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Lasagna Master Dispatch

Lasagna Master Dispatch
Quick Facts About Lasagna


Coat of Arms





Petrusciian, Opressed North Continent




Democratic Republic



Prime Minister

Speaker/Head of Intelligence

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Domestic Affairs

Interim Minister of Defense



Lasagna was once a former puppet storage region that has fought for its place in the NationSates world stage. We are not a region full of thousands of nations but we have developed a fully functioning government system, where you will find your true NationStates experience, that consist of Politics, Diplomacy, Army, Intelligence Affairs, Role-play or participating as a proud Citizen!

Our region is rather a community where new nations can thrive and old nations can be reborn in the glory. We offer work and pride & recognition of your work unlike a feeder region. We are one of those regions where when you join, everybody will greet you with a warm welcome instantly after joining our region. So be sure to say "Hello" or "Hi" with a brief intro about yourself on our RMB because a simple message can be your beginning of a wonderful NS adventure. Find your place in the Heart of Lasagna and you will have the best time of your life in NationStates!

Lasagna, More Than Just A Tasty Name

Since Lasagna was created in January of 2019 it has gone through a state as a puppet storage but it was later decided that the region would become a serious NS developing region. One where a democratic government shall be established. So the dedicated hard-working Elected Representatives started to reform the region and a real form of government emerged.

Today we now have a fully formed government and ministries. We have people who know what they are doing and who are in charge of this region. But this isn't everything; we have an active community as well.

Why is our name Lasagna?
It IS quite the random name. Here is what our founder says on the topic:

Opressed North Continent wrote:Well, this is the second time i try to found a region. First time it didn't go that good. In the end, my first ever founded region died(it was called The Central Atlantis). I traveled thru many regions, but I never found my cozy home. I even joined The Black Hawks with one of my puppets at some point. I was also in The Communist Bloc and Cape of Good Hope. After a long period of traveling, i have decided to try again. I found a few persons to help me in the founding stages and started my plan. This region is the result(i am crazy after Lasagna, so this is why it is called like that). I still have some more work to do, but I am finally happy.

I want to get more active on NS, how do I do that?
Well look at the LCA where you can find work. Just head on down there and you can find what suits you. Dispatch below.
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Labour Market Center (L.M.C)
Brought to you by Ministry of Labour
Jobs avaliable (6)

Goverment jobs (8)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs looking for Ambassador
| Contact Avonto

Recruitment Agency looking for director (1 position)
| Contact Avonto

Recruitment Agency looking for Recruiter
| Contact Avonto

Minister of Justice looking for Prosecutor
| Contact Barensa

Minister of Justice looking for Jury members
| Contact Barensa

Minister of Justice looking for public laywer
| Contact Barensa

Blackstar Intelligence Agency looking for Agents
| Application Here

Presidential office looking for President secretary(1 position)
| Contact Ile Morice

Private jobs (1)
The times newspaper looking for staff

| ApplicationLinkHere

Workers avaliable (0)

Contact The Grey Isles if you need to employ or be employed
Read dispatch

A Strong and Effective Regional Military

I'm going to be frank here and say that, originally, the army was quite bad. Sure, it carried out a few operations against hapless regions, but that isn't worth much. The operation of most note was the attack on Ravana, a successful off-update operation against Ravana during the Dinnertime War against that region. Then, there was the attempted liberation of LASAGNA PART TWO, a Lasagnan region taken by Ravana, which was a slaughter as off-update tactics failed miserably and active Ravanan soldiers banjected LAFers with ease. With the recent departure of The Grey Isles, I have taken over the job as Minister of Defense. Already, I've been introducing new technology and the concept of update tactics to the LAF and simplified the branches and ranks. I would like you to join; promotion is quick for those who want to learn. To learn more about how to join, take a look at this dispatch.