostile.

Benderk has only ever been hostile with the indigenous people of Benderk-East. It’s a relatively new expansion

3. How culturally similar or different are your two nations?

Benderk-East is full of mostly Benx people but there are some Roosen people. These are the two largest ethnic groups with Benderk

4. Is there any additional information you can or are willing to give?

No not really, although Benderk-East is within the region of Enadia (I suppose that might be significant)

Sports and Games

LAFL Week 10 Results

by Sports Correspondent Benderk

Phillippe City Canucks 23-18 Kabruha Snakes
Fboys 18-16 Galloway Mustangs
Indernoes 14-19 Mirantibus Eagles

Standings are as follows

Layem East Division
1. Galloway Mustangs 5-2
2. Heurfuk City Ducks 4-3
3. Nexusopolis Corinthians 3-4

Layem West Division
1. Mirantibus Eagles 5-1-1
2. Phillippe City Canucks 4-3
3. Infernoes 2-4-1

1. Kabruha Snakes 2-5
2. Fboys 2-5

RP Update

by Roleplay Correspondent The grand sultanate of Krm

The Venezuelan-Colombian tensions escalate into war!

The Venezuelan government had accused Colombia of funding the Venezuelan Communist rebels, after which Colombia counter-accused Venezuela for supporting nationalist groups that provoke unrest in their country. Soonly enough, Venezuela crossed their troops across the Colombian border and war had begun! the Venezuelans had managed to capture quite a few cities. TO BE CONTINUED...

The Pakistani revolt!

Finally, after years of Indian control, they rebelled and quickly gained the help of America and the commonwealth. Seeing this, India gave up and gave Pakistan independence!

The Argentinian civil war!

The Argentinians had gone into civil war... for around the 10th time. The Capitalists quickly won the first few battles and the British had also sent a general and a few thousand British troops. The Communists had set up a trap for the Capitalists who would have fallen for it but the British general said against it and the capitalists listened. Meanwhile, the Capitalists, with the help of the British general, set up a trap for the Communists who fell for it. Brazil also sent troops who helped push. Eventually, after the capitalists captured the Communist capital they surrendered.


How to Make a Good Meme: Lesson 1

by Meme Correspondent Elvato

Lesson 1. Basics

To start off we are gonna start with the basics, I’m Elvato a former Secretary of Memes and I’m going to be the teacher of your current Meme Lessons, which will be exclusive to the Layem Times Newspaper, the only newspaper outlet in Layem

First off, the thing you will need is any kind of photoshop tools. This can be an App on your Mobile devices or a program on your Personal Computers, Apps recommended for phones are Phonto, PicsArt, it’s even possible to use Meme Maker for this. For PCs, I recommend using Programs like Photoscape, Adobe Photoshop, and more that would fill up the whole newspaper.

Once you’ve chosen a software or app to use it’s good to start with making memes, but we will need to learn what qualifies as Cringe and what doesn’t Qualify as Cringe. Dated Memes, Overused Jokes, The existence of the Zim guy on the Layem Discord, or Games ruined by their communities like Fortnite or Roblox qualify as Cringe. While the word cringe gets tossed around very often, these are the main criteria of what is Cringe. Non-Cringe is something original, fresh memes, and anything in between.

Now let’s make a basic meme to start out our expedition to find the great memes that only the awesome people like you can find. Creativity is always useful in making memes, with creativity anything is achievable. If you don’t have the creativity it’s alright, you can borrow other people’s ideas for making a meme and try to add something to it.

Anything can qualify as a meme, it’s ok to do even the smallest changes. Even things like Photoshopping FNaF Balloon Boy hat and MLG glasses on an LBP Sackboy can qualify as a meme.

Let’s make a meme together!

I choose to make a meme using Benderk’s Face (Current MoIA as of November of 2020). We will be photoshopping Benderk’s face onto slender man, something that people may like is finding words that rhyme with each other and mash them into a single word. By mixing Benderk and Slenderman we can get the word “Slenderk Man”. After we do that we can add some tea (Mr. Benderk likes tea a lot). It’s up to you if you want to give him the tea in only one hand, or in both hands. I myself chose to give it to both of his hands, to make him a happy chump. After you do that, time to add text. In the early 2010s using the “Impact” font was very popular amongst people who enjoy memes, it was considered Cringe from 2017-2019 due to the fact that the joke was outdated but it is back on track in 2020 and is heavily used again. So we are gonna use the impact font, you can add anything as your caption really but I choose to have my upper text as “SLENDERK MAN” and the bottom text as “WITH TEA :O”. If you followed along, your meme has been completed! You can add additional detail but the rough draft is gonna look like this, hope you had a relaxing time making this meme, I will see you on the next lesson, Goodbye!

Thanks to our Editorial Team!

Editor-in-Chief: Baaas

Columnist: SomethingIsWrongHere
Columnist/Sports Correspondent: Benderk
Columnist: South Acren

Politics and Courts Correspondent: Nexus Sierra
LWF Correspondent: Elvato
RP Correspondent: The grand sultanate of Krm


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